Ranking The 25 Flyest Adidas Items That Even Kylie Jenner Would Promote

Adidas has been the wavemaker of style, athletic functionality, and celebrity influence since it was founded almost seven decades ago back in Germany in 1949.  The brand has been using celebrity clout to elevate their premier products from Jesse Owen's working the newly designed one-of-a-kind handmade spiked cleats in the 1936 Olympic Games, to the launch of the Yeezy brand which has inflated the reseller sneaker market, which is estimated to be $6 billion today.

Adidas has so much power, it acquired mega-star influencer Kylie Jenner as their latest brand ambassador. Jenner got quite some slack last year when she signed a deal with the rival brand, Puma, sparking a massive family feud with brother-in-law and Yeezy mastermind, Kanye West. While Jenner defended her decision to work with the brand on her own terms, we know family certainly comes first when it comes to the Kardashian Jenner Clan.

This week Kylie announced her partnership with Adidas launching her own color combo and went on Instagram to announce herself as their latest brand ambassador. Check out where Kylie's newest custom kicks end up on this list of the top 25 flyest Adidas items around the world.

25 Raf Simons x Adidas: Independence Day Replicant Ozweego

Via: SoleCollector.com

Raf Simons’ Adidas collab has brought us back to the 90’s with these Unisex Independence Day Ozweegos. These Adidas originals follow suit for this year’s “ugly Dad shoe” trend, which has made its way across every major fashion house in the world.

These RS Ozweegos feature cut-out panels, and gray, black, white and royal blue multi-fabric detailing to dramatize the airy cut-outs. A coral painted rubber sole adds another pop of color. Simons is always throwing something unexpected into his re-imagined styles, this makes the perfect ‘return from summer’ fall sneaker. This exclusive pair of kicks will cost you $450 retail, available for purchase at Opening Ceremony.

24  Alexander Wang x Adidas Track Suit

Via: Opening Ceremony

Many designers have added their own spin to the classic three-stripe Adidas tracksuit, made famous in the late 80’s by hip-hop legends, RUN DMC. This year, Alexander Wang collaborated with the sportswear company, creating a unique red lettered strip panel down the side of the leg. The red text reads like software code within brackets with ironic “factory code” directions “<DO NOT REMOVE>” creating a three-lined stripe of text, evocative of the brand’s signature look.

These Spring/Summer’ 18 joggers are currently sold out but cost $150 retail, if you can find them in-store. To no surprise Alexander Wang (quite literally) flipped this look on its head, featuring the traditional three-flag “Trefoil” Adidas logo appearing upside down, for an added twist.

23 Yeezy Embroidered French Terry Hoodie

Via: FWRD.com

How could this list not include Yeezy exclusive items, design by the pop culture legend himself, Mr. Kanye West? Ye’s line has played a colossal role in transforming the brand, driving record-breaking sales elevating the historic sportswear company into a high-fashion line. One of our favorites from Yeezy’s most recent season is his Embroidered French Terry Hoodie in a muted mustard seed yellow color labeled as “trench.” The hoodie reads on both sleeves “Calabasas” an ode to the hometown of Kanye’s Wifey, Kim Kardashian West.

The subtle pull-over sweatshirt includes a traditional pouch pocket and hood. While this may look like a souvenir hoodie you’d wear to the gym on a rainy day, this Yeezy Original will cost you $260.

22 Yeezy Thick Suede Desert Boot


What better to compliment the Yeezy Calabasas Trench Hoodie, than the Yeezy Desert Thick Suede Boot in ‘Taupe'? This thick suede sneaker-boot combo may look like a standard pair of Merrel’s hiking boots, but once you take a closer look at the purposeful detailing, you notice echoes of classic sneaker styles, from the suede upper toe down to leather panels and breathable mesh cuts, tubular laces, and an extra thick rubber sole.

Reportedly, these boots were inspired by classic military boots for a look of strong construction and durability. They definitely match the look and feel of Yeezy’s complete S/S’18 lookbook. Available for purchase at $295.

21 Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang AW WINDBREAKER

Via: Opening Ceremony

Stop traffic which this bright neon orange Adidas Originals windbreaker brought to you by Alexander Wang. The intentionally wrinkled 100% polyester windbreaker is meant to look like it has been resurrected from the sickest vintage storage locker you’ve ever seen.

The AW style includes classic detailing, quarter zip, elastic wrist cuffs and an upside down trefoil logo, angled on the left lapel. Much like the rest of this collection, Wang has included factory code arm print in place of the thick three-stripes.

20 Vintage Germany Football Hat

From the UK vintage fashion house, Vintage Finds, this Adidas Originals Football snapback hat for Germany’s national football club team is a rare find. This look includes the classic lowercase Adidas name logo brand embroidered above bright yellow “Germany” block text, with a waving German flag emblem along the left side.

The white base, with black brim and black air-hole detailing brings this look together, the perfect accessory to match with your iconic black, white or red tracksuit. Adjustable strap in the back makes this hat customizable for your look. Available online only at Vintage Finds for $45.00 USD.

19 Gazelle Dame (adidas Gazelle with adidas Dame 4)

Via: Nice Kicks

These hot new hybrid sneakers blend the Adidas Gazelle upper suede soles with the Adidas Samba Dame 4 gum rubber soles. Exclusively available on The Shoe Surgeon, these 2018 kicks were released on Aug 4th, and will cost you $800.00.

The hybrid model mixes the classic Samba suede soccer shoe blended with a Dame 4 elevated basketball sneaker platform sole for extra bounce. This is reportedly a Shoe Surgeon exclusive and only available through their site and in premier pop-up stores. The red and white suede is currently in limited edition stock, and highly coveted.

18 Adidas W NMD_R2 in ‘Wonder Pink’

Via: EU Kicks

2017’s Women’s NMD_R2 knit foam sneakers premiered in “Wonder Pink” with black factory text back heel tongues, with white Japanese characters. They are known as “shell shoes”. These synthetic textured basketball shoes include pink laces and pearl pebbled a-symmetrical soles, with a white linear imprint on the outer sole. These shoes come in two other color patterns, Green and white/grey. They run $130 retail.

The signature Adidas ‘three stripe’ are raised from the white and pink knit patterned uppers. Black stitched pink fasteners pull these sneakers together with a bold statement, leaving on-lookers on their heels.

17 Pharrell x adidas NMD Hu Trail "Holi Festival"

Via: Sneaker News

This March, right in time for Hindu Spring Festival “Holi” Pharrell Williams launched this custom Adidas sneaker pack. The shoes were released early in India and evoke the colorful festival celebrated as "festival of colors" or the "festival of love" celebrated in across India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The tye-dyed shoes are designed with Devanagari text-embroidered on the top of the shoe, with upper foot wrap laces that are woven between side sole lace locks.

According to Hypebeast, the intricate design and bright color pattern is created by an intricate dying process. The exclusive shoe pack honors the culture of the Hindu celebration, as part of Pharrell’s “Human Race” project, highlighting cultures across the world. Holi is a festive day that celebrates the goodness and the arrival of spring. Each shoe retails at $250.

16 Adidas Originals Continental 80


Nothing looks better than a fresh white leather classic shoe. These Adidas Originals Contintinals include a thin ‘scarlet’ and navy stripe running along the outer sole above air holes. Another raised logo sits on the rubber back sole.

These classic continentals run for $80 and are available at popular streetwear retailers like KITH. Pair these traditional red, white and blue shoes with a light wash denim, for any season or occasion.

15 Vintage Adidas Rugby Ball


Since its creation, Adidas has dabbled in almost every sports category, from Olympic games to national leagues the brand has spread its presence across the world. This rare vintage item is an Australian black and yellow synthetic rugby ball from the Northern Territory Rugby League.

The classic ball features the trefoil Circa the 1980’s this inflatable sports gear is selling on Etsy’s online marketplace for a whopping $2,352.11, geez and we thought Yeezy's were expensive.

14 Parley for the Oceans x Adidas

Via: DesignCurial

In 2015, Adidas teamed up with Parley, an environmental protection organization advocating for saving oceanic habitats, to create an impressive and aerodynamic running shoe made from ocean-sourced plastic. This epic collaboration brought global awareness to the fact that we should be protecting our oceans.

The genius behind the collab, leveraged the excess of plastic waste needed to be retrieved from the ocean and recycling the waste into a useful product. You know they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is certainly the case for these kicks. Today, a pair of “ultra boosts ‘uncaged’ Parley for the oceans” costs $5,000. The collab efforts didn’t stop with the shoes, the brands continue to host pop-up activations garnering awareness for the debilitating issue of plastic ocean pollution.

13 Adidas Pokket Mixer

Via: Freshness Mag

This limited edition pokket DJ mixer circa 2012 offered Adidas music fans and self-proclaimed DJs to bring music and build their own party, anywhere, at anytime. The German brand POKKET GmbH, is  the maker of the German portable DJ amplifiers. Adidas worked with the portable music makers to build a blue branded Adidas Trefoil music mixer.

Hook this mini mixer up to any speakers and begin mixing. The brand has paid homage to the late Adidas brand ambassador DJ Jam Master Jay. Adidas has been so influential to the hip hop and music communities, it’s only right they’d make their own branded audio technology. The brand is there for you to keep the party going from the subway to the street corner.

12 Raf Simons for adidas Spring/Summer 2015 Response Trail Sneakers

Via: Grailed

From all of the Raf Simons x Adidas collabs, looking back at the 2015 Response Trail Sneakers, prove Simons and Adidas were way ahead of their time. These multi-gear hardware embellished mesh leather trail sneakers feature a sleek silhouette packed with extraordinary detail.

This shoe is giving everything in the sole, from small color and texture accents to the “Adidpreme” logo. These sneakers bring a whole new meaning to modern mesh. All white laces and cutouts create a classic streetwear look for lurking onto a cement court.

11 Chanel x Pharrell x Adidas

Via: Kicks on Fire

Talk about a menage a trois, these three brands built quite an impressive threeway collab shoe. Leveraging the classic black and white logo from fashion couture house Chanel with Pharrell’s Human Race NMD line to create these sleek slip on-running shoes. According to Kicks on Fire, the upper shoe is made out of Primeknit, with plastic hardware to keep the upper wrapped laces in place above the foam spiked soles.

These heavily-branded black and white sneakers were released in November 2017 and retail for $1,160. Today, tons of sneaker marketplaces and shoe traders can sell these shoes for upwards of $6,000. What else would you expect from 3 of the world's most famous pop culture fashion icons?

10 Bodega x Adidas Consortium Collaboration Kamanda Sobakov

Via: HypeBeast

Streetwear brand Bodega and Adidas just announced the release of two shoe collaborations. According to Kicks on Fire, the brand reports they will be launching two pairs of co-branded kicks based off the classic shoe models Sobakov and Kamanda soccer sneakers.

Unique accents make these sportswear sneakers into streetwear, with flashy reflector three-stripe panels wrapping around the outer side of the shoe. Bright orange paneling and threaded laces echo neon construction road signs. The camel brown gum sole includes topographical zigzag textures, contrasting with the woven stitches across the suede uppers.

9 Raf Simons X Stan Smith F/W 2017

Via: SneakerNews

Fans go crazy over the classic shape of Stan Smith velcro runners, from the classic three stripe panels to Raf’s signature R lettering, these shoes come in some pretty impressive styles. Back in July 2017 for the fall/winter fashion season, Simons released a full line of Raf Simons x Adidas footwear collection. Simons overtook classic Adidas brand designs and added his own branded spin.

For the Stan Smith collab, Simons played with different textures, building more of a three-dimensional style from the simple shape. Branded with his own name imprinted on the side of the leather, fuzzy detailing on the outer shell takes the place of the three stripes.


Via: sneakerbardetroit.com

If you had 2 billion dollars, what would you make? Adidas answered this with a shoe design in 2014, featuring a hopeful 2 billion dollar bill printed as the backdrop of these loop runners. The suede panels and olive laces emphasize the soft mint pistachio colored leather panels.

These shoes scream “money!” from the dollar bill etched border printing and U.S. treasury style font that reads “two dollars” beneath the outline of the leather outlined three-striped logo. According to “Rare Pair” these kicks cost approximately $2,000 today.

7 Rick Owens x Adidas Pro Runs

Via: Concrete.nl

At first glance, you’d expect these all black leather sneakers to be spotted at your local Hot Topic on the feet of a goth teenager walking into a suburban high school in New Jersey. When you take a closer glance, you realize these are none other than fashion house collabs between Adidas sneakers and Rick Owens. Owens is famous for crafting clothes that look more like art pieces found at the Chelsea Galleries in Manhattan.

These chunky black leather sneakers take the silhouette of a dance shoe mixed with a basketball sneaker. These sneakers include Owens traditional runway look of building a wide gap between the toe and heel of the shoe, raising the arches to make these shoes appear more like high-heeled space boots rather than sneakers. This fashionable footwear is tough to find today, Rick Owens x Adidas collabs are listed just under $900 to start.

6 Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runners

Via: SneakerBarDetroit.com

August 2017 saw the release of Yeezy Waverunner 700s. The multi-color tubular-style sneaker echoes the shape of a Yahama Waverunner Jetski. These shoes have been everywhere since their launch, constantly on seen on Mr. Kanye West himself, they are also Kim’s go-to sneaker when filming season 15 of KUWTK.

These shoes dropped with the Calabasas sweat suit line, a perfect Yeezy comfort combo. The teal, black, gray, orange and ivory combo make these kicks the conversation piece of the night. The limited Yeezy supply began selling these wave runners at $300. Once those were entirely sold out, re-sellers have been able to charge over $1,000 for a pair of wave runners.

5 Craig David x Louis Vuitton x Adidas NMD


British singer and songwriter Craig David worked with sneakerhead collaborator Sneakerbonsai to create this custom Louis Vuitton x Adidas NMD release. These shoes include brown LV classic trademark overlayed above the Adidas three stripes.

A leather luggage tag on the laces and light tan leather heel straps evoke the designer’s early beginnings as an exclusive leather trunk and luggage manufacturer. Gold accents on the sole and white knit stitch for the main base keep these kicks looking sleek and clean, with just the right amount of branding.

4 Supreme x Pharrell x Adidas Human Race NMD

Via: Big Sale Max

Another amazing Pharrell Human Race collaboration for the books, this time with infamous streetwear brand Supreme.

These kicks feature the same NMD framework throughout Pharrell’s Human Race line, printed with the Supreme logo on the back heel above the white pebbled NMD soles. These kicks feature black lace locks, black laces, and black hardware. The base of the shoe includes sleek all-black fabric, with a large transparent S printed on the face of the foot. The minimalist exterior emphasizes the classic red and white supreme logo popping from the back.

3 adidas NMD_R1 Friends and Family

Via: Flight Club

These limited edition Adidas Friends and Family NMD R1’S may look pretty ordinary to the average joe, but sneakerheads around the world know this highly coveted kick debuts on re-seller websites at over $10,000.

Yes, you read that right, people will pay $10,000 just to own these. Why so much? The sneaker house released this exclusive color edition featuring blue and red pop-outs only for “Friends and Family” of the brand, to think, we needed to add another perk to being a Kardashian.

2 adidas Originals Reveals the Ultra-Rare NMD_R1 PK "Pitch Black"

Via: Pinterest

This exclusive badass all-black starter pack was released only to Adidas friends and family and an extremely lucky 100 people who entered a sweepstake contest with the brand via Snapchat.

The “Pitch Black” NMD_R1 PK is designed in all-onyx everything, pearly matte blacks complete in one stowaway luggage case for all urban jungle needs. According to Hypebeast, these shoes are packed as “Urban Utility” outside of the NMD shoes the suitcase includes a porter Travel Pouch, Type 2L Matte Black carabiner, a SIGG Traveler Alu Black 1L bottle, and a branded Adidas Originals NMD black sneaker dust bag.

1 Adidas Originals Falcon Dorf Sneaker—Kylie Jenner

Via: Eonline

Just after her 21st birthday Kylie Jenner joined the reigns of her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner as an Adidas brand ambassador. According to eNews, Kylie's newest shoe is her own take on the Adidas Originals Falcon Dorf sneaker—a multicolored running shoe, created back in 1997.

Kylie's shoe features black mesh and hot and baby pink rubber accents, alongside slate gray suede paneling. In the brand's latest press release, Kylie commented: "I've always loved Adidas and it's exciting now being part of the Originals family, especially for Falcon." The kicks are currently available in the market starting at $180 USD.

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