The Most Expensive $110 000 Platinum Stilettos

A couple hundred dollars is the average amount of money that most women pay for their heels, but sometimes they will splurge and spend a few thousand (especially if they want red soles). While a pair of stilettos for $1,000 or even $3,000 might sound expensive, could you imagine paying $110,000 for a single pair?

The House of Borgezie recently put a pair of platinum stilettos up for sale that are the first of their kind. The designers say that it took over four years to create these unique shoes because platinum is such a difficult medium to work with, but the time spent was worth it. Each pair took 100 hours or longer to create, and were made by hand using high temperatures to actually melt the platinum. If you're looking to spend your retirement on a pair of shoes, you can buy these knowing they come with the peace of mind of a 1,000-year guarantee.

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The Most Expensive $110 000 Platinum Stilettos