10 People That Became Millionaires Overnight And How They Did It

What would you do if you become a millionaire tomorrow? Or better still, what will you do with your next paycheck? Let's face it, everyone wants to be a millionaire, and the quicker it happens, the merrier, but then, if wishes were horses, right? Well, not necessarily, it turns out, lots of people have done it, and the lottery is not the only way.

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Some super lucky people woke up to a windfall of wealth they didn`t have a day before and started living their dream life without having to sweat. Not all of them became celebrities after their bright sunshine, so you may not know them, but here are the ten most interesting cases of people that became millionaires overnight.


In 1998 While two great baseball teams, the Cardinals and the Expos, were playing in Missouri, a millionaire was made. Mark Mcgwire, the Cardinals legend, had just made history with his 70t in the game when he hit a ball past the stands into the crowd. Philip Ozersky was the lucky guy that caught the ball.

The cardinals officials told him to hand it back, but he gave them a condition that he meets McGwire before handing over the ball. The team refused, so Ozersky kept the ball. He then took it to Sotherby auction and sold it for a whopping $3.5 million.


He is New Zealand`s famous runaway millionaire. Now you don't expect a whole load of money coming overnight to be always legal. Hui Gao had no option; he was a wealthy businessman that had slid to bankruptcy and desperately needed some cash. He owned the Rotorua service station, which was short of money in 2009. He asked Westpack bank for an overdraft.

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A bank employee, however, made a mistake and granted Gao $10,000,000 worth of overdraft instead of $100,000. Gao took advantage of the extra zeros, transferred $7 million from his account, and took off. He lived lavishly for over two years until his arrest in 2011. He served less than two years in prison, and the bank managed to recover only $3 million of the money.


Loren Krytzer from Liona Valley, California, was a man in distress after a series of unfortunate events. He was involved in a car accident in 2007 that saw him lose a leg and with that, his job. He was forced to move into a shack and survive on $200 disability checks. His ray of hope shone when he heard of a rare Navajo blanket mentioned on Antique Roadshow.

The Blanket was said to be worth $0.5 million, and it happened to be the only thing Krytzer inherited from his grandmother. He seized his chance and took the 300-year-old blanket, he had thought worthless, to Moran Auctioneers. The auction house set the original price at $150,000, but the Krytzer was in for a shock. The heated bidding process shot to $1.5 million, allowing Krytzer to pocket $1.3 million, enough to get him a home at the least.


Norsigian was a local painter and art collector based in Fresno, California. He collected some photographic at the garage at a rough price of $45; he had no idea that he had landed the treasure that would change his life forever.

After investigation and research concerning the photographer, an expert found out that it belonged to a legendary nature photographer Ansel Adams. The valuation of the photograph glass negatives was valued at $200 million. From nowhere, he was the new millionaire in town.


Jonathan is a Montreal resident who had harbored dreams of becoming a professional hockey player at some point. However, he made his destiny playing poker. He became a millionaire overnight when he won the Main Event at 2010 World Series Porker in Las Vegas worth 9 million.

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The win earned him $9 million, plus the title of being the first Canadian to grab the World Series of Poker title at 23 years of age. In 2018 January, Jonathan was 32 years with an estimated net worth of $32 million.


What happens when a casino in Cincinnati pays you someone else`s winnings? Turns out, you get to keep it. Kevin Lewis became a millionaire overnight after a mistaken identity by Cincinnati casino officials. A guy named Kevin Lewis won the grand lottery prize of $1 million, and they awarded the prize to the other person with the same name.

When the casino discovered the mistake, officials decided to let the mistaken person keep the money and give the right winner another one million dollar check as well. Both the namesakes became instant millionaires.


People win lotteries all the time, but when you win two lotteries in one day, then you have just beat the system. Virginia Fike decided to play the lottery and bought two tickets from the same store in Olde Stone, Virginia. She aligned her numbers with her parents` birthdays and anniversaries.

The jackpot that week was $80 million, although nobody won the whole jackpot. The money was shared between 14 tickets that matched five numbers correctly, and Fike`s tickets happened to be among them, increasing her net worth by $2 million in one day.


What do you think lies below your house? If you are lucky like this couple, you may be sitting over a large oil well. In 2008, the couple’s life turned around when crude oil was discovered on their land years after their neighbors sold properties and left.

The Stohlers were skeptical at first, so they kept their property until retirement. They, however, prefer their old pre-millionaire lifestyles, driving an old pick up truck and living in the same old house.


You probably know about finders` key purse, but do you know how it came to be? Sandy Sten was a 53-year-old flight attendant, having worked for three decades without hitting the jackpot. She noticed how passengers struggled to find their keys from their purses and came up with the idea.

She thought of a device that could help people get keys out of their purse without having to dig through with their fingers. Within the first year, her net worth was over $4 million, and of course, she had quit her three-decade job. She, however, complained that she became lonely after getting rich.


There are millions of animal meme photos online, but none can boast of having made their creator an overnight millionaire. It was after a long day that Kari decided to cheer her colleague Eric up with this photo, except she added the words I Can Has Cheezburger.

It sent Eric giggling, and he decided to make the whole world happy by buying the domain "icanhascheezburger.com." The photo was shared millions of times online, beefing up the accounts of the two colleagues. They used the proceeds to create their company LOLcat and quit their day jobs.

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