Self Defense For The Rich At Risk

Wealthy people are targets for extortion and kidnapping plain and simple. Taking your personal protection a step further beyond bodyguards would be investing in concealed defense weapons that can be carried on you at all times.

Engaging a criminal who gets past your personal security detail or into your home or office should never happen, if it does you literally have seconds to react in a potentially life threatening scenario. In a hostile situation your best cause of action is to run. If you can not run you need to defend yourself by any means necessary.

The wealthy are increasingly spending more on protection. Jeff Bezos of Amazon reportedly spends $2.4 million per year on personal protection for himself and his family. Violent crime in the USA increased by 15 percent and property crime by 12 percent in 2013. If this rate continues, crime statistics will double in the next six years. Criminals are becoming more desperate and daring these days. Having a public net worth or public profile makes affluent individuals a target for unscrupulous individuals. So if you feel like you are someone who is at risk, invest in one of these self defense possibilities.

10 SureFire Tactical Pen With Window Breaker: $115.95

“The pen is mightier than the sword”, in this particular case they may have been referencing the SureFire tactical pen, manufactured by SureFire, a weapons company in Fountain Head, California. SureFire manufactures weapons for the military, law enforcement and personal self defense. The body of the pen is made from aluminium grade aerospace metal that is Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized just like some of your combat knives. When not using your pen to defend your life this pen writes like a dream. Included with your purchase is a Schmidt Technology easyFLOW ink cartridge.

9 TASER StrikeLight: $129.99

This small device made of anodized aluminum is a flashlight and personal protection device. Pressing the touch stun button shines a visible electrical arc to deter would be attackers. This device will cause immediate pain to whomever is exposed to its light. The strikelight includes a rechargeable LiPo battery and weighs only 9.5 ounces.

8 Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella Model U-212: $249.95

This seemingly ordinary umbrella protects you from the rain and attackers. This umbrella can be used as an weapon just like a baseball bat against your attacker. The shaft is made from high strength aluminum and polyester fiberglass laminates. This umbrella is 18.5 inches in length with a weight of just one pound and 2.8 oz.

The frame is so strong it can support a 70 kg or 154 lbs person standing on it. The great thing about this umbrella is it never arouses suspicions and it is legal to carry everywhere even on airplanes.

This everyday looking umbrella is even used by the security personnel of the President of the Philippines.

7 Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses: $317

These shades endorsed by the Japanese Military are apparently capable of protecting its wearer from a 6.5mm projectile traveling at 106 MPH. The lens material is made from polycarbonate, the same material used in ballistic glass. The frames of the sunglasses are made of a memory alloy that makes it flexible. These sunglasses can be ordered online and are a great addition to your wardrobe and your protective equipment.

6 TASER M26c: $499.99

This is one of the most effective personal protection devices. Stun guns are only effective with personal contact with your attacker putting the defender in a vulnerable position. Stun guns only cause pain not incapacitation. Pepper spray is only effective within 8 feet and only causes pain. The Taser M26C is effective up to 15 feet and causes complete incapacitation on contact with your attacker. The closer proximity your attacker is to you the more vulnerable you are.

5 Microtech Katana Halo II OTF Automatic Knife: $750

In my opinion this is the best concealable knife on the market. The Microtech Halo was featured in Season 1 of 24 with Jack Bauer disarming a perp in the back seat of a sedan. Microtech is an American company that manufactures advanced knife technology. The Halo is a beautiful knife with a satin finish. The handle is made from T6 anodized aluminum. To extend the blade all you do is press the button on the handle. To retract the blade back into the handle of the knife all you do is push the extended handle back in. The Microtech Halo II has a limited quantity.

4 Krav Maga Private Instruction: $1,848 excludes flight, hotel and transportation

Krav Maga the Israeli martial arts dates back to the 1930’s. The creator of this martial art was Imre Lichtenfeld a jewish man born in Budapest. Imri was a successful boxer and wrestler in his native land. As Europe became more fascist, Imri was forced to defend himself and the Jewish community using his home grown fighting techniques. Imri’s techniques proved successful in the many street fights he fought. Fearing the growing fascism in Europe, Imri fled to Palestine (now Israel) in 1940.

Upon his arrival Imri began teaching his street fighting martial art to a paramilitary organization called Haganah, he was instrumental in helping his people create the state of Israel. Krav Maga is one of the most effective martial art systems for street fighting today. This style is not a sports style of martial arts, the basis of the art is do whatever you have to do to win. This includes strikes to the head, groin, eyes, neck and the vulnerable areas of the body. Krav Maga is mandatory for the Israeli military.

Men and women who want to learn how to defend themselves in a short period of time should definitely consider training in this art. Moshe Katz is the head instructor at IKI Krav maga in Israel. Imri’s curriculum vitae is rather extensive, he has trained U.S. Special Forces, FBI, Israeli Elite Guards and numerous other tactical units.

3 Concealed Carry Designer Bag: $4,200

Conceal and carry has never been more fashionable than the tailored shoulder bag made from crocodile skin with calf suede lining. There is a 7.75” holster pocket opening that can conceal a Beretta 9mm. This designer bag can be purchased from Concealed Carry Woolstenhulme designer bag company.

2 Armatix .22 Biometric Handgun: $10,000

Armatix is a German company that developed a handgun that can only be fired by someone wearing a biometric wrist watch. When an LED light on the gun glows green the weapon can be discharged. If the LED light on the gun glows red it can not be fired. At least you don’t have to worry about an assailant shooting you with your own weapon. In an actual combat situation effectiveness with this weapon would be tricky since the person always has to be wearing the wristwatch. The authorized person’s fingerprint is read by the wrist watch making the .22 caliber firearm fireable by the shooter only. The authorized user can activate the wristwatch for a set time period - i.e. work shift or until manually deactivated.

1 Armored Umbrella: $20,000

The umbrella of choice of former President of France Sarkozy. This umbrella made for diplomats weighs in at five pounds compared to the average weight of one pound for your average umbrella. The material used in the “Para Pactum” a latin phrase for “prepare for peace” is coated with kevlar the same material used in bulletproof vests. This umbrella is specifically designed to withstand bullets fired at close range. Not only is the Para Pactum bullet resistant it is purported to protects its wearer from knives, projectiles and acid attacks. The shaft is made of carbon giving it a rigid center and adding to the overall strength of this defensive shield.

When the umbrella was first released it surpassed all tests by France’s elite police unit and Sarkozy’s security detail. This is the Rolls Royce of umbrellas for those who can afford it. The armored umbrella is manufactured by The Real parpluies de Cherbourg in Belgium.

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