You Heard it Here First!!! The Most Valuable Casino-Disk Ever Created

The casino industry has just been introduced to a record breaking item. We are proud to be the first to announce this new luxury item. “Guinness World Records” has accepted title for the most valuable Casino Disk ever created which now belongs to renowned Diamond Setter; Gerry Lewy. Gerry has rich experience in the field of diamond designing and has practiced his art for the past 53 years.

Lewy further claims that his designs are for those who appreciate luxury. This Canadian based designer maintains that jewelry fabrication has been the mainstay of his family for the last three generations. Gerry also believes that this special skill is a result of his superb hand & eye coordination, an art which took about 9 years to perfect. The details of the record holder ornate disk are as follows:

The disk contains an exact number of 64 Naturally fine quality, unique and also rare Pink diamonds. Lewy claims he only uses the best diamonds that are available and which are of the “VS, Pink” color. He further adds that the rare diamonds takes about five weeks from the date of order to the final setting into the beautiful 22 Karat, Pink-Gold disk. On the edge are situated 17, 1.00 carat exceptional VS, E-F quality diamonds. However the stones which are set in the disk are only inspected under ‘Natural’ light for best results and not under any artificial illumination. The diamonds are manually inspected to locate any hidden defects. If any minor problems arise while polishing the diamonds at the diamond factory, they are immediately rejected prior to the diamond setting process. Reportedly the disk contains a staggering 136 grams of Pink gold. The disk is entirely fabricated from 22 carat gold. The Casino-Disk can also be altered according to the client’s specific wishes by using any multitude of real gemstones. These gemstones can range from Emerald, Pink Diamonds, Rubies or Sapphire. Reportedly the designer’s future exclusive creations are available in only 22 carat gold. The exclusivity index of the disk is increased manifold by the fact that only one such item of this design specification will ever be built. This will be labelled as “One-of-A-Kind”

According to media reports, this magnificent “Casino Disk” is priced at only$366,000. A “Gemological Institute of America” Certified Appraiser has valued the price of the disk to an even more higher amount of $450,000. Lewy further added that the delivery time of the luxury article will take an estimated 5 weeks and it can be purchased directly from the designer.

“Guinness World Records” accepted this luxurious Casino Disk as the ’Most Valuable Casino-Disk’. A ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ and ‘Certified Appraisal’ will be issued with this Casino-Disk and confirming its rightful status.

 *** Please note this item is for sale, for those who have serious interest please contact the owner Gerry Lewy at or his toll-free telephone 1-855-564-0003 .***


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You Heard it Here First!!! The Most Valuable Casino-Disk Ever Created