10 Most Expensive Private Islands In The World

Having a private island seems to be the ultimate level of luxury. And it is—just a few people in the world can afford that. Specialized luxury real estate agencies often are in charge of selling the private islands. Who are the buyers? Some of them are billionaires who want their own paradise on earth. However, most of the times, the buyer is a developer who will build a lavish resort that few people can afford.

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Buying an island has additional costs. There are taxes, island maintenance, and, of course, you will need to find a way to reach the island. So having a boat can be useful, too. Here are the ten most expensive islands in the world we wish we could buy.

10 Caye Chapel - $23,000,000

Caye Chapel, a small island in Belize, was on the market for several years. It was finally sold in 2011, for $23 million. A bargain if compared to the $65 million asked at first.

The 265-acre island now belongs to a Four Seasons Resort. In 2021, the Caye Chapel will become a luxury destination with several luxury residences.

"We are excited to be a part of the reimagination of Caye Chapel into an exclusive luxury experience, and to do so in a way that protects and reinforces the natural wonders of the island," says J. Allen Smith, President and CEO, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

9 Isla De Sa Ferradura - $39,700,000

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Isla de Sa Ferradura, in Spain, is worth $39.7 million. The island is near Ibiza, so it is possible to enjoy the parties there and come back to a quiet place.

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The island has a villa available for rent, and it costs up to $300,000 per week. The mansion has five bedrooms, a sauna, jacuzzi, beauty salon, gym, heated swimming pool and sports facilities. According to their website, it is sunny most days of the year. So you don't need to wait until summer.

8 Northern Aegean Island - $38,000,000

In 2012 this undeveloped island near the Chora Island, in Greece, was on the market for $45 million. In 2016, the price dropped to $38 million, according to Business Insider.

The property is not far from Athens and, according to the website, is perfect for "residential and commercial use." The owner can rent a speedboat and reach the capital in 30 minutes or 10 minutes by helicopter.

The island is still unexplored and is perfect for developers. It looks like the ideal location for people who want to escape the busiest places like Athens and Santorini, but want to enjoy Greece during summer.

7 James Island - $75,000,000

In 2014, the billionaire Craig McCaw put his island on the market for $75 million. James Island has 780-acre and is located near Vancouver Island. McCaw purchased the island in 1994 for $9 million.

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According to HuffPost, this is the second-largest private property in the Gulf Islands. The price includes a 5,000 square-feet mansion, six cottages, an airstrip and a golf course.

However, the island comes with some potential headaches. In 1900, the natives were removed from the island and there are a couple of processes claiming the land back.

6 Little Pipe Cay - $85,000,000

The Little Pipe Cay is a private island that belongs to the Bahamas territory. It is on the market since 2018 and costs $85 million. This island belonged to the billionaire Michael Dingman, who died in 2017.

The new owner will have celebrities like Johnny Depp, who also owns a cay nearby, as a neighbor. The Little Pipe Cay is 270 miles from Miami and the cay has five mansions with a view to the ocean.

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The Bahamas and Exumas have 365 islands and the owner will have time enough to explore the region.

5 Cayonetas Islands - $100,000,000

In 2017, the Cayonetas Islands, in Panama, were on sale for $100 million. The price includes three islands, so each of them would cost $33.3 million.

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The Bayonetta, Cañas, and La Caida are just half an hour away from Panama City, the country's capital. The three islands are part of the Las Perlas archipelago. The owner will have more than 50 beaches filled with turtles and 19 miles coastlines.

However, the buyer will just be allowed to use 30 percent of the territory for " eco-friendly development."

4 Ronde Island - $100,000,000

For some months, Ronde Island held the title most expensive island in the world. The island cost $100 million and is located on Grenade, in the Caribbean. The owner will have 2000 acres of wild nature, untouched by humans.

The island is surrounded by crystal water beaches, known for the visibility and it is perfect for snorkeling. Divers can often see turtles, eels, pelagic and green morays. The island also has impressive caves full of stalactites and quartz.

It seems no one purchased the island since it remains untouched.

3 Lisbon Island -$350,000,000

According to Elite Choice, Lisbon Island is worth $350 million and was considered the most expensive island in the world for more than a decade.

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Lisbon Island, located in Portugal, has 3,000 acres and is not far from Lisbon, the country's capital. It is part of the Wilhelm archipelago and it was just discovered in 1910. There are no properties there, but some luxury real estate developers are considering to build a luxury golf club on the island. It would include some lavish villas. It would undoubtedly attract wealth golf players from Europe.

2 Al Marjan Island - $450,000,000

Earlier this year, Al Marjan Island was on the market. The 115-acre island was artificially created and can be yours for $450 million, according to Departure.

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The coral-shaped island is part of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and has a privileged position at the Arabian Gulf. The island has three five star hotels, which increases the price of the island. There is also a fully equipped marine, with enough space for 200 boats. Another advantage, according to the advertisement, the buyer will have the right to low taxes.

1 Banwa Private Island -$100,000 Per Night

In May 2019, the Banwa Private Island brought the definition of luxury to a new level. The island is also a private resort that cost $100,000 per night. The astronomical price makes it the most expensive private island in the world.

Banwa is located on Palawan archipelago. It is possible to reach the place with a two hours flight from Manila. The 15 acres island has a tennis and volleyball court, beach volleyball court, kayaking and other facilities. There are also six villas, all with an ocean view. They all have a private jacuzzi, garden and infinity pool.

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