10 Most Successful Celebrity Shoe Collabs

Celebrities love to partner up with brands. In the last few years, we have seen fashion icons like Rihanna and Kanye West using their talent beyond music. Both have teamed up with valuable shoe brands and It gave them a new status in the fashion industry. And they are not the only ones.

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More than using their image to promote a product, these artists have been involved in the creative process. For the companies, those collabs represent a tremendous commercial deal. Since they also can take advantage of those celebrities social media.

Keep scrolling to find out some of the most successful celebrity shoe collabs.

10 Kylie Jenner: Adidas Falcon

Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire in history. She became a valuable name and having her image associated with a product is a guarantee of commercial success. Last year, Jenner signed a contract with Adidas to re-launch their '90s sneaker Falcon. The sneaker was first released in 1997, same year Jenner was born. It is possible to find it in pink, black and blue.

"I've always loved Adidas," said Jenner on her social media. "So excited to announce that I am officially an Adidas ambassador. It's exciting now being part of the Originals family, especially for Falcon."

9 Kanye West: Adidas Yeezy

Kanye West is familiar with success. The musician also has a close relationship with fashion. Once West decided to collab with a brand, he won't be just using his image to promote a product. He will be involved in all creative process and it turns out as a great deal for the brands.

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A few years he decided to make a collab with Adidas to create the Adidas Yeezy, that now is a billionaire empire.

"I am a product guy at my core," West told Forbes Magazine. "To make products that make people feel an immense amount of joy and solve issues and problems in their life, that's the problem-solving that I love to do."

8 Rihanna: Fenty x Puma

Rihanna is another celebrity who has a very close relationship with fashion. The Man Down singer is the creative director of Puma since 2014. In the same year, she introduced her first collection to the public during the New York Fashion Week.

The collab added some millions on Rihanna's bank account and also gave her a new career status. In 2016, her shoe collab was named as the shoe of the year and in 2017 the company announced a 92% net come increase during the first quarter. Of course, it was.no coincidence and Rihanna had a strong influence on the sales.

7 Led Zeppelin: Vans

Led Zeppelin celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. To celebrate, the band announced a partnership with Vans. The collab brings two limited-edition sneakers, T-shirts and a trucker hat.

The Zeppelin Sk8-Hi is a black and white sneaker and it features prints of the band's first album. The second one is the Era model, made of leather and the symbol.of each band member. The price varies from $59 up to $100.

The collection is a great way to celebrate the bans anniversary. But it can also be a good investment. Since it is a limited edition, it might be worth more in some years.

6 Cardi B: Reebok

Cardi B is another celebrity that is passionate about fashion. More than a musician, she is also a fashion influencer. When she rapped about Louboutin, the search for the brand had increased more than 200 percent.

Louboutin didn't invite her for a collab, bur Rebook did. Cardi B. teamed up with the brand to promote their Aztrek sneakers. The shoes are inspired by the '90's style and dad shoes trend. The rapper confirmed the partnership on her social media last year. In July, she starred her first commercial for the brand.

5 Serena Williams: Nike

Serena Williams is one of the best athletes of all time and is also the highest-paid female athlete in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Williams is also very fashionable and she always calls attention to her outfits when she is on a tennis court.

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Nike is aware of that and teamed up with Serena Williams in 2018. Together they created the Queen collection.

"This year Nike had this amazing idea to partner with Virgil and I can't even say I came up with this," Williams during an interview with Closing Bell. "Nike has been a brand that's been able to support my career and to back me and also make me look good on the court. It's really important to have that cross-fit brand."

4 Selena Gomez: Puma

In 2018 Selena Gomez teamed up with Puma to create the Strong Girl collection. The actress invited her real friends to make the commercial campaign and she also was involved in the creative process. The brand hopes that Gomez a strong presence on social media (she had nearly 150 million followers), make the sales increase.

"I made the whole collection so that anybody could wear it however they want," she said in an interview with Elle. "As long as you feel good about yourself, you should wear what you feel like wearing."

The collab includes the Phenom sneaker, a pair of comfortable white shoes. Selena already said that she is a big fan of those shoes and has a collection with more than 20 sneakers.

3 Justin Timberlake: Nike

Justin Timberlake is another artist who combines music and fashion. In 2013 he teamed up with Nike and released the collection Legends of the Summer. It was a success and they announced a new collab in 2018.

Timberlake's song Higher Higher inspired the collection. The singer and the designer Tinker Hatfield worked together to create the Air Jordan III JTH.

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"The album's premise was really about making things in a handmade and artisanal way," Timberlake said in a press release. "The same way the album is filled with live instrumentation, we wanted the shoe to have the same feeling of being premium and made by hand."

2 Anna Wintour: Nike

In 2018 Nike also announced another celebrity who would partner up with the brand. Anna Wintour, the legendary Vogue editor-in-chief, teamed up with the giant company to recreate two Air Jordan sneakers. The fashionable feature the AWOK letter, that means it has Anna Wintour blessing and also comes with an “Edited by Vogue” tag.

It was the first time Nike made a female version of the iconic Air Jordan model. The limited edition of the shoes is made of leather and is available on red ( University Red) and white (Sail).

1 Gigi Hadid: Reebok

Gigi Hadid is one of the highest-paid Victoria's Secrets models and has nearly 50 million followers on her social media pages. The model used her pages to announce a partnership with Reebok in 2018. Hadid posted a glimpse of Future Nostalgia, the collection she helped to design.

"I got to go through the archives !!!! & am bringing back classic (80's & 90's) Reebok pieces for our generation in new color-ways / updated the shapes a bit! The collection is called Future Nostalgia", the model posted.

Previously the model had teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger and Puma.

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