10 Of The Most Expensive Hotel Suites In Paris

Paris is known for its sophistication and elegance. The fashion capital is also home to several fancy hotels that can easily cost over $20,000 a night. It is indeed a way to make your stay in the French capital unforgettable.

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But what makes those hotels so expensive? Spacious rooms, amazing views, three-star Michelin restaurants, and exclusive services are just a few of the features that increase the final price. The sky is the limit when it comes to luxury, and there are often guests willing to pay the price they charge. Keep reading and discover more about the most expensive hotels in Paris.

10 Royal Monceau Suite, Le Royal Monceau Raffles - $16,145

Le Royal Monceau Raffles is often described as "a contemporary and vibrant design masterpiece located in the heart of the City of Lights." The beautiful place is also trendy among digital influencers on social media. The most expensive room is the Royal Monceau Suite, which costs approximately $16,145 per night, and it is the ultimate definition of luxury in this hotel.

The spacious suite features a walk-in closet, a bathtub, and a walk-in shower. The place has a sophisticated decoration and a big living room, dining room, and a small office.

9 Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme - $16,145

Park Hyatt Paris is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. The place has 158 rooms designed by Ed Tuttle, and it feels like a peaceful oasis in the middle of vibrant Paris. However, it is very close to Louvre, and other touristic places and tourists can easily walk there.

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The most expensive room is the Imperial Suite that costs $16,145. The price is a bargain if compared to other items on this list. The massive suite has three bedrooms, a private spa, and exclusive treatments. Unsurprisingly, it is the favorite choice among wealthy sheiks.

8 Ritz Hotel, Suite Imperiale - $20,000

The Ritz Paris is one of the most luxurious places to stay in the city. But if you want to take it to the next level, you should book the Suite Imperiale, which costs approximately $20,000 per night and is also among the most expensive rooms in the world. Marie Antoinette's chambers in Versailles inspired the room.

Guests can expect an outstanding decoration, with a lot of gold details and antique furniture, that will bring you back to the 19th Century, but with a modern touch. The windows are bullet-proof, and the rooms have a view of the Place Verdôme.

7 Four Seasons, George V Penthouse - $21,848

Four Seasons is one of the best hotel chains in the world, and the luxury is part of the company's DNA. Four Seasons combine sophistication, impeccable services, and the local culture. It makes sense they have a hotel in Paris, the fashion capital, and one of the most elegant cities in the world.

Four Seasons George V Penthouse that costs at least $21,848 a night makes sure your money will be worth it. The guests can start the day have breakfast on a private terrace with a jaw-dropping view of the Eiffel Tower. There is also a spacious living room and a private winter garden.

6 Royale Mandarin Suite, Mandarin Oriental Paris - $22,240

The Mandarin Oriental Paris is at the rue Saint-Honoré, which is famous for having the most exquisite jewelry shops and fashion brands. As the name suggests, the architecture and decoration are inspired by the Asian culture, but with a modern touch. The rooms are all-white, and the windows were designed to take the most advantage of natural light. The place is pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your pet.

The most expensive room is the Royale Mandarin Suite, which can cost up to $22,240 per night. The guests who stay in this room can enjoy a private gym, jacuzzi, and a terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

5 La Suite Shangri-La, Shangri-La Hotel - $22,251

This is more than a hotel. This building was created during the Prince Roland Bonaparte reign and is part of the history of France and now is a luxury hotel that belongs to the Shangri-La chain. The rooms have a view of the Eiffel Tower and Seine river.

The most expensive room is the La Suite Shangri-La, which costs at least $22,251 a night. The spacious 5,382 square-foot suite is a private apartment on the last floor of the hotel. It has four bedrooms and a terrace with a fantastic view of the city.

4 Royal Suite, Hôtel Plaza Athénée - $22,590

Hôtel Plaza Athénée is one of the most iconic hotels in Paris. For decades, this is the favorite place of celebrities. Elisabeth Taylor stayed there for six months. Other celebrity guests were Bono Vox, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson.

The hotel dates from 1913 and certainly has many histories. Another advantage is that the place is surrounded by fancy shops, like Prada and Dior. The most expensive room is the Royal Suite that costs $22,590. It has four bedrooms and is decorated in the most elegant French style. It also has a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower.

3 Imperial Suite, Le Bristrol Paris - $27,000

Le Bristol is a five-star hotel that is in use to receive celebrities and important politicians. Names like David and Victoria Beckham are among the A-list guests that stayed there. Of course, they have a three-star Michelin restaurant, Epicure, which is also among the most expensive places in Paris.

If you want to stay at the Imperial Suite, that has nearly 3,500 square-foot, be ready to pay $27,000 per night. The price includes dinner for up to 11 people made by celebrated chef Eric Frechon and a free bottle of Dom Perignon.

2 The Peninsula Suite, The Peninsula Paris - $29,485

It is hard not to get impressed with The Peninsula. When the guests step in in the hotel, they enter a lobby built with marble, crystal chandeliers, and a fancy piano. The Peninsula opened in 2014 and became a sensation among luxury travelers all over the world.

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The place has a high-rated restaurant and also a mesmerizing view of the Eiffel Tower. It is challenging to don’t fall in love with the hotel. The Suite, that costs $29,485 a night, is the most impressive in the hotel. Guests who book this room also receive a three-course dinner prepared exclusively for them, airport transfer, and a private tour in the city in a Rolls Royce.

1 Crillon Hotel, Grands Appartements - $36,000

The Crillon Hotel, which is near the fancy Champs-Élysées, was under renovation for four years. A Saudi royal family bought the place for approximately $270 million and wanted to create something outstanding. They hired nothing less than Karl Lagerfeld to design two rooms. It certainly one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

The prices start at $1,500 per night and go up to astronomical $36,000 for the Grand Appartments. The place is an imponent area with a living room, crystal chandelier, and with an elegant decoration. Guests can certainly feel like royalty here.

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