Luxury Heels That Are Known For Their Comfort

Everyone knows that women have a natural obsession with shoes. This is why there are so many shoe stores that sell women's shoes exclusively. It doesn't matter how nice a dress or blouse and skirt ens

Everyone knows that women have a natural obsession with shoes. This is why there are so many shoe stores that sell women's shoes exclusively. It doesn't matter how nice a dress or blouse and skirt ensemble may look on a mannequin. Without the right pair of shoes to accessorize the outfit, it'll just look a high dollar piece of cloth. Women's obsession with footwear even has a profound effect on men.

Men know women are always going to check out their footwear within the first minute of meeting them. Some women won't give a man the time of day if his footwear isn't up to par. Women expect a man to drape his feet in nothing but the finest footwear that money can buy the same way they do. Many women even have a pair of shoes to match every outfit they have. Some of them even have more shoes than outfits. There are as many styles of women's shoes as there are colors in the rainbow, but the high heeled shoe is the most coveted of them all.

Women are so obsessed with heels because heels make a woman's legs look remarkable. For shorter women, heels also provide an extra boost to their stature and their confidence. This is why so many women are willing to endure the pain and agony of the feet in order to don high heels. Fortunately, the top designers of women's shoes have managed to create these high heeled masterpieces with a relative level of comfort in mind. Even still, high heels cause a woman to walk in a way other than the way her physiology was intended to.

Paying extra money for comfort is a great idea for someone expected to wear high heels all day, and the top designers of women's shoes have found ways to keep comfort in mind which is why their shoes are so expensive. So here are the high heels out there that are known not only for their style and price tag, but also for their comfort.

10 Chloe Bernie Leather Boots: 952$

These stylish boots are available in matte black and they're composed from cut, smooth calf leather. The trimmed sole contrasts the dark color of the boots and they are ideal for formal or semi-formal attire. The wide heel is 4 inches and the leather insole makes them extremely comfortable. These boots are a great way to remain in style even when the temperature drops.

9 Valentino Garavani Hangisi: $965 

This shoe is available in a variety of colors but the jet black rendition is the perfect complement to the infamous, little black dress that every woman needs in her wardrobe. This shoe is constructed from high quality satin and features a vamp with jewel embellished, black buckle. The 4 inch heel is reasonable as is the 3 figure price tag since they are handcrafted Italian beauties.

8 Crystal and Pearl Stud Lace Loafer Pump by Rene Caovilla: $975.00

This may be the most unique shoe in the countdown because it's beautifully constructed from embroidered Metallic lace and trimmed in fine suede. The plunging notches and peaked venetian vamp gives this shoe a style all its own and the wearer is sure to be bombarded by inquiries as to the brand and price. The peep toe, simulated pearls, Swarovski Crystals and gold studs complete this shoe so perfectly that it's a wonder Italian designer Rene Caovilla doesn't charge twice the asking price for them. The heel is 5 inches high and the padded leather insole gives the shoe additional comfort.

7 Pierre Hardy Sottsass Kid Suede Heel: $1,035

This shoe is ideal for the woman who believes more is less. This shoe is composed of suede, kidskin leather and it features a 4.5 inch heel, 1 inch platform and ankle strap with peep toe. This is one of the more revealing shoes in the countdown and it is obviously designed to be worn in the warmer months.

6 'Rockstud' pumps by Valentino: $1195 

This pair of shoes is sure to garner a lot of attention wherever the wearer happens to set foot. This footwear is extremely unique, and the pyramid studs give these shoes an eye catching appeal. These shoes are constructed from 100% genuine calf leather and they feature a pointed toe as well as a T-strap and buckle ankle strap. The heel is 4.5 inches and the open design adds comfort as well as style.

5 Alexander McQueen Punk Skull Peep toe Pumps: $1200

This shoe is composed of high quality suede and they feature a prominent skull attached on the toe. These shoes have a leather lining as well as a leather sole. Beautiful golden studs line the outside of these shoes and the heel is 5 inches. These Italian made masterpieces are available in a number of different colors and they complement nearly any ensemble perfectly.

4 Giuseppe Zanotti Designer Shoes, Neon Resin Spike and Crystal Suede Wedge: $1,260

This is footwear for the woman who just has to be seen. After all, if you're going to spend over $1,200 for a pair of shoes, you want people to take notice of them. These shoes feature a sculpted wedge and there's nothing else on the market like them. They're made from white suede and they're completely covered in crystals and fantastic pink spikes. The spikes can be replaced with studs for a more traditional look. Despite their shocking exterior, they are also known to be shockingly comfortable,

3 Gucci Goldie Black Suede High Heel Boot: $1295

From the legendary Italian designer comes this elegant, calf high boot. These boots are composed of ultra-soft suede and their black color make them the perfect choice for virtually any outfit. The heel is 4.3 inches and they feature a metal Gucci logo under the boots arch. This extremely stylish footwear can be seen here. Not only are these boots amazing for a stylish winter season, but they are also comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.

2 Versace Perspex Platform Sandal: $1,400

These light grey platform sandals are some of the most elegant footwear available. They are also available in black and they are more casual than formal. They feature a clear, Perspex wedge which gives them a very unique appearance and a very comfortable wear. The tapered high heel is 5 inches and there is not doubt that these heels are stunning show-stoppers.

1 Dolce & Gabbana High-heeled sandals: $1,740

The top of the list is this casual, high heeled sandal by the legendary design duo. These shoes are extremely comfortable due to their open design. They won't pinch or cause blisters and they can be worn all day without issue. The straps are composed of 100% lamb skin and the sole is high grade leather. The flower on the toe eloquently perfects this shoe.

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Luxury Heels That Are Known For Their Comfort