10 Ridicously Expensive Things Paris Hilton Has Bought

Much before the Kardashians take over the world, Paris Hilton impressed the world with her lavish lifestyle. Hilton was born in a wealthy family, and she grew up having the best life money can afford. Although there were also other girls with her background, Paris found a way to have something they didn't have: fame.

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Paris Hilton has a net worth evaluated on $300,000,000, and she doesn't hold back on spending it. Paris loves to spoil herself and spends thousands on parties, drinks, traveling, and pampering her pets.

Here are a few examples of how Paris Hilton spends her millions.

10 Pets

Paris Hilton loves pets, and we have always seen her hanging around with her dogs inside a high-fashion purse. Unsurprisingly, Paris is just as picky about her pets as she is for her shoes. In 2014, she spent $13,000 in the smallest Pomeranian in the world, that she named Mr. Amazing. The price is indeed amazing.

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According to Page Six, the small dog has 2.5 inches and weighs 11.6 ounces. The entrepreneur and influencer often shares images of Mr. Amazing on her social media. He is truly adorable.

9 Mansion for her dogs - $350.000

It is no secret that Paris Hilton loves her dogs, and her pets indeed have a better life than many human beings. They have a mansion in the backyard of Paris' home. And it is not like any dog house you have seen before, the residence is evaluated at $350,000, and the amount is enough to buy a real home.

According to the Squire, the place has a chandelier, a balcony, and air conditioning. It also has stares that bring the pets to the second floor. Unsurprisingly, the interior of the house if all pink.

8 Beverly Hills Mansion - $5.900.000

Paris Hilton loves to spoil her pets, but she also spends lots of money on herself. In 207, she bought a 7,000 square-feet mansion in Beverly Hills for $5,900,000. The house was built in 1991 and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Unsurprisingly, Paris turned the gym in a room for her shoes during the renovation. But she could still enjoy the tennis court.

According to People, Paris looked at several other properties before closing the deal. She also got a significant discount, since the original price was $6,500,000.

7 Shoes - $1,000,000

Most women are crazy about shoes, but Paris Hilton takes it to another level. She has a shoe collection that is evaluated at $1,000.000. Of course, she doesn't hold back or look at the price tag before buying a new pair.

Sometimes she shared a glimpse of her shoe closet on her social media. In 2018, she showed it while picking some pairs on her trip to Ibiza. She has more shoes than she will use in a lifetime. The pairs seem to be very organized and separated by type and color.

6 Drinks - $230.000 on a night

Paris Hilton is famous for loving partying. She also makes some VIP presence in high-profile events as a DJ. But Paris doesn't think twice before spending money on drinks. According to Page Six, she spent $230,000 on drinks in just one night at the Marquee Wednesday. Including a $47,000 tip.

The website details that Paris Hilton's table ordered " $100,000 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, and 11 bottles each of Patrón, Cristal and Grey Goose."

It might be a tense moment if you ever have to split a bar bill with Paris Hilton.

5 Birthday parties

Paris Hilton loves to celebrate! And she goes the extra mile when it is about her birthday when she often gives memorable parties. This year she turned 38, and she gave a huge party in a club built in her own home, name Club Paris.

According to the Insider, famous names like Diplo, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Dita Von Teese, and Nicky Hilton attended the party. The Club Paris was decorated with pictures of Paris. She also shared several photos and videos of the party on her social media.

4 Car Collection

Paris Hilton also has a priceless car collection in her garage. In 2012, she spent $300,000 in a California Spyder Ferrari. She also has a pink customized Bentley that is worth $200,000. This is the most outstanding car she has.

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But we have also seen her driving several other models of Ferraris, a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Lexus LFA, a Mercedes SLR, a Yukon Hybrid a Cadillac Escalade and the list goes on. It seems impossible to calculate how much her car collection is worth.

3 Penthouse in New York - $4,900,000

In 2014, Paris Hilton bought a penthouse in New York. The businesswoman and influencer chose a place with nearly 2,400 square-foot, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. According to Variety, she paid $4,900,000 for it. Once again, she got a significant discount since the place was on the market for $5,250,000. The home is very close to Washington Square Park, perfect for a walk with her several dogs.

The place features a massive private terrace, where she can enjoy the sunny days. It also has noble materials like planked oak floors and fireplace built with Calcutta marble.

2 Private Jet

Paris Hilton doesn't hide from anyone that she has a lavish lifestyle. She has a private jet and often shares pictures of it on her social media. The jet has enough space for a bed, which makes traveling much more comfortable. For sure, Paris doesn't know what is to struggle in a tiny chair on economic class.

'Comfy JetSet Life. I don't fly anywhere without my pink blankie," she once posted on her social media. We often see Paris flying to high-profile destinations like Cannes, Ibiza, or a Greek island, where she is often spotted enjoying the nightlife.

1 Vacations

Unlike most of us, Paris Hilton can afford luxury holidays all year. She loves to spend the summer on European beaches but also likes to spend her money on ski getaways in Aspen were pink from head to toes.

Paris also loves paradisiac places, like Tulum ( Mexico) or Caribbean paradises. Of course, she is always spotted on luxury hotels, high-profile restaurants, or enjoying the day in a yacht with friends. It is not bad to have Paris Hilton's life, and it seems she is always on vacation.

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