The 10 Richest Instagram Influencers, Based On How Much Money They Make

If you are a purveyor of social media nowadays, you probably follow at least one public figure you might consider to be an influencer-that is, a famous person who has a career in social media and produces Internet content.

For all of you saying to yourself, "I wish I could do that as a day job," you might be surprised just how much your favorite influencers are paid for their engagements on social media. It can range into the thousands per post!

Below are the ten influencers who are paid the most per post on Instagram. Though many might call themselves famous outside of the world of social media, they are definitely powerhouses when it comes to using the platform to transform their bank account. Did your favorite make the list? Scroll to find out!

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10 Araya A. Hargate: $35,700

An influencer and model from Thailand, Araya A. Hargate is extremely famous in her home country for her acting and career in pageantry. After winning a beauty pageant in 1998, she was given her own lakorn, or Thai soap opera, in which she became a household name.

Hargate has received many awards for her modeling and acting and is currently the tenth highest paid influencer on Instagram as of 2019. Her posts usually revolve around updates with her family, shots from red carpet events, and photographs of her daily life and style.

9 Nash Grier: $41,100

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Famous for his career on six-second video platform Vine, Nash Grier gained a large following around 2013, when he was just a freshman in high school. Now 21, Grier has made leaps and bounds in his career, pursuing acting, fashion design in collaboration with clothing brand Aéropostale, and directing.

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Grier boasts around 10 million followers on his Instagram, where he has currently been posting about his life, photography, and his girlfriend Taylor Giavasis, with whom he is expecting a child.

8 Joanna Gaines: $45,000

If you are a fan of HGTV, you might recognize Joanna Gaines from her show Fixer-Upper, in which she and her husband Chip renovate out-of-date homes into architectural and interior beauties. In addition to running Magnolia, their design company and market, Gaines also has a following on social media that reaps a large paycheck.

The mom and businesswoman has taken to posting on the platform about her new design ventures and home-life with her kids and husband to her 11.2 million followers. She also posts updates about Magnolia's new ventures, including their planned coffeeshop, and her bakery, Silos Baking Company.

7 Jake Paul: $49,600

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Another Internet personality who stated off on Vine, Jake Paul also gained prominence by starring in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark, which bears resemblance to his current Internet career on social media and YouTube.

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Paul ventured into influencer marketing management a couple years ago when he created Team 10, an agency focused on teen entertainment. The now 22 year old Paul has 12.4 million followers on Instagram 19.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel JakePaulProductions.

6 Logan Paul: $65,400

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The older brother of Jake, Logan Paul also got his start via Vine, which gave him the momentum for an acting and Internet career shortly after. In addition to guest spots on Law & Order: SVU, and Weird Loners, Paul runs a successful vlog channel called Logan Paul Vlogs that has over 19 million subscribers.

The older brother of Jake, Logan Paul has been subject to much controversy, making inflammatory statements as well as broadcasting a victim on his channel that died by suicide in a Japanese forest. Still, he remains one of the mot popular vloggers and continues to bring in the big bucks on Instagram.

5 Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie): $70,800

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It's no wonder that PewDiePie is on the list--with a massive 98 million subscribers on YouTube and over 22 billion views, he is the third most subscribed channel on the platform and eleventh in overall views. Known for his Let's Play style videos and comedy sketches, PewDiePie is arguably one of the most famous content creators of our time.

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On Instagram, he boasts 17.6 million followers, frequently posting about his fiancee Marzia Bisognin, friends, and other family, including his nephew. He also promotes new merchandise and goods in his shop, which is linked in his biography.

4 Zach King: $82,900

Zach King got his start on the Internet making tutorials for the editing software Final Cut Pro, subsequently moving on to creating viral YouTube content, such as Jedi Kittens and its two sequels. He became well-known for his "magic" Vine videos, where he used adept editing and what he referred to as "digital sleight of hand" in order to create the effects of magic tricks.

Winner of the YouTube NextUp creators contest, King has gone on receive awards for his original content, and currently sits at around 20 million plus followers on Instagram. He married his wife Rachel in 2014, and they have 2 kids, whom he posts about often!

3 Sommer Ray and Cameron Dallas: $86,600

Sommer Ray and Cameron Dallas are tied in their Instagram earnings, making around $86,ooo per post on the platform. Sommer Ray is primarily known for her modeling, career on YouTube as a vlog channel, and her online clothing shop that bears her name. The 22 year old has 21.6 million followers and seems to be doing very well for herself in her influencer career!

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Cameron Dallas has 21.2 million Instagram followers, and is mostly known for his Vine, YouTube career, and his association with MagCon, a meet and greet group that featured other famous Internet personalities. He starred in his own Netflix series, Chasing Cameron in 2016, detailing his adventures with other members of MagCon.

2 Huda Kattan: $91,300

Huda Kattan has created quite the empire from her initial Internet fame. Starting out as a makeup artist and beauty blogger on YouTube, Kattan started her own cosmetics company, Huda Beauty, in 2013, which is sold at Sephora and online outlets. She is worth an estimated $610 million as of 2019.

Though her personal page only has 1.2 million followers, Huda Beauty has 38.3 million. On her personal page, Kattan mainly focuses on makeup artistry, staged photo shoots, as well as glimpses into her business and family life. Huda Beauty, the account that makes her the most money, is focused upon her products and new makeup releases.

1 Eleonora Pons: $144,000

Before Vine shut down, Eleonora Pons was the most followed and most looped creator on the platform. Though it made her famous, it certainly was not Pons's only talent! She currently runs her own YouTube channel, creating comedy sketches, and also works in acting and modelling.

Pons even had a stint hosting La Voz, the Mexican version of The Voice, in 2018. The 23-year old has also appeared in music videos, including "Havana" by Camila Cabello, and "The Middle" by Maren Morris, Grey, and Zedd. Pons keeps busy, updating her 35.9 million followers on Instagram about her life and her current projects!

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