10 Ridiculously Expensive Designer Clothes You Can Actually Buy

If you follow celebrities on social media, it may not be uncommon to see your favorite celeb walking out of Louis Vuitton or Chanel with an arm full of bags filled with designer clothes. Shopping sprees can get expensive, especially when you are buying the newest and most iconic clothing of the season. Certain designers can get carried away, though, pricing clothing items at thousands of dollars, whether it’s shoes, a pair of pants, or an expensive jacket. Watching the rich buy clothes that cost just as much or more as the lay-person’s monthly rent can be entertaining, though. So, we’ve brought you some of the most expensive designer clothes!

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10 Bronze 56 “Extendo Jeans” – $500

In the summer of 2018, the designer brand Bronze 56 released a pair of pants that were almost 9ft long. The jeans look as though they were once three pairs of pants, but were sewn together to make one pair. The 8.7ft long pants were modeled to be worn scrunched, held from touching the floor by the model’s shoes. Despite this, though, many photos can be found of people sitting on high ledges while the long pant legs dangle in the wind. It’s pretty comical, but hey; each to their own!

9 Designer Long-Sleeved Denim Jacket - $760

Everybody loves a good old denim jacket with your whitest t-shirt and black pants, but how much do you love denim? Is it enough to purchase one of these babies? Designed by a company called Y/Project, this jean jacket is nothing like any jacket we have seen before. The sleeves are so long that they almost touch the ground. Customers are urged to roll up the sleeve, but our question is: What is the point? This jacket is boarder line nightmare fuel, especially with its extremely high price point. What can we say? Denim is expensive!

8 Thigh-High Ugg Boots – $1,380

Everyone who wears Ugg boots, wears them for their warmth and comfort in the fall season, just before it gets too wet to enjoy the soft but unfortunately-absorbent material. Pairing your favorite insulated leggings with this beloved shoe is one of the most comfortable outfits to wear to work or school. The thigh-high version, however, is pretty extra, with their scrunched and baggy style, they come in at almost $1,400! When they were first worn on a runway in January of 2018, the internet was baffled; for good reason!

7 Louis Vuitton Neonoe BB Bag - $2,370

Louis Vuitton is a legendary French designer and the clothes and concepts that he seems to come up with are high quality and just top notch in general. The pretty penny that you pay for the famous designer's clothes makes you wonder if the quality is worth it. This handbag, for example, comes in two different sizes—which differ in price by about $400—with four different colors for each size. It is also personalizable, with options to have it made in different fabrics as well as two different ways to have the handle.

6 Stuart Weitzman "Stardust Bootie" - $2,900

A comfortable and stylish bootie is all anybody could ever ask for, and if you like rhinestones, these are even better than you'd imagine. "The Stardust Bootie" design is credited to esteemed shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, an American shoe designer who has designed footwear fit to be considered art for many celebrities including Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Sparkling in every kind of light and at every angle, the pair of shoes shine as if to showcase the talent of the designer.

5 Floral-Print Dolce & Gabbana Midi Dress - $3,740

There's nothing like a floral summer dress that will keep you both cool and stylish during the hot months. However, we aren't exactly sure if a generic floral print skirt is worth over three and a half thousand American dollars. Yes, you read it right; $3,740! Most summer dresses at your local mall won't go over about $200, but for some reason—and we're betting on the designer logo—this dress is going for thousands of dollars more than that! Dolce & Gabbana are known as a high-end designer with quality products, but is it really worth it?

4 Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Jaspers (Limited Edition) - $8,000

Louis Vuitton may have been able to make it on to this list a few times, but that's for good reason; even his collaborations are some of the best in the business. When Louis Vuitton paired with Kanye West to make some of the coolest looking sneakers in the collection. These sneakers were originally sold for about $5,000, but after they stopped being produced, they started selling on eBay for obscene amounts of money, some tipping over $10,000.

3 Nike Air Mag "Back to the Future" - $12,500

Back to the Future was and is an extremely belove movie trilogy from the 1980s, where the main character, Marty McFly, goes on an adventure, time traveling through the time-space continuum. In 2016, a pair of shoes from the movie—Marty McFly's self-tying shoes—were made by Nike and given to the actor that played Marty (Michael J. Fox), and about 1,500 were auctioned off on eBay, raising about $6.5 million for Parkinson's Disease through Michael J. Fox's Foundation. Even though the majority of the shoes were not self-lacing, about 89 pairs were made and sold.

2 Louis Vuitton X Supreme Holdall - $25,384

In 2017, a new collection from Louis Vuitton was announced, and that summer it was released for purchase. The collection was his now very popular Supreme X collection and it is loved by all Vuitton fans, including certain celebrities like Jaden Smith. The entire line is incredibly expensive, featuring multi thousand-dollar sneakers, bags, and clothing items. This extremely expensive bag is a luxury item, but the steep price would make your mouth drop to the floor. Some would say that the bright red color and designer logo on the side is worth it.

1 Pnina Tornai Satin Corset and Tulle Wedding Dress - $26,500

If you've ever watched the TCL show Say Yes To The Dress, then you have probably heard of the extremely talented and generous designer Pnina Tornai. Her gorgeous dresses can go from anywhere near $2,000 all the way to $30,000 and even more for custom dresses. This "jaw-dropping multi-layer cascading ruffle" and tulle gown is a sight to behold. The incredible volume and amount of fabric in this dress make the price a little more understandable than most items on this list.

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