10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Sir Elton John Has Bought

Elton John is one of the most talented musicians from the United Kingdom. Last year, he announced his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. During his career, he is said to have made $500 million.

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How does he spend this money? The artist has a lavish lifestyle that includes extravagant clothes, a massive art collection, and mansions around the world. He also doesn’t hold back when he has to spend money. Back in the ‘90s, he spent over $40 million in just one month. Curious? Here is a list of 10 super expensive things that Sir Elton John has bough.

10 His House in London

London holds a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities to buy a house in. But if you are part of the millionaires club, you will probably want to buy a property on "Millionaire's Row." This term refers to the West London area where many celebrities own houses.

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Elton John is one of them. He bought a house in Holland Park in 1992 where he lives with his husband, David Furnish. He is the neighbor of other celebrities like Robin Williams, Simon Cowell, and David and Victoria Beckham.

9 Beverly Hills house

In 2015, Elton John bought a $32 million mansion in Beverly Hills. It's his second property outside Europe. The 25,000 square feet house was on the market for four years. It has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a subterranean garage, a library, a wine cellar and a chef's kitchen. The master suite has a terrace as well.

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Outside, this house is just as impressive. It has a fantastic swimming pool, tennis court, and pool house. The home was built in 1966 and is also where the singer keeps valuable items from his art collection.

8 Glasses

Can you imagine Elton John without his iconic sunglasses? Well, we could say that neither can he. The singer loves sunglasses and he has 250,000 pairs in his collection.

Back in 2010, he talked about it during an interview with BBC: "I don't have an iPod or a mobile phone or a computer. I do have a quarter of a million pairs of glasses, but I don't even have a mobile phone! If people want to get hold of me, they can." The singer has a room in his house just for the glasses. The temperature of the place always remains at 16 degrees.

7 Pink Rolls Royce Phantom V

Elton John is not exactly the type of person who likes discreet things. He once owned a Pink Rolls Royce Phantom V that is worth over $450.000. There are only 516 cars of that model in the world.

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The vehicle was produced between 1959 and 1968 by Rolls-Royce and had very exclusive clients. Queen Elizabeth II was one of them. Elton John had other cars produced by Rolls-Royce, like the Silver Cloud III and has a collection of other luxurious cars. In 2015, he promoted an auction and sold several vehicles.

6 French Riviera Villa

The South of France is a favorite destination for celebrities and rich people during the summer. Elton John is not different. He bought a villa in Nice, one of the most beautiful beach locations in the country, during the '90s.

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The house was built in 1920 and has a mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean ocean. The parklands of Mont Boron surround the place and he is the only celebrity living there. When he bought the villa, it was pink, but during the renovation, he decided to change the color to yellow. This is one of his favorite places to go with his family.

5  Home Decor

Elton John has spent millions on real estate in Europe and the U.S. The singer has an excellent taste for the most beautiful things and also spent a small fortune on a renovation.

His house in London, for example, has a collection of furniture and several Biedermeier pieces. For his home in France, the singer hired the designers Fred Dilger and Monique Gibson. The house has some of his art collections, such as Andy Warhol paintings and sculptures of Roy Lichtenstein.

4 Condo in Atlanta

During the '90s, Elton John bought a 5,000 square-feet condo in Atlanta. He started purchasing his neighbors' apartments and now he has over a 12,00 square-feet area in seven floors of the building.

Elton John said in an interview with AJC, "People always ask me, 'Why do you have a place in Atlanta?' It's because people here have always been that nice to me… I've always been welcomed. I feel at home." Like most of his properties, Elton John brought several valuable art pieces that are now part of the decor of the place.

3 Art

Elton John is a sensitive artist and loves to be surrounded by art, so his properties are filled with his art collection. He started this during the 1990s.

He said in an interview with The Guardian, "I was in a chateau in the south of France and David Fahey, who owns a gallery in LA, showed me some prints by Herb Ritts and Horst and Irving Penn and that was it. Suddenly, I discovered something that I had been surrounded by for years and never noticed as an art form despite having had my portrait taken by the likes of Penn and Richard Avedon. I just flew into it and began to amass prints at auction and in private sales. It became the greatest passion I have outside of music."

2 Flowers

In 1990, Elton John used to date John Reid, who was also his manager. The singer didn't think twice about expressing his love and sending flowers to his partner. It cost him $450,000.

During an interview with The Telegraph, he said, "Yes, I like flowers. I don't have anyone to leave it to. I'm a single man. I like spending money." Of course, now he's no longer single and is married with children.

1 Wabi Sabi Yacht

Elton John spent nearly $26 million on a Wabi Sabi 164 foot yacht. It has a jacuzzi on the deck, a swimming platform, an area for barbecue and a gym. It seems like the perfect way to travel in Europe during summer.

The spacious yacht has room for 12 people and has eight rooms. Earlier this year, Elton John was spotted checking out a $40 million yacht. The singer is not the only celebrity to be able to afford a yacht, of course. Oprah, Cristiano Ronaldo and Beyonce are some other stars who also have luxurious boats.

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