$210 Million Worth of Fake Hermes Bags Seized

You better double check the Hermes bag you own right now to make sure it is authentic!

More than 16, 000 counterfeit Hermes bags were confiscated by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) officers and import specialists at the Los Angeles/Long Beach recently.

The fake items, if sold on the market for the real retail price of $300,000 and would have totaled to $210 million, said Lee Harty of U.S Customs and Border Protection told City News Service.

A total of 16,053 counterfeit bags items, were recovered between the period of June 6 and September 17. These items were mixed with the nine genuine shipments, eight from China and one in Hong Kong which were then distributed through Southern California and Texas.

It would cost $9,400 to $18,000 to buy a real French Hermes handbag. Those who only pay $300 for an “Hermes” bag, would surely know it’s not the real deal. These imitations contain the same hexagon symbol by Hermes but are made of plastic instead of crafted leather.

The seized items were then destroyed after the seizure. The act violated Hermes’ protected trademark.

Last year, an estimated $1.2 billion worth of fake items were seized by the CBP originating overseas. The top five countries include China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and India.

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$210 Million Worth of Fake Hermes Bags Seized