The Most Expensive Gucci Handbags

Looking for a luxurious and sexy Gucci handbag? We've gathered up ten of the most expensive Gucci handbags you can buy. These aren't merely handbags, however, they are works of art fashioned from the highest quality materials. Every Gucci product is a testament of the company's commitment to creating the highest quality and most fashionable products, so you can be certain that you'll be getting a high quality product worth any price.

Gucci is one of the most respected brands in the world, and the company's history is a store of “rags to riches.” Starting out as a small family brand based in Italy, Gucci is now one of the largest fashion companies in the world. Movie stars and other people flock to Gucci, knowing that they will get nothing but the highest quality products.

Gucci is world renowned for their quality and high sense of fashion, so it should come as no surprise that these handbags are expensive and highly desired. Gucci's brand may be the most sought after name in all of fashion, so if you're looking to complete your outfit, make sure you consider one of their handbags.

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10 Stirrup Brown Crocodile Top Handle Handbag, $26,500

The first item on our list starts out at $26,500 dollars. This classic bag is based on a 1975 model, but has been updated for modern times. You'll find space for your smartphones and other gadgets. As a medium sized bag, it's both versatile and features plenty of space for all of your stuff. At the same time, it's small enough that it won't get in your way while on the go. The light gold hardware really adds accents and flare to the bag, so you're sure to catch a lot of looks with this bag.

9 1921 Collection Medium Shoulderbag (brown), $27,000

The 1921 collection is a popular one for Gucci, and for good reason. The styling is classic and the bags are very versatile. Don't let the “1921” label fool you, however, these bags have been updated for modern times with smartphone pockets and other useful features. The dark brown color makes this bag a versatile choice. It's respectable, and will draw attention, but won't overdo or outdo anything. So if you need a bag that can look great with a lot of different outfits, this is an excellent choice.

8 1921 Collection Medium Shoulderbag (light brown), $27,000

The light brown crocodile skin and interior smartphone pockets make this a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile handbag. The neutral brown coloring will go great with many different outfits and will look good in just about any situation. The detailed shoulder strap and light gold hardware also add a touch of flare to this classic bag.

7 Soft Stirrup Light Pink Crocodile Shoulder Bag, $28,000

Looking for a soft toned bag that will draw some glances? This shoulder bag by Gucci is a great choice. Made with high-quality crocodile skin, this bag is already a classic. This large sized bag can hold all of your essentials and is a great choice for anyone who needs or prefers big bags. As with any Gucci bag, you can be certain that you are getting a high quality product that will project success and luxury.

6 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag (Pink), $28,990

This pink bag will certainly draw attention from onlookers. Fashioned of crocodile skin, this bag also sports light gold hardware and pockets for your smartphone. This bag is a special edition to celebrate Gucci's 90th anniversary, so make sure you pick it up while it's still on sale. It's sure to go down as a timeless classic.

5 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag (Green), $28,990

Looking for something classic but with a bit of flare? Check out this green handbag! Sure, it'll set you back nearly $30,000 dollars, but this bag is absolutely beautiful. The green skin definitely suggests crocodile, which is a good thing given that it's made out of crocodile skin. The bag also features light gold hardware that really catches the eye.

4 Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag, $29,990

At nearly thirty thousand dollars, this bag represents a big investment. If you are in the market for a beautiful and luxurious crocodile bag, however, this one is certainly worth a look. With shiny black leather and class gold hardware, this bag will go great with just about any outfit. As with all Gucci bags, you can rest assured that this masterpiece is crafted by the highest quality artisans in Italy.

3 Soft Stirrup Shoulder Bag (Natural), $29,990

Like its previously mentioned sister bag, this soft stirrup bag is certainly an eye catcher. Featuring natural and non-dyed crocodile skin, this bag is great for anyone looking to get back to her roots. The simple and supply brown leather is striking, yet simple, and will look great in any situation.

2 Tote., $32,000

A simply named bag that's quite simply beautiful, this Gucci classic is a great addition for just about any outfit. Featuring brown crocodile leather and simple, rustic nickel hardware, this bag is a great choice for any woman. This bag features three separate compartments, so there's plenty of space to store the things you need.

1 Jackie Crocodile Shoulder Bag, $37,400

Now we get to the crème de la crème of the Gucci line up. At over $37,000 dollars, this bag costs as much as many new luxury sedans. She's a real looker, however, with brown crocodile leather and gold hardware. With interior smart phone pockets and other amenities, this bag is as practical as it is stunning. So if you're looking to add a whole lot of flare and class to your outfit, this shoulder bag is certainly worth your considerations, and owning the most expensive Gucci bag in the world is a statement in-and-of itself.

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