Sexual Ed 101: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Male Brain

When it comes to sex, the male is often perceived as using two heads. The head between his two ears plays a huge role in the life of the head between his two legs. The brain being the most complex organ in our entire bodies helps to coordinate everything from emotion and action to reaction within the male body. Whether bodily functions or behaviors happen without our knowledge, the brain is the culprit in causing it all.

Men will forever maintain that animalistic nature within and it is proven time and time again when it comes to the pursuit of their sexual prey. When their brains decide they desire a mate, the goal is to accomplish their sexual conquest. They will do everything in their power to make this possible whether they are aware of what they are doing naturally or not.

Sex is one of the most thought consuming activities maintained throughout history for every living creature. It can inflict a diverse range of emotions, establish or break human relationships, alter the body or mood and create a billion dollar industry broadcasting it. Love it or hate it, we are and forever will be sexual creatures innately.

When it comes to sex, the brain can hinder or help us in commencing, acting out and releasing our sexual behaviors. We sometimes are not even aware that there is rhyme or reason behind what exactly is going on, sexually, with us.

10 Adult Film Entertainment

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Lights, camera, action! As the film rolls and produces pretty much every type of sexual escapade anyone has ever thought of, the adult film industry will give everyone something that tickles their fancies. When the male decides he's going to press play, areas in the brain are activated that regulate motivation causing the male to move toward his desired goal. As the scenes are playing before his twinkling eyes, the activity in the hypothalamus that is linked with high arousal becomes more active. This area controls body temperature, hunger and sleep. Attitudes towards sex and the opposite gender have been reportedly improved due to watching a regular amount of adult films. Not all studies provide the same conclusion though. An opposing study reportedly concluded that the striatum associated with reward and motivation tended to have smaller brain regions with a continual intense simulated viewing of adult films over time. Everything in moderation right? Right?

9 Mating Behavior Is Predatory

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When it comes to sexual pursuit, the human male definitely is a hunter, a lion, a being that has his eyes on the prize. Ladies (or men), if a man wants you, he is coming for you, forget all those mixed messages and analyzing his moves. The area of the brain correlating to sexual pursuit is 2.5 times larger in the male than it is in females. The area of the brain linked with mating contains double the amount of cells than the female. Therefore when a man eyes a potential mate he finds attractive, high levels of dopamine and phenylethylamine are released allowing this lion to begin hunting. When scoping out a partner to mate with, the goals between men and women differ drastically. Women tend to want to establish security and reliability in their mate before engaging in sex. Most men focus on mating and mating again with less emotional involvement than their female counterparts.

8 Emotions

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When it comes to relationships, feelings and problems, men and women go about different ways of handling them. This is all due to different programming within the brains of each sex. Men are born with systemizing tendencies, a mechanical approach to problem solving. Think about times when your partner may have thought you were insensitive to an issue they came to you for. Perhaps they may have come to the conclusion that you were insensitive because of your lack of emotional reaction to the dilemma, when in reality you were just trying to find a way to the solution. This can relate to any sexual, romantic relationships with a partner or every other facet within everyday life. Evolution plays a role in this innate attribute of men. Historically, men possessed many inventive skills when it came to fabricating weaponry or tools. They found solitude in long hunting and gathering trips. Whereas women were sheltered in groups, interacting all the time, creating emotional bonds by expressing themselves.

7 Performance Anxiety

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Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you just can't control your mind? Well, it is far too common and definitely all in your head. When you begin to freak out over your body image, penis size, finishing too quickly or never at all, your brain is taking in all of these fears and causing your body to react. Epinephrine and norepinephrine (aka stress hormones) get released causing your body to run or confront the fears, also known as fight or flight. When this happens, blood vessels get constricted not allowing for enough blood flow. When this happens in males, it's difficult to stay erect, same goes for females in terms of staying lubricated. There are remedies for this including analytical therapy, hypnosis and prescribed drugs. There are 2 types of drugs, one that works directly with the brain and the other directly to the genitals. The most common ones include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra stimulating the genital region directly.

6 The Man Trance

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There is a reason behind those glazed eyes and dilated pupils, rapid heart rate and *ahem* stiffness in your jeans. When spotting a 12 on 10, the male body naturally reacts confirming that he's interested. It takes a man a reported one-fifth of a second to decide if their potential mate is hot or not before any cognitive action takes place. It is ingrained in multiple cultures that men are more attracted to women with large breasts, wide hips and flat stomachs. The male naturally focuses on a fertile looking female. These features exude that one is in good reproductive health and is not already impregnated showing off the flat stomach. The fact that men have an extremely large frontal cortex allows for them to override their primal instincts and replace it with logical reasoning.

Instead of cat calling one's desired mate, providing something that appeals to them has a higher rate of gratifying you both. Biologists studied primates and concluded that the males who showed that they were willing and able to provide meat for the females gained more sexual access with them. This seeps into human relationship's dinner date behavior which may result in an exchange of meat for sex. Both primates and humans both attempt tactics in order to acquire end's meat (pun intended).

5 The Big O

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Oh yes! One, if not the best part about sex - the big O. When we think of this, usually all the positive thoughts and feelings come into play. The pesky brain can get in the way, though, and ruin all the fun. Having an orgasm is not guaranteed every single time guys have sex. It is common belief that there will be evidence of one's big O after every romp, but there are several reasons behind that not being the case. If the guy is anxious, boozed too much or is on medication, the body doesn't comply in releasing any ejaculation. When males do ejaculate, receptors in the tegmental brain area that are associated with reward release causing for an extreme high. This is the same type of high felt to a certain degree when one does heroin. Not all males are the same in terms of ejaculation amounts. The average male ejaculates 3.4 ml of semen. A Scottish study proved that males with a BMI of 30 or more were 69% more likely to ejaculate 2ml or less of semen. This can be related to poor diet, lack of exercise or diabetes.

4 Men-O-Pause (Andropause)

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Ah, the joys of aging! The body just completely changes with the more birthdays that pass. As women age, they experience menopause, and men are not out of the woods with this one. Andropause is the male equivalent of menopause. Similar to menopause, men face effects that women do and then some. Testosterone levels decreased, sex drive lowers, fatigue prevails, mood swings arise, a loss in interest ensues as well as muscle mass deteriorating. This is not restricted to just older males but can occur in the younger generation due to drugs, genes or diabetes. A major symptom of andropause includes erectile dysfunction and lower semen levels. Testosterone stimulating brain receptors release nitric oxide helping to relax muscles in the penis allowing blood flow for an erection. As sex drive decreases, lower levels of testosterone is available to stimulate the brain nerves and causes ED. There are many solutions to this provided from a doctor's visit or testosterone replacement therapy.

3 Sexual Intercourse Can Induce Memory Loss

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Have you ever thought back on an encounter and smirked to yourself knowing you just had "mind blowing" sex? Be careful what you wish for because this is an actual thing that maybe isn't so good. It is known as transient global amnesia and occurs to every 3-5 people per 100,000 a year. You basically lose all memory naturally since the moment you begin having sex and then your memory returns. There are a few theories as to why this happens. The pressure of contracting abdominals creates an excess of de-oxygenated blood. This poor oxygenated blood piles up in veins and it drains the brain of memory function. A study in January 2010 discovered that out of 142 patients who had transient global amnesia, 80% had insufficiency of valves in the jugular vein, which carries the blood from the brain to the back of the heart. We hope at least one of you remembers the session because that sounds crazy!

2 Fatherhood

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The body naturally changes and adapts for both men and women in many different facets when a new little one is being brought into the world. Months before a baby is due to arrive, a present father's testosterone levels drop and prolactin goes up. There is an exchange of pheromones between a pregnant woman and father. Before pregnancy, male pheromones can waft over causing maternal neurons to sprout within a female. Boston College conducted a research showing youth with present fathers engaged in less risky sexual behaviors in comparison to those with inactive fathers. The youth with fathers who were knowledgeable about the child's friends and activities were less likely to act out. In comparison to the youth with less present father figures, they had a higher rate of std's, multiple sex partners, risky relationships, lack of condom use and early aged sex. The studies go to prove that not only do male brains affect their own lives but that of their kin's sexual nature.

1 Semen


As gross as it can be to some, semen can actually be extremely good for your body. The male body reacts in specific ways to anything they decide to put in it. The taste of one's semen will alter depending on what diet the man decided to endure. Sugary fruit like kiwi, watermelon and pineapple can create for a lighter taste. Beer and coffee create a strong bitter taste. A meat or fish diet creates a buttery taste and acidic fruit like cranberries, plums and liquors create for a sugar like taste. The high bacteria levels within milk make it one of the worst things to consume before a romp session because it will make semen produce a smelly odor and foul taste. There is the same protein found within semen as there is in 1 large egg white. Semen is entirely healthy, containing vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin b12 and zinc. It is essentially more beneficial than a multivitamin. Mentally being aware of what goes in the male body, benefits one sexually as being more desirable to a mate in terms of knowing the outcome of diet.


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