10 Most Luxurious Saunas

Saunas have a history dating back hundreds, maybe thousands of years, with various innovations throughout the centuries improving their comfort and luxury. Although they were at first invented for use during winter, nowadays people all over the world love to use saunas during every season of the year. Aside from providing cozy comfort, saunas are also known for their numerous health benefits. While they reduce joint pain and swelling, and soothe sore muscles, saunas are also popular for their effects against chronic pain and even arthritis. Today, we will be exploring ten of the most luxurious saunas in the world.

10 Koi Sauna

Although all saunas are relaxing, visitors may prefer a little change in scenery during their otherwise uneventful unwinding within a sauna. Koi Sauna in Germany provides the perfect entertainment as guests relax in their huge chamber. This Japanese-style sauna offers a beautiful view of real koi fish swimming in a glass aquarium embedded into the wall for guests to enjoy while sitting in the cozy 80-degree heat. To add to the viewing pleasure, a wide panoramic view of the surrounding forests can be seen in the glass panels right above the fish. In addition to the unique scenery, the Koi Sauna also provides comfortable seating and beautiful Japanese decor.

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9 Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

If you’re in Peru and looking for an extra dose of relaxation, check out the sauna within Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. This unique sauna is built within a traditional Andean hut, and it perfectly mixes modern luxury with a touch of old-world charm. Within the hut, clean, white towels are folded and spread out for guests, and servers wait right outside with refreshments ready. The main attraction of this sauna however, lies in how it is heated. Hot local river rocks are the source of the sauna’s temperature, and eucalyptus leaves are placed on top in order to bring a refreshing aroma to your experience. The fumes are also particularly good for clearing up sinus problems.

8 Mama Thresl

Although Mama Thresl is technically located in Austria, it showcases the perfect Finland taste. This sauna features traditional styles for the most natural enjoyment. Structurally, the resting bunks are organically shaped and patterned for maximum comfort. The windows provide a soothing panoramic view of the beautiful mountain ranges surrounding the sauna, and guests are provided with fresh spring water sourced directly from the mountains. Elegant lighting brings an air of sophistication into the room. In between sessions, visitors can also enjoy fresh air rooms, rest coves, and relaxing rock showers. Mama Thresl is truly the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

7 Ylläs 1 Gondola Sauna

Aside from being the birthplace of all saunas, Finland is also extremely popular for skiing. This featured sauna combines the two together for an ultimate relaxation experience that you can only enjoy in Finland. After a day of fun (but also tiring) skiing, guests often experience muscle soreness and fatigue. Therefore, a thoughtful ski resort incorporated an entire sauna into their ski lifts. You can now unwind and enjoy the relaxing heat while traveling via cable over miles of calming frozen scenery. The lift will travel down the mountain and over forests and lakes to your destination. There’s no better way to end a perfect day.

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6 The Grotto Sauna

We mean it when we say that the Grotto Sauna is right on the edge of Georgia Bay, Ontario. The chic wooden structure is touching the water of the bay, presenting guests with a view of unimaginable beauty. On the inside, the sauna is the perfect image of charm and luxury. The wooden benches are curved to provide both comfort and aesthetic appeal, and it is coupled by the charming organically shaped window that maximizes natural light during the day. Although luxurious, this beautiful sauna is sadly for residents only, but if you’re thinking about a big move, perhaps Ontario’s where you want to go.

5 Hotel Arts Barcelona

While the Canadian sauna mentioned above brings you nose-to-nose with a gorgeous bay, the sauna at Hotel Arts Barcelona offers a totally different view. Located on the 43rd floor of the hotel in the middle of the city, guests can soak up the heat while admiring both the bustling atmosphere beneath them or the tranquil Mediterranean sea. The location perfectly blocks out any noises of the city, while the walls, made of glass windows, outline the beauty of the hotel’s surroundings. The sauna is also equipped with cedarwood scents, which are known to cure infections, get rid of dandruff, and even remove phlegm.


Located in Oslo, Norway, the SALT Sauna doubles as an art piece and a place to party. The beautifully constructed geometric sauna is pleasing to look at from both inside and out. Aside from the expected comfort and luxury, the SALT Sauna is unique in its flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner to the heat and prefer 80 degrees or a sauna veteran who wants to venture into the 90s, SALT will be able to provide. Furthermore, its three separate sauna rooms offer different social situations for those who prefer to be left alone in solitude or party with strangers. If you can envision a perfect sauna experience, chances are that SALT can make it happen.

3 Adler Lodge

Located in Italy, Adler Lodge features luxury in yet another different and totally unique way. Positioned right on a cliff’s edge, the sauna features open slats on one side where guests can get fresh air and the refreshing scent of nearby mountain ranges. Although it’s open to its surroundings, the intense heater still manages to provide enough moisture and heat to make you sweat. With gentle, relaxing music reinforcing the calming atmosphere and soft mountain breezes billowing by, the Adler Lodge is the perfect zen spot to escape the world. After the session, visitors are encouraged to step out and experience the cool mountain air followed by a nice refreshing cold shower.

2 7132 Therme

If you’re into natural remedies, there’s no better way to cure stiff muscles and aching bones than a visit to 7132 Therme Sauna in Vals, Switzerland. The mineral-rich groundwater is from over 1000 meters under the ground and comes out preheated to a nice and warm 86 degrees, so you’ll be getting to experience the most natural sauna in the world. Furthermore, the sauna is ingeniously built out of over 60,000 slabs of quartzite right in the middle of the Swiss Mountains, so the guests are fully enveloped within the natural world. The hotel also features natural springs as baths and a relaxing spa resort for total relaxation needs.

1 ESPY Sauna

In addition to being one of the coolest cities to visit for its architecture and history, London is also home to this amazingly luxurious sauna. The ESPY is the best modern interpretation of the traditional Finnish sauna, featuring a high-tech glass enclosure and special lighting placed strategically around the area for relaxation of not only the body, but also the mind. Furthermore, the seating and heat to moisture ratio is quite pleasing, perfectly erasing sore muscles and any lingering pain. An ice bath waits within arm's reach for anyone ready to cool off, and the sauna looms over an awesome pool as well.

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