5 Ridiculous Handbag Thefts

Handbags can easily be known as a girl’s best friend. They are truly a confidant that gets us through the rough times and stays with us through thick and thin. No matter how you look at it, a handbag will never do you wrong or desert you. We suppose the issue isn't what the handbag can or can't do, but what its worth whenever they are baring those lust-worthy designer labels and logos that make them so special. People yearn for them in more ways than most of us can imagine.

So what do people do whenever they seemingly can't get their hands on one of these flawless creations by paying the super high price tag? They turn to scandalous behavior and attempt to steal these pieces of artwork from their rightful owners. The fact of the matter is, eventually everyone gets caught. This terrible behavior can’t last forever and eventually the authorities will crack down on handbag thieves, though it may be a matter of time.

Therefore, no matter if you are the rich and famous, or just a wealthy patron able to afford handbags that belong in museums, you better watch your back and put a lock on your closet door because there are ruthless people among us who will do anything to get their hands on these exclusive pieces.

Overall, every thief does it for a different reason. Some steel from celebrities because they want a piece of them or a portion of the limelight, while others steel so that they can pawn them and make a little extra dough. No matter which way you look at it, stealing these fashionable accessories is wrong and the people who turn to this terrible crime end up facing jail time in addition to total scrutiny by the media.

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5 Purse Robberies on the Street Causes Injuries and Deaths!

Early 2014 was a rough time for families of people involved in purse robberies, as they were becoming more and more prevalent. On two separate occasions, robberies were completed that involved guns, violence, greed and heartbreak.

According to the police, these situations didn’t occur with the pieces being stolen out of the victim’s home, but right from them as they were wearing them in Philadelphia. The men who robbed the women of their bags were seen wearing black hoods and approached the women wanting their expensive designer bags. After the women gladly handed them over, the men began firing shots in their direction after they ran away with the bag. No matter how you look at it, no designer handbag is worth anyone’s life.

4 Woman Arrested after Being Caught Making her 905th Designer Purse Burglary!

So apparently, there are one time purse burglars, and there are robbers who are lifetime purse burglars—or try to be, at least! Burglar Jayne Rand was finally caught after she attempted to steal her 905th high end, designer handbag. Apparently, she was known for being a con artist of sorts around Europe, and managed to swindle store clerks from well known stores such as House of Fraser out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise, then reselling it on ebay.

The judge handling the case stated to Rand: “How you got away with it for so long without being caught was deeply remarkable. You showed professionalism and that is why you went undetected for so long. You traveled the country with the sole purpose of theft and you made a successful, albeit dishonest business of selling stolen handbags. It’s sad and unusual to see a woman of 48 with previous good character up before the court for such a protracted and serious dishonesty.”

Jayne Rand is a mother of two young children and is said to have little remorse about the entire situation. She was sentenced to eighteen months in jail after her three years of crime had been committed.

3 Texas Six Figure Purse Burglar Finally Caught!

With the task of getting an Hermes Birkin bag into your hands being so extremely difficult (even if you have the money), we can't imagine how hard it would be to swipe one out of those golden doors! However, apparently, it was an easy task for a Texas man on the run after committing the crime. He ended up in Baltimore and that’s where authorities made their arrest since he was wanted for eight different purse robberies valuing over $200,000.

After the arrest was made of forty year old Edward Bryant in early 2014, he was said to be held on a fugitive warrant. The bags that he had stolen were all Hermes and ranged in price from $15,000-$38,000 per bag. Talk about high standards.

2 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump Robbed from her Hotel!

While visiting New York City in 2010, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump stayed at the renowned SoHo Grand Hotel, while filming scenes for the acclaimed reality television series. Lisa tells many media sources that she had brought four purses with her to film with, being well over $8,000 in value. The handbags included two Christian Louboutins, one Chanel and one Louis Vuitton, and Vanderpump has even gone as far to state that there were considered her “signature bags.”

She had left the bags out in the common area of her hotel room while she was out working and came back to find them missing. She instantly alerted the hotel management, but got the run around. She was told that if these pieces were so valuable that she should have stored them in her room safe. Lisa’s reply: “Come on, the safe wasn't big enough to fit a wallet inside. The room is supposed to be safe. Do they expect me to stick Jiggy (her dog) in the safe too?”

Well, we guess Ms. Vanderpump has gotten some shopping to do and needs to find a new signature bag!

1 $100,000 Worth of Purses Stolen from Miley Cyrus!

Whenever you are a Disney superstar turned pop icon, it’s only obvious that you would have a closet filled with precious designer items that most people only dream of getting their hands on. The downfall of being that rich and famous is that you are away from these coveted items for long stretches of time, meaning that other people will have to oversee them whenever you aren't around. This is a problem for Miley Cyrus.

In December of 2013, it was reported that Miley Cyrus called the police about $100,000 worth of her things missing from her Los Angeles mansion, mostly handbags and jewelry. The robbery happened while she was out partying to celebrate her 21st birthday, what a surprise to come home to! As soon as the report came in, police surveyed the surveillance footage surrounding her house and they could not find any sign of breaking and entering from the outside.

Since there are numerous people who work for her with access to her home, police have come to the conclusion that it must have been an inside job. No reports have confirmed an arrest or that Cyrus has even gotten her things back, but it was confirmed that this is not the first break in or robbery to happen in her home. Miley better start paying better attention to the company she keeps!

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