10 Most Expensive SJP Shoes, Ranked

Sex and The City's season finale aired fifteen years ago, but Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe is as enviable as ever. It's only fitting that Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the fashion-forward maven on the series from 1998-2004 (then later, in two feature films), would have a clothing line that, while not officially inspired by the legendary character, still garners comparisons.

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This line, which is called SJP By Jessica Parker, is made up of high-end apparel, fragrances, and shoes (which make up the entirety of the line's most expensive offerings). SJP is physically available in select markets, but it is also sold online by Amazon, Bloomingdale's, Zappos, Neiman Marcus, and the SJP website.

If you want a little Carrie Bradshaw in your closet (and have some money to blow), then here are the 10 of the most expensive SJP items that you can buy right now.

10  Linda - $545

The Linda boots are the tenth most expensive item from the SJP line. If you want a pair of your own in your life, you'll have to cough up $545. The boots are decorated with laser-cut geometric shapes, adding flair to a classic shape.

It would be great for women who love boots, but don't want to commit to thigh-highs or super high heels. Coated in a black matte suede finish, the Linda Bootie makes a statement without being too flashy. It can be purchased directly from the SJP website.

9 Allure - $545

At $545, these shoes, called Allure, technically tie with the Linda booties. For practical purposes, they come in at ninth place. The Allure is a classic pump shape that's decorated with a sparkling ornament over the toe.

If you're a woman who likes to keep things simple, but doesn't mind dressing things up now and again, Allure might be the shoes for you. This particular pair comes only in black satin. You can buy them directly from the SJP website.

8 Rayna - $550

The Rayna boots retail for $550. This makes them the eight most expensive item from the SJP line. These boots come up to the thighs, helping to lengthen the leg without subjecting the wearer to a tall heel. They'd be best worn tucked into jeans or with a short dress or skirt.

For the moment, the Rayana boot is available in Taffy Suede, a light brown color that would pair well with almost anything. The upper, the part of the shoe which covers the toe, comes in either suede or leather. If you'd like a pair of the Rayna boots for yourself, they are available for sale on Zappos.

7 Noelle - $575

The seventh most expensive item in the SJP line is the Noelle pumps. They retail for $550. The Noelle is a chic pump decorated with an asymmetrical strap, which is the real star of the shoe. The sequined strap adds a bit of flash to an otherwise classic silhouette.

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Like the Allure pumps, Noelle comes in black with a satin overlay. It has just enough bling to be the perfect accent to a little black dress. It can currently be purchased from the SJP website.

6 Windsor - $585

The Windsor pumps are the sixth most expensive item in the SJP line. They are also a pump with an added embellishment. In their case, a beautiful crystal buckle elevates these pumps up to the next level.

Given their simplicity, Windsor pumps would be the perfect pair of shoes to pair with business attire. You can buy your own pair of Windsor pumps for $585. They can be purchased directly from the SJP website.

5 Reign Boot - $595

These emerald green Reign boots are the fifth most expensive items SJP items available. Described as "more comfortable than a sneaker," these boots would be great for women who want all of the fashion without any of the pain.

Though the display picture is green, Reign boots come in four colors: Forest (shown above) Show Off (glossy pink and black animal print), Black suede, and Karat ( striking gold). You can purchase them directly from the SJP website.

4 Studio Boot - $595

These dazzling Studio boots also retail for $595, making them the fourth most expensive item from SJP's line. Perfect for any woman who likes to shine, and isn't afraid of who knows it, these boots will surely make you the topic of conversation!

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The Studio books come up to mid-thigh and are covered in silver sequined. When it comes to the shine that emanates from them, the picture doesn't do it justice. You can purchase the Studio boots from SJP's website.

3 Jackson Ankle Boot - $595

The third most expensive item that SJP sells are these leather Jackson ankle boots, which also retail for $595. They contain all of the sophistication of leather thigh-highs but won't weigh you down.

The Jackson ankle boot also comes with a short, sturdy heel that provides extra balance support. If you want a pair for yourself, you can get them from SJP's website.

2 Rayna Snake Boot - $675

The second most expensive item from SJP's line are these Rayna boots. They retail for $675, but are currently on sale for only $405!

These boots come in a luxurious blue-green snakeskin pattern, sure to make you the envy of the entire office. They would be perfect for a woman on the go who might be hoping to stand out. But they could also be dressed down to quietly complement the most practical look. Given the cost, versatility is a must!

These boots can be purchased from Bloomindale's.

1 Julie Boot - $695

These green snakeskin boots, known as Julie, are the most expensive item that SJP sells. It's also an updated version of one of SJP's most popular styles. The sleek, thigh-high boot gives whoever wears them a sexy silhouette. It's available in one color: Everglades.

Julie boots are made of real leather, embossed in SJP's signature patterns. For $695, you can have your own pair. Julie can be purchased from SJP's website.


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