10 Bags That Scream "I'm Rich!"

Walking down the streets of Madison Avenue or Rodeo Drive, sometimes you see a handbag out of the corner of your eye and it is so stunning you actually have to stop to look at it. Perhaps it’s the brightly colored leather, Swarovski crystals, or maybe even more luxurious fur or perhaps feathers or even diamonds.

Bags that scream rich can either be openly ostentatious or subtly striking. Either way, bags from companies like Fendi, Lana Marks, Hermès, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine and even Ralph Lauren design bags that when you see them, you just know someone paid thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for it.

So which bags scream "I'm Rich!" to onlookers? Take a look and find out. Next time you see someone with one of these bags you know they are definitely loaded.

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10 Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag: $2,500

Most people associate designer Ralph Lauren with Polo Shirts, but you probably want to keep the Soft Ricky Bag away from horses. Named for his wife, the Soft Ricky bag is the epitome of sophistication, class and practicality. Each bag is handmade in Italy and has a custom lock and key. The leather lining of each bag is different from the color of the outer leather. Every hand bag is carefully stitched with waxed cotton thread, which helps protect the bag from damage. The leather used to make the bags, as indicated by its name, soft, supple and buttery. For $2,500, the Soft Ricky Bag is an understated way to scream rich.

9 Fendi Fur Mini Peekaboo: $7,750

Peekaboo! This bag will scream “rich” for you. Anything but understated, Fendi’s Fur Mini Peekaboo is not your everyday or every night handbag. In 2009, the first Peekaboo Bags became available. For most of the Peekaboo bags, Fendi wanted to design an accessory where they said “craftsmanship overrides showmanship.” However, for the latest collection, it looks like they changed the rules to their own game. While most Peekaboos are made of only soft leather, this bag is made of leather and covered in fox fur dyed blue, black, yellow and red. More fashion forward than elegant, this fox is a great way to flaunt your money.

8 Celine Weekend Tote: $7,800

The Celine weekend tote is a huge favorite among celebrities. Hilary Duff, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Nicky Hilton, Khloe Kardashian and Erin Andrews have been spotted with their weekend totes quite often, even on weekdays. With it’s signature handles and zipper, it’s easy to spot. Available in a variety of materials, from leather to python, all of the bags have a gold embossed Celine logo. Very large, it also comes in a mini. Known for it’s structured, rigid leather, like luggage, hence the name, it’s a great casual bag that fits everything.

7 Chanel Perfume Bottle Bag: $9,500

Nothing screams rich quite like Chanel and nothing screams Chanel quite like this Perfume Bottle Bag. Made of Plexiglas, this bag is part of the 2014 Cruise Collection and comes in both black and clear. Incorporating two of Chanel's most beloved icons, the gold chain and perfume, this unique bag runs the fine line between accessory and art and ultra expensive novelty. Already a celebrity favorite, Atlanta Falcon Kroy Biermann gave his wife, reality star Kim Zolciak, a clear one for the holidays. Singer Rihanna has been spotted wearing two at once. Although Chanel calls the purse an evening bag, its safe to say at $9,500, you can get away with wearing it during the day.

6 Hermès Birkin Bag: $12,00

The Hermès Birkin bag, named for actress Jane Birkin is perhaps one of the most well known bags to scream rich. Everyone recognizes a Birkin and knows the lady carrying it not only paid at least $12,000 for it, but she knows how to flaunt it, especially if she is wearing the hot pink one pictured above. The Birkin Bag and it’s equally coveted predecessor, the Kelly Bag (named for actress Grace Kelly) are handmade in Italy. Birkins are fitted with gold or palladium hardware to prevent tarnishing because these bags last for a long time. Another option to make your Birkin scream rich is adding diamonds to the hardware.

5 Louis Vuitton Belle De Nuit: $24,700

Part of Marc Jacobs’ final collection for Louis Vuitton (Spring 2014), the Belle de Nuit bag is quite simply stunning. Made of the finest materials, including a Swarovski crystal chain handle and adorned with hand pleated leather tassels, this hand made calfskin handbag is dressed with fine feathers. Plucked from pheasants and peacocks, the feathers take an entire six days to apply by hand. Still remotely practical, the bag has a removable inner zippered pouch. There were only a limited amount of these handbags made and each are numbered. For $24,700, its stunning and if you have the cash or credit, it's worth every penny.

4 Gucci Soft Stirrup Crocodile Shoulder Bag: $32,500

Gucci is a fashion house known for some of its rather not so subtle designs, but The Soft Stirrup Shoulder Bag, made of Crocodile Leather, shows that Gucci can scream rich, even when they tone it down a bit. For $32,000, it certainly should. Fitted with antique gold hardware and a black suede lining, it is as expected, made in Italy. It features an interior zipper and smartphone pockets so you can easily pick up the phone when your investment banker calls. However, this bag is both comfortable and practical. While there are less expensive versions of this bag, costing as little as $2,300, it’s the crocodile leather that makes it so costly.

3 Judith Leiber, Precious Rose Bag: $92,000

Nothing screams rich quite like a $92,000 handbag with 42.56 carats with a total of 1,016 diamonds and nearly 1,170 pink sapphires. Designer Judith Leiber is known for her incredibly unique handbags. She has designed clutches shaped like pigs, cupcakes, parrots and Angel and Devil Pandas, among too many other unique ones to name. Not exactly a fan of the understated, Judith Lieber’s eye popping clutches are normally adorned in fine crystals, but for the Precious Rose Bag, of which only one was made, she turned what is essentially wearable art into functional jewelry.

While the Precious Rose Handbag is certainly showy, compared to most of Lieber’s novelty bags, this one is actually sophisticated.

2 Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag: $250,000

Lana Marks is one of those handbags designers you don't hear too much about. You don't often see her bags on the street or her styles copied by other designers. Although, if you are very rich or a Hollywood celebrity, Lana Marks is just as familiar as caviar. Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans of this line. The Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag screams rich because it was designed to be as expensive as possible. The clutch itself is made of metallic crocodile. On top of an 18 carat white gold clasp sits 1,600 little black and white diamonds, all screaming rich.

1 The Hermès, Chaine d’ancre: $2 Million

Nothing screams “I have money,” quite the way a bag which costs as much as a very nice home does. For $2 million, Hermès' Haine d’ancre does this in spades. Designed by Pierre Hardy, this bag has over 1,160 diamonds, which weighs approximately 33.94 carats all of which are set in white gold. The Haine d'ancre really more like a piece of jewelry, as opposed to something a wealthy lady would store her wallet, keys and lipstick in for a night on the town. This bag is eye catching and stunning, but so high fashion, when seeing it all you can think is “Haute My God!”

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