10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Jennifer Lawrence Has Bought

Jennifer Lawrence is the kind of Hollywood powerhouse you don't play with. She hans't even hit her 30's yet, but she's already making millions of dollars. And all thanks to her unparalleled talent, that has contributed greatly to her current financial status.

In 2015 and 2016, she was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood and she broke the record for the highest-grossing action heroine for her role in Hunger Games.

Although Jennifer tends to live a little more humble than your typical celebrities, she still enjoys splurging here and there are a few items that bring her joy. Curious to know what this fantastic actress spends her hard-earned money on? Let's take a look!

10 A Volkswagen Eos

Anyone who enjoys keeping up with the celebrity world knows that there's one thing everyone enjoys spending some money on — and that's cars! Some celebrities don't even feel the need to actually know how to drive in order to spend millions on Ferraris and Mercedes, like rapper Cardi B.

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Jennifer Lawrence keeps it a little more modest. She owns two cars, one of them being a Volkswagen Eos, costing $37,000. It's not like us mere mortals have that kind of money laying around, but it's still way cheaper than a lot of things we're used to coming out of Hollywood.

9 A Chevrolet Volt

Jennifer Lawrence's second car is a hybrid, and it's the Chevrolet Volt. Again, it's a fairly humble car that doesn't' surpass the $39,000 mark. Plus, it's environmentally friendly, and that's always a plus for both celebrities and regular people alike! It's clear that when it comes to cars, Jennifer prefers comfort over luxury and speed.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't consider it quite the expense. For instance, it's a second car after all! Plus, the actress spends a few extra bucks (undisclosed amount) to completely redo the interiors with sleek leather, making it look even better than it already was fresh out of the factory.

8 Some Exclusive Earrings

Jennifer Lawrence isn't just one of the highest-paid actresses of her time. She's also a young, beautiful, vibrant woman with an incredible sense of style. For many girls out there, adding statement earrings to an outfit can make all the difference between boring and stunning, and Jennifer knows this.

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It's very common to see her rocking some gorgeous pairs of earrings on the red carpet. But if you're looking for a similar style, just know that her earring collection is so exclusive that a single pair can go for $500,000. Yup, and that's only one pair! Can you imagine the entire collection?

7 A Santa Monica Home

What would be of celebrities without some seriously luxurious homes? We're more than used to seeing Hollywood stars making headlines with their expensive new houses — someone is either buying it or putting it on the market, and it's quite rare to see anything go below the $1 million mark.

Before Jennifer Lawrence acquired her Beverly Hills home (more on that later) she lived in Santa Monica. This home cost her $879,000 which is still a lot more than any of us would be able to spend on a house. On the plus side, Jen was able to sell it for a reported $1.2 million, so she made some profit!

6 Some Pretty Expensive Rings

When it comes to showing off the bling, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the celebrities who aren't shy in putting it out there. Everyone loves glitz and glam, especially when it's time to bring it to the red carpet and show off your designer dresses and jewels bright enough to blind an innocent passer-by.

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One of the items where Jennifer Lawrence decided to splurge was a beautiful ornament for her delicate fingers. More specifically, a colored diamond and platinum ring that looks more like an Infinity Stone than a jewel. But while the gems are most likely priceless (we'll have to double-check on that one), this particular splurge set Lawrence back a whopping $1 million.

5 A Diamond Necklace

This is another staple when it comes to celebrity spending. And contrary to what one might think, it's not exclusive to women! Especially in the music industry, it's extremely common for male entertainers to spend insane amounts of money on expensive jewelry. And this is another department where Jennifer Lawrence doesn't mind investing a little more.

When she attended the Oscars back in 2014, Jennifer sported a Neil Lane 100-carat diamond necklace that's worth an estimated $2 million. It looks absolutely stunning, and it's definitely worth every penny. We only wish we could have it! After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend, right?

4 Kentucky Hospital Charity

Many celebrities out there come from extremely humble beginnings. They know what it's like to live without much, and they are conscious of the problems many people face due to poverty and lack of resources. This realization has a huge impact on what many of them decide to do with their money.

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Jennifer Lawrence is one of these celebrities who understands the importance of giving back. Not only does she have her own charity, but she also likes to focus on doing good within her hometown and community in Kentucky. This led her to donate $2 million to the Kentucky Hospital, a beautiful and commendable act of kindness.

3 An Oscars Dress

We can only imagine the amount of pressure actors and actresses are under when it comes to getting ready for award season. Many of them have gone on record to tell the tale of the huge teams they need to put together in order to look absolutely flawless. And looking flawless often involves going out of your way to snatch some seriously expensive items.

Everyone will remember the 2013 Oscars ceremony when Jennifer won the Best Actress Award and fell down the stairs on her way to collect. Well, blame it on the Dior Couture piece she was sporting, which is valued at $4 million!

2 A Beverly Hills Home

Well, let's be real — you can't expect an actress, and one that just so happens to be one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry, to live in her $900,000 Santa Monica home forever. For some reason, that just doesn't add up when everyone in Hollywood spends rivers of money in their homes.

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Jennifer Lawrence has admitted that she considers her houses to be her biggest splurges when it comes to money. Once she said goodbye to the first home she owned, she bought a home in Beverly Hills that used to belong to Jessica Simpson. The total of the purchase came down to a whopping $8.2 million.

1 A Tribeca Warehouse

Well, we warned you that Jennifer liked to splurge when it came to living standards. (Literally, living standards — as in, her homes.) Being such a sought-after actress, it's understandable that she would choose to have homes both in Beverly Hills and New York, the hearts of glitz, glam, and acting.

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Aside from her Beverly Hills house, she also owns a condo in a converted warehouse in Tribeca. This is not just your typical house; it includes things like a yoga studio, a bar, and a pool. There's no disclosed amount for how much she spent in acquiring this particular piece of real estate, but we know that the price of the condos ranges from $9 to $58 million. So, there you go!

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