10 People Who Became Millionaires Later On In Life

It is never too late to become successful. Although many entrepreneurs built their empire when they were still very young, there are a significant number of people who just became rich later on in life. For most of them, it meant a drastic career change. Others found their new business was a chance to show they learned from their past mistakes.

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All the people on this list have a real passion for their business, and it is not just a way for them to make money. It helps them to keep motivated and working even when they are over 60 years old.

10 Vera Wang

Vera Wang is famous for her iconic wedding dresses. Names like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have walked down the aisle with exclusive models signed by Wang. She is so talented, that is hard to imagine she doing something else in life. However, Wang entered the fashion industry when she was 40 years old. Three decades later, the designer has a $420 million net worth.

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Before that Wand had several professions: she was a figure skater, a dancer and also a journalist. She was a senior fashion editor at Vogue for 15 years.

9 Jack Weil

Probably Rockmount Ranch Wear is the most popular cowboy clothing brand in the U.S. Jack Weil created the company in 1946, who had several famous clients like Clark Gable, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Ronald Reagan, Robert Redford and the list goes on.

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Jack Weil was 45 years old when he founded the company. He remained as the CEO until he died when he was 107 years old. Some sources claim he was the oldest CEO in America. The company is still a family business and now his son and grandson are responsible for Rockmount Ranch Wear.

8 Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart built a $640 million empire as a retail businesswoman and TV host. Stewart became famous when she released her book, Entertaining. Stewart was 41-years-old, and her life changed completely. Stewart worked as a model when she was young and later as a stockbroker. She well succeeded, but nothing that can be compared to the fortune she has after became famous.

In 2004, Martha Stewart was convicted for the ImClone stock trading case. She spent five months in prison. The scandal had a huge impact on her business, that was worth over $2 billion.

7 Stan Lee

Stan Lee comes from a low-income family and they always struggled with money. Lee started to work as a writer and office assistant at Timely Comics when he was on his 20’s. His career was doing well, but Lee was far away from being wealthy. When he was 39 years old, he created The Fantastic Four, and his life changed forever.

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The Timely executives were looking for superheroes to compete with DC Comics and The Fantastic Four was a hit! It didn’t take long until Lee came up with new characters like Hulk, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

When Lee died in 2018, he had a $50 million net worth.

6 Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sander is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He is also the face that stamps the brand all over the world. During the ’30s Sanders started to sell traditional Southern dishes in a service station. In 1939 he included a chicken prepared with 11 herbs and it was a success! He started selling it to restaurants and he began to make some money.

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However, he just became wealthy when he was 60 years old and decided that it was time for Kentucky Friend Chicken become a franchise. The brand became very popular in the U.S. and had more than 400 restaurants when he sold it for some millions.

5 Julia Child

When Julia Child died, in 2004, she had a net worth evaluated on $30 million. Before fame, she had a comfortable life and was married to an American diplomat. However, her wealth started when she was 50 years old and released a cooking book. She also had a TV show that made her famous all over the country.

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Age was never a barrier to Julia Child - she started to learn French when she was 36 and enrolled a cooking school when she was 37. What most people don’t know is that she also worked as a spy during the Second War.

4 Donald And Doris Fisher

GAP is one of the most iconic fashion brands in America. Donald and Doris Fisher in 1967 founded the company. The couple struggled to find the perfect jeans and decided to create their own shop to help people who had the same problem. Donald was already 40 years old and had no experience in the retail market. They raised $63 thousand to open the company.

Their first shop was on San Francisco’s Ocean Avenue and costumers could find Levi’s jeans Robin Chase was 42 when she and also vinyl records. They made $2 million in two years.

3 Robin Chase

Robin Chase was 42 years old when she created Zipcar, a car-sharing company. She had a Master degree in administration and was a staying home mom and wanted to have her own business. She met Antje Danielson, who was researching how people could use fewer cars. They had to do a lot of market research, but finally, Zipcar was created. Chase invested only $68 and years later she sold the company for $500 million.

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She became a member of the World Economic Forum and has also created other startups.

2 Gary Heavin

Gary Heavin was 40 years old when he created Curves, a fitness franchise. Gary and his wife Diane introduced a new way of working out: it was possible to exercise in just 30 minutes. The gym was also designed for women, which made them feel more comfortable. The company was an immediate success and became one of the most well succeed franchises during the ’90s.

When Heavin was 20 years old, he took over a broken fitness center and made it a success. He made his first millions when he was 25 years old, but Heavin lost everything when he was 30.

1 Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is ranked as the ''all-time highest-grossing boxing office star. His movies have grossed over $5 billion and he has essential roles in films like Avengers, Pulp Fiction and A Time to Kill. Jackson has a net worth evaluated on $220 million.

Jackson was always a dedicated actor, but his first significant role didn't happen until he was 43 years old. In 1991 he got a part in Jungle Fever, a Spike 'Lee's movie, and his life changed forever. From that moment on, we have seen Samuel L. Jackson mesmerize the world in countless unforgettable roles.

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