10 Shoes That Never Go Out of Style

There is something to be said about buying quality. If you spend the money and buy any quality product, you can have it for years. This is especially applicable to shoes, which are not only about fashion, but also about function. Even if you dance the night away in a pair of shoes and walk all over New York City in them, anything that costs over a few hundred dollars should last for a very long time with proper maintenance and care. Shoes you pay that kind of money for should also be the kind of shoes that you actually want to wear for years. Season after season expensive designer shoes should remain chic and continue to be mainstay of your personal style.

Obviously, trends come and go, but especially with shoes, some are here to stay. There are two things that make a shoe never go out of style, which are "all" or "nothing." An “all” shoe is ornate and likely flashy. It is certainly recognizable. Someone can see the shoe and point it out from the other side of the street. By “nothing,” it’s all about simple lines and classic materials. It’s a more conservative everyday, but always stylish look

All the shoes discussed are “it” shoes and stand out from the crowd every year. In fact, most of them are “permanent collection” shoes, meaning that the designer still makes the shoe year after year. Perhaps the designer modifies it a bit, adding and discontinuing certain colors and materials, but for the most part, it continues the tradition and trend because designers can still sell them and women still want them.

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10 Hunter Wellingtons: $195

Since 1856, Hunter Boots have been keeping feet dry and fashionable. Hunter Wellingtons are high rubber boots designed to be worn in less than fabulous weather because staying dry and warm never goes out of style. A celeb favorite, Nina Dobrev, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams and Brooke Shields have all been spotted in their Hunter Wellingtons. While the original and most popular colors for Hunter Boots are green in Europe and black in the U.S., they are available in many colors and styles from shiny metallic silver to a Union Jack print. On the affordable side, these boots range from $140-$195.

9 Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon: $225

Known for her punk and rebellious runway styles, designer Vivienne Westwood's Lady Dragon Shoes have become a modern classic. The Lady Dragon shoe is a plastic peep toe sling back pump with a heel measuring just over 4 inches. It’s perhaps the only plastic or jelly shoe that has ever really stayed in style throughout the years. It comes in a range of colors from black to pearl and pastel. Lady Dragons are adorned with charms from floating orbs, to hearts and skulls and crossbones. Funky fashionista Katy Perry, Aly Michalka and Pamela Anderson have all been spotted in the shoe. It has also recently become very popular for edgy brides. For $225, it's possible to dance around in them.

8 Ferragamo Loafers: $450

There are several designers known for their loafer shoes, but Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo’s are the best. On the masculine side of female fashion, these loafers stay in style because of they are comfortable and extremely well made. Loafers are timeless because they work universally with any pair of pants or, to be daring, capris or shorts. Ferragamo’s loafers, which are all priced at around $450 are available in a variety of leathers from calf skin to suede in a range of colors from hot pink to orange and red. All the shoes are accented with signature, but subtle Gancini hardware. AnnaSophia Robb, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are huge fans of Ferragamo.

7 Jimmy Choo Abel: $595

Jimmy Choo’s Abel Shoes are simple, but elegant. They will forever remain in style because no matter what a woman wears with them, she really can't go wrong. With a 3.9-inch heel spike heel and pointy toe, it’s a great look that works from a company meeting to an intimate dinner. Abels range from classic black leather to a not so classic black glitter. Certainly investment shoes, they cost between $575 and $595. When you wear them, you will also be “abel” to emulate the style of trendsetters Marion Cotillard, Cindy Crawford and Jessica Chastain.

6 Manolo Blahnik D'Orsay: $755

Manolo Blahnik's D'Orsay shoe became legendary the way many shoes have, on an episode of Sex and the City. In “A Woman’s Right to Shoes,” Carrie wears her D’Osays to a party at her friend Kyra’s house. She is asked to take them off and not surprisingly, someone steals them. Who wouldn’t be tempted to? After much drama, Kyra replaces Carrie’s pricey pair. Ever since, women have emulated Carrie’s style and have known better than to take off their D’Orsays. These ruched open toed heels, which are adorned with a jeweled ornament are unbeatable for a formal occasion. Definitely in Carrie's price range, they cost between $735 and $755.

5 Todd's Driving Shoes: $775

More for the set with drivers, than those who actually drive, Todd’s driving shoes will always be in style. While they look like ordinary loafers from the top, driving shoes are really all about the sole, which have small rubber tabs on the bottom. Driving shoes were originally designed with an obvious purpose, to be supportive to the foot and grip the pedals while driving. If you've ever tried to drive in strappy stilettos, you can probably understand why driving shoes are a must. The gorgeous design and function of Todd’s driving shoe is why the style is timeless. For the price of $425-$775, you should be able to wear them for a long time. Catherine Zeta Jones, Kourtney Kardashian and Carla Bruni wear their Todds’ in and out of the car.

4 Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals: $875

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute sandals are probably called that because virtually every shoe company has replicated this style. It’s not hard to understand why. The design is fairly simple and the high heel lengthens a woman's leg. Tributes are casual and work with a range of styles from jeans to dresses. The platform is another draw of the shoe, as it makes the shoe more comfortable. However, comfort doesn't come cheap at $875 for all colors and styles, which range from classic black to metallic gold. Many stylish celebs can attribute their fancy feet to the Tribute Sandal including Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa and Lauren Conrad.

3 Giuseppe Zanotti Double Platform Bootie: $895

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Double Platform Booties are incredibly ubiquitous. Having been emulated by so other designers and brands, there is a reason why these boots will never go out of style. Made in Italy, these ankle booties have platforms both inside and outside the shoe, which makes the shoe easier to walk in and balance out the nearly six inch high heel. The most well-known style of this shoe is black suede, but it is also available in taupe. Heiress Petra Ecclestone is a fan of these shoes, as are LeAnn Rimes and Victoria Beckham. These booties are made for walking at $895.

2 Chanel Ballet Flats: $1,595


The Chanel Ballet Flat is the perfect casual shoe. With a two tone tip, signature CC logo and often a petite ornamental bow, it is incredibly feminine. It is also a very comfortable shoe. It’s lightness and small size allows it to be equally fabulous and functional for traveling from Madison Avenue to Soho for lunch or trotting through Charles de Gaulle en route to Paris. Chanel shoes are pricey, but the quality is worth it. They currently cost from $675 and go all the way up to $1,595. Hilary Duff, Kyle Richards, Paris Hilton and Diane Kruger Have put their very comfortable celebrity tootsies in these ballet flats.

1 Christian Louboutin Decollete: $3,395

Christian Louboutin's Decollete shoes are similar to Jimmy Choo’s Abel shoe with a simple but elegant pointy toe and slightly higher four-inch stiletto heel, with a little extra kick. Anything but basic, Decolettes, like all Louboutins, have a signature red sole and heel. They are made in not so basic materials like python, taupe patent leather with a red heel and adorned with crystals. The Decollette will always stay in style because the shape and design of the shoe itself is flattering and basic, but the materials make the shoe more vibrant and stand out. Celebrities including Rita Ora, Reese Witherspoon and Emma Roberts all love Decolletes. They are available in a range of prices $625-$3,395.

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