10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Emma Watson Has Bought

Emma Watson became a household name when she was 11 years old and was cast to play Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. Unlike many people of her age, Watson had millions in her bank account before she finished high school. However, despite her fortune, she had a down-to-earth upbringing and she just had access to part of her wealth when she turned 18.

The actress has an $80 million net worth and keeps most information about her personal life away from the public eye. However, it is possible to have a glimpse of how she spends part of her fortune on this list.

10 A chalet in France

When Emma Watson turned 18, she had access to a $12 million fortune. Her first purchase was a $1.2 million luxury ski chalet in France. The Beauty and the Beast actress loves the sport and also spent thousands on furnishing and renovating.

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“The house is Emma’s way of celebrating her recent straight As at A-level and finally getting her hands on some of her hard-earned cash,” a friend told The Telegraph. “She worked really hard this year and didn’t have much of a birthday party so this was her present to herself.”

9 A house in London

In 2016, several articles about Panama Papers revealed that Emma Watson had spent $3.3 million on a house in London. The actress used an offshore company to buy the property and her representatives explained why.

“UK companies are required to publicly publish details of their shareholders and therefore do not give her the necessary anonymity required to protect her personal safety, which has been jeopardized in the past owing to such information being publicly available,” they said during an interview with The Independent.

There is not much information about the location since the actress already revealed that she feels insecure about sharing that information.

8 Offshore Companies

In 2016, someone leaked over 11 million confidential documents that involved the financial information of several people around the world. The scandal is known as Panama Papers. And what does Emma Watson has to do with it?

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The Harry Potter star was one of the names on the list. She has an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands called Falling Leaves. There is no information about how much the company is worth, but since Watson bought a $3.3 million house through the company, we can assume it is worth millions.

7 Eco-friendly clothes

The fashion industry is glamorous on the red carpet but has a significant impact on the environment. Emma Watson is aware of that and is one of the few A-list stars to care about that.

Emma is often seen wearing sustainable gowns on the red carpet. Those clothes are way more expensive than regular ones as they need sustainable fabric and are also produced in a way that has a minimum impact on the environment. The actress is also very careful with the jewelry she wears and looks for eco-friendly brands even for the red carpet.

6 Bodyguards

Emma Watson doesn’t take selfies with fans. She is afraid that they can post it immediately and people can track her location putting her security at risk. Watson has reasons to be careful. In 2013, a stalker approached her while she was on a film set and she panicked.

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Since then, the actress is very careful with any information she shares. Watson also hired a former NYPD officer as a bodyguard. According to the Daily Mail, her salary for the guard was $110,000 a year. Denise, her bodyguard, followed her everywhere.

5 Charity

Emma Watson spends millions on donations. In 2018, she gave $1.4 million to Justice and Equality Fund, an organization in the UK that fights against sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination. The actress was one of the first people to financially support the Equality Fund.

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After the donations, she signed an open letter together with other actresses. The document discussed the salary difference between genders.

More than money, Watson spends lots of time promoting projects that aim to reduce poverty in the world and equality between genders.

4 Vacation

Emma Watson has worked hard since she was a child. But she also knows how to enjoy life during her time off. Emma likes to travel the world and she has been spotted enjoying places like Turkey and Mexico.

The actress doesn’t like to share pictures of her vacations on social media, but she is often recognized by paparazzi and fans no matter where she is. She usually deals well with it. However, back in 2015, she had a secret vacation in Istanbul and was angry when photographers followed her.

3 Stylist

Emma Watson is one of the most remarkable fashion icons of her generation. She is not only flawless, but she also wants her style to be a political statement since she often wears eco-friendly clothes and shoes.

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The actress grew up under the spotlight and sometimes it's hard to find your own identity in fashion. She hired Rebecca Corbin-Murray, a stylist who worked with several celebrities including Lily James. The stylist shares Watson's values and Rebecca already said that she loves working with people who use their platforms to empower voiceless people.

2 Beauty products

Emma Watson is down to earth and she seems very conscious about her purchases. However, there is something she can't help herself: beauty products.

"What's quite funny is that I have tons of products at home. I've always loved makeup and I'm fascinated by how much it can transform people. But I don't actually wear much of it. It's so ironic - but I just love products!"

Unsurprisingly, the actress only buys cruelty-free products. She also revealed that she doesn't have a proper skin ritual, but she always takes all makeup off when she is at home.

1 Cars

Celebrities often have a car collection and Emma Watson is no different. However, she doesn't like cars that call too much attention like a Ferrari or Porsche, popular choices among celebrities.

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The most expensive vehicle she has is a Cadillac Escalade, that is worth $95,000. Watson is cautious about her security, so she probably chose an armored car, which would be even more expensive. She also has an Audi S3, that cost approximately $43,000, and a Silver Toyota Prius that can cost up to $30,000.

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