A Peek At Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoe Line

One of the most beloved fashion icons of our time, Sarah Jessica Parker has brought Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw back to life as she launches her much awaited shoe line, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker. The collection hit the shelves on February 28th and will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom's and nordstrom.com. Unlike the shoes that Carrie Bradshaw spent entire paychecks on, the SJP line offers a more affordable option with styles ranging from $195 to $485. SJP collection also offers a selection of clutch style handbags and a trench coat, so that a woman can be totally put together with SJP when she leaves her house in the morning. The line has been well received proving that the actress has combined shoes and chic successfully, producing a collection of footwear that Carrie Bradshaw would surely be thrilled to wear.

Since the end of Sex in the City, in 2004, SJP has been approached repeatedly to create a line of footwear. Finally she has partnered with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, Carrie's favorite shoe designer of all time. The two have been friends for years and in fact, SJP approached him regarding a possible business venture in the shoe arena. They pulled their concept from the latter 1970's, a time when they were both living in New York. SJP says, "What I wanted to do is to revisit that single sole that can look so feminine and beautiful and sexy on a foot … to go back to a simpler time..." She designed this line to be versatile and to withstand the test of time.

There are 25 different shoe styles, each one with a specific name chosen by SJP. The line is also very colorful; there are only three styles in black, and two in nude, no brown shoes in this collection, except for a pair of boots. Surprisingly there are no sky high stilettos in this grouping either. According to SJP, "I didn’t want sky-high, because I think other people do them really, really well, and I wanted to show that you can have a shoe that’s not sky-high that is still significant and still feels sexy and powerful and feminine." Although she says she loves them all as each one allows her to feel different when wearing them, there are a few standouts. Below are ten styles from the collection that are closest to the famed fashionista's heart.

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10 SJP Wallace Sandal: $250

The Wallace Sandal is one of the few flats in this collection, along with the "Cherry Flip-Flop" and the "Billie" suede flat. This is an easy to wear slide sandal trimmed in SJP's signature grosgrain ribbon trim. The grosgrain is close to her heart as growing up her mother made sure she and her sister always had two grosgrain ribbons in their hair, a tradition she has now passed on to her daughters as well as her nieces. This shoe comes in a variety of vibrant colors including Metallic Aqua, Metallic Purple and Lepardino, the SJP version of the leopard print.

9 SJP Anna: $345

The Anna in color asparagus is one of SJP's favorites in the collection. In fact she was wearing this shoe at the preview of her collection. A very elegant design and luscious colors make this one of the most desirable in the line. This is an open toe sandal with a buckle closure. It has very fluid lines and curving straps. Aside from the designer's favorite shade of asparagus, this shoe also comes in coral and nude. Most likely named for good friend and Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour.

8 SJP Lady: $350

Already on back order, the "Lady" is a classic, timeless pump that every woman can wear, fulfilling the designer's goal of versatility. SJP calls this shoe "Polite and old fashioned," thereby earning it's name. It has a curvy shape and is done in the color she likes to call "geranium" instead of red. Once again, you will find the signature grosgrain ribbon, this time running down the back of the shoe. Timeless and elegant this shoe can be worn just about anywhere.

7 SJP Fawn: $350

SJP chose this name just because she feels it brings to mind the picture of legs. This is a basic streamlined pump with a delicate pointy toe, both feminine and dramatic. The heel on this shoe is four inches, making it a little bit higher than some of the other models. There is the signature ribbon trim based at the back heel. This style is available in black leather, nude leather and also black patent, for a dressier look. The Fawn is available online only at this time.

6  6. SJP Ina: $355

Named for her publicist Ina Treciokas, this shoe is a suede pump with with an open toe and a slim mary jane strap. It has an adjustable strap with a buckle closure and this time the grosgrain is the trim at the back heel. The Ina has a slightly lower heel of three and a quarter inches. It comes in two gorgeous colors, coral and green. SJP says the green suede is definitely high on her list as one she tends to keep reaching for.

5 SJP Carrie: $355

Really ,the name says it all with this shoe. "I always knew the shoe I felt the most affinity for would be called Carrie," says SJP. This t-strap pump is made to go from day into night, and designed to lengthen the leg with the delicate strap running down the front of the foot. It has a three and a half inch heel with a buckle closure. This shoe comes in several stunning colors including, purple, nude and black, with a trim of the signature grosgrain. This model is probably the one closest to the designer's heart and were the pair she chose to wear for her appearance on the Wendy Williams Show in February.

4 SJP Pola: $365

This beautiful shoe is named after the Polish actress Pola Negri, one of SJP's most loved actresses and fashion mavens from the silent movie era. This elegant shoe came and went quickly and is currently on back order at Nordstrom's. This is a delicate and very feminine shoe with the front of the shoe dipping down quite low on the foot. It has a pointed toe and is done in satin with a bow trimmed ankle strap and a flirty three and a half inch heel. The signature grosgrain ribbon can be seen on the sides of the shoe.

3 SJP Diana: $365

Of course, this shoe was named after the late Princess Diana, she herself being one of the most highly regarded fashion icons of our time. This is a simple shoe designed for all occasions with a mary jane strap angled across the foot and a three and a half inch heel. Very feminine and elegant in a shiny patent, it will add a touch of class to any outfit. This shoe is surely one that the much beloved Princess would have been proud to wear.

2 SJP Etta: $425

This shoe has an interesting history as far as the naming goes. SJP says it was rumored that Audrey Hepburn's real name was Etta. Though she has been unable to totally prove or disprove this, she still feels that Ms. Hepburn played such a role in our movie history that she certainly deserves a shoe named in her honor. Plus, she just plain likes the name. This shoe is the utmost in dainty femininity, done in grosgrain and embellished with a silk flower. SJP feels this shoe can be work for special occasions as well as the ordinary work day. The Etta has a three and a half inch heel and is trimmed with the signature ribbon on the back heel. It comes in pewter and gray and pink with mauve. This one will certainly turn heads.

1 SJP Alison Boot: $485

The Alison boot is a real show stopper. This is designed for the woman who wants a heel but not in the traditional shoe style. It is named for Alison Benson, the woman who runs SJP's company at HBO. This is a lace up, open toed boot style shoe, and in that way defies both the conventional shoe and the conventional boot. With the open toe this shoe can be worn well into the summer. It has a three and a half inch very slender heel and comes in only one color: luggage. As a side note, this is the only basic brown shoe in the whole collection. In this racy model you will find the signature ribbon trim on the back of the shoe.

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