Ranking America's 25 Most Expensive Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are becoming more and more popular with upper-class families, as a way to ensure that their children are given the best kind of education as well as being allowed to mix with the right kinds of children socially. Boarding schools are similar to normal schools except that children will stay there throughout the whole term. They will sleep in dorms with all of their other friends and are only allowed to leave the school on holidays or if they are given special permission.

Attending an elite boarding school can open the door to acceptance in some of the most prestigious colleges in the country, which is why so many parents are ready to push their child into boarding schools from a young age. For some families, money is not considered to be a problem, which is why some schools are able to charge extortionate amounts for children to be placed in their care.

Many families decide that boarding schools are the best option for their children when they are younger and spend a lot of money to ensure that they are given the best kind of education, which will then go on to give them the best footing when they begin looking at their future.

The following list looks at 25 of the most expensive boarding schools in America. These schools are officially ranked based on the amount they charge for children to stay at their school annually. Even though some of these prices do seem quite steep, it's worth noting that many of these schools offer millions of dollars each year in financial aid to the families who can't afford the hefty tuition fees.

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25 The Sandy Spring Friends School

Via kellerbrothers.com

Incredibly, the Sandy Springs Friends School is a place that focuses on athleticism and outdoor activities. This includes many outdoor obstacle courses where students are able to work together and in teams where they can also work on their social behavior. Of course, as the name states, it is a great place to make new friends and memories.

The school offers classes for students from a pre-school age but boarding is only available for much older students and would cost around $61,250 per year.

24 Brandon Hall School

Via atlanta-612-ga.meritpages.com

Based in Atlanta, the Brandon Hall School is notoriously hard to get into and even harder to graduate from, since all students must fill in two applications to colleges before they are allowed to graduate. Incredibly, this process is why the school currently boasts that one hundred percent of their former students have gone on to attend college.

Despite their incredible record with their alumni, Brandon Hall School isn't one of the top five most expensive in the country, since their website states that annually the cost to remain at the school is just $52,850.

23 The Tabor Academy

Via taboracademy.org

The Tabor Academy definitely boasts some interesting options for students wishing to study Marine Biology. The Academy offers a hands-on marine biology study that is conducted during two-week-long breaks in the Caribbean.

According to their official website, the Academy, known as the "School by the sea," offers many other options for students, including athletics and the arts, which means that even students who aren't interested in any aquatic based studies can apply for boarding at the school for just $62,300 per year.

22 The Masters School

Via Youtube.com

The Masters School is located in Dobbs Ferry, New York and is located inside the woods surrounding the Hudson River. Of course, this is an incredible place for students to come and learn in a laid-back environment away from the city and is even open to students from all over the world as well as many students who are located in New York.

As a leading co-ed boarding school in New York City, the fees are one of the most expensive on the list with students expected to pay around $64,400 for the 2018/19 academic year.

21 New Hampton School

Via Youtube.com

The New Hampton School is located in New Hampshire and whilst it is another highly competitive and selective private school, it is also one that boasts an incredible exchange programme where many of the students will be allowed to travel to China along with their mentors as part of their studies.

The school boasts 305 students from 30 states and 22 different countries and according to their official website, annually the tuition for the school will cost each student around $60,700.

20 San Domenico School

Via Youtube.com

Situated in sunny California, San Domenico School is one that boasts a lot of alumni who have gone on to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Given the obvious success of the school, it's no surprise that their website states that the fees could build up to around $61,275 annually if children are looking to live at the school during term time.

Like many schools, there are a number of options that don't include living in as well as help with financial aid if the fees become too much for parents.

19 Portsmouth Abbey School

Via portsmouthabbey.org

Founded in 1926 and located in Rhode Island, the Portsmouth Abbey School sits close to the beautiful shores near Newport and offers prospective students many courses in both the arts and visual studies. The school is in a fantastic location, which makes it all the more competitive and even offers community service internships to its students.

Given its picturesque location and the fact that the school is a highly selective prep school for ivy league colleges, it comes as no surprise that the annual tuition per student is around $60,050.

18 Deerfield Academy

Via bostonglobe.com

Deerfield Academy isn't one of the best-known boarding schools in America, but it is one that boasts quite a healthy member of their alumni going on to attend Ivy League schools, including Yale and Harvard, which could be why it's considered to be a highly selective, independent, coeducational school.

Some of the perks of attending the school include weekend activities at the campus, access to lab equipment as well as a wide range of academic studies for just $59,350 per year.

17 St. George’s School

Via bostonglobe.com

St. George's School in Newport, Rhode Island is definitely one that has a focus on their sporting activities. This is also an Episcopal that boasts the tagline, "Because the Journey Matters." The school offers a number of spiritual and academic teachings as well as their numerous outdoor sporting activities, which are all tied up in one annual fee.

According to St. George's official website, the fees for boarding at the school are just $61,550 annually but like many other private schools, there are a number of other fees added on top.

16 Holderness School

Via thepicador.org

Expression is something that all students should be taught so that their ability to express their thoughts and feelings becomes a natural thing when they leave school and head to college. Expression is important at Holderness School since the school has a special program called Artward Bound that allows all of their 275 students to express themselves in a number of artistic ways and through different artistic endeavors.

There is a lot of freedom in the school's approach to academics and the annual tuition for this expression is reported to be around $63,000.00.

15 The Thacher School

Via Thacher.org

The Thacher School has been educating students for almost 130 years and is still one of the most competitive boarding schools in the country since there is the added option that students can choose to study from anywhere in the world for a year.

The school is located in the picturesque Ojai, California. It is located on 427 acres of hillside overlooking the Ojai Valley where students are invited to study with boarding for the year reported to be around $58,920, which is one of the lowest on this list.

14 Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Via empow.me

According to its website, the fees to attend Walnut Hill School for the Arts are around $62,280 a year if students are hoping to stay at the school, whilst there are also a number of options available to students who are not wishing to live on campus.

Unlike many boarding schools, this school is situated in the middle of the countryside in Natick, Massachusetts, far enough away from the town that the children will be able to relax and enjoy the country air whilst they plan a career on stage or screen whilst attending lessons in dance, drama, and media.

13 The George School

Via georgeschoolvoices.org

The George School is a highly selective boarding school located in Newtown, Pennsylvania where the mission of the school is to push students into fun art activities and athletics whilst also allowing them to focus on academics.

The George School is another school in a stunning location that is easily accessible for students and families but also set away from the busy town. According to their official website, the admission for the school would cost just $59,750 per year.

12 The Winchendon School

Via geddisarchitects.com

Located in Winchendon, Massachusetts, this school provides its students with a healthy stepping stone into their college careers by offering a number of college prep classes as well as access to their incredible digital library, an advanced education in athletics and the option of delving into the arts.

The Winchendon School is quite a well-rounded academy and is still within the price range of many of its rivals with their official website stating that boarding for 2018/19 would cost around $61,800, but there are also options for financial aid for any students wishing to attend who are unable to afford the tuition.

11 Brooks School

Via pinterest.com

The Brooks school boasts 10 dormitories for students who wish to be part of the boarding at the school as well as a long list of extracurricular activities, which leave students with enough time free in the evening for them to spend their time productively.

Located above Lake Cochichewick in North Andover, Massachusetts, this is another school that is in a picturesque location away from the town where the students will be free to relax and learn at their own pace for just $61,600 each year.

10 Blair Academy

Via boardingschoolreview.com

Blairstown, New Jersey boasts Blair Academy a school that looks to support students to become the young leaders of tomorrow. Of course, this guidance comes at a price and according to their website that price is $62,000 for the 2018/19 academic year.

The academy is reported to be much more laid-back than other schools of its kind, with social activities including trips to the movies and even regular dorm parties. The school looks to mold their students by empowering them to step outside of their comfort zones and have fun.

9 Cushing Academy

Via hookedoneverything.com

Cushing Academy is a school that obviously focuses on allowing their students to bond and make friends for life. It's been reported that the school has been praised for providing their students with skills that can be adapted into everyday life and helping create social bonds between many of their pupils.

The Academy has been known to hold pizza parties in dorm rooms as a way to break the ice and help maintain lasting friendships as well as having a focus on pushing students to develop leadership skills. According to the Academy's official website, annually a boarding student would pay $61,500 to attend.

8 The Oregon Episcopal School

Via capegazette.com

Located in Portland, Oregon, the Oregon Episcopal School is another educational establishment that has a focus on spiritual activities as well as a number of modules that look into preparation for colleges and the small size classes mean that there is always a focus on every student as an individual.

The school likes to make an emphasis on global exchange programs throughout their teachings and according to their website, any aspiring student can attend the school in 2018/19 for just $62,900.

7 Williston Northampton School

Via masslive.com

The Williston Northampton School is one that is highly selective but boasts a merit scholar legacy programme, which can help the family of alumni to be taken into consideration when it comes to a place at the school as long as they meet certain criteria.

The school is located in Easthampton, Massachusetts and is another picturesque school that offers students a number of academic options when it comes to preparing for college. According to their website, annual tuition for upper school boarding at the school is  $61,900.

6 The Webb Schools

Via schoolmatch4uproducts.com

No, these are not schools that are attended by Spiderman. These are schools that split both males and females up into separate dorms and boast an incredible palaeontology department, which has the esteemed and accredited professor Raymond M. Alf Museum of Palaeontology working on their campus as well as a fully accredited Museum of Palaeontology and a college placement record that has very few rivals in the country.

Like many schools, the fees to attend this prestigious school, which is located in Claremont California, are $63,585 for boarding school students in 2018/19.

5 Hebron Academy

Via youtube.com

Hebron Academy is the place to go for any students looking to take an interest in athletics or ice skating. The school boasts a state of the art athletics center as well as an ice skating arena, which are fully accessible to students who are interested in homing these skills.

The Academy is located in Hebron, Maine and could be the home to many students in America and Canada for just $57,200 whilst students who come from international countries outside of America will be expected to pay a little bit more annually.

4 Mercersburg Academy

Via mercersburginn.com

Oscar-winning actors Jimmy Stewart and Del Toro are two of the most familiar alumni members from this prestigious school, which has always prided itself on pushing their students into some of the best colleges in the country and has a fantastic record for students going on to attend highly competitive colleges.

Located in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania the academy boasts a 300-acre campus, which is fully accessible to all students for the price of just $59,200 per year, according to their official website.

3 The White Mountain School

Via blog.whitemountain.org

Located in the picturesque countryside of Bethlehem, New Hampshire, the White Mountain School boasts the fact that they teach all of their children the life skills that they will need from the moment that they arrive until the moment they leave.

This is another highly competitive school, given the beautiful location that offers students much more than the usual prep classes ahead of college applications. Students are expected to pay around $61,400 annually in order to attend the school and live in their dormitories, whilst students who wish to attend like a regular school will find costs much cheaper.

2 Suffield Academy

Via boardingschoolreview.com

Not only is Suffield Academy one of the most expensive private boarding schools in America, but one of their rules is that all students are required to have their own Apple laptop, the price of which is added onto the fees which are paid to the school.

According to their website, the academy, which is located in Suffield, Connecticut, boasts a yoga/pilates center and a number of outdoor activities like soccer, football and softball as a way to push their students to be active and athletic all for the price of $61,400 annually.

1 Wilbraham & Monson Academy

Via sonamsstonewalls.com

Located in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, the Wilbraham & Monson Academy is another one of America's most selective boarding schools that is known for teaching students to bond together in inventive ways. “Family meals” are said to be one of their best ideas, where they allow their  students to dine with other students in their dormitories in order to create stronger relationships as well as learning how to serve one another correctly.

Having friends at school is important and if parents want their children to learn the importance of friendship then it would only cost around $60,800 per year.

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