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Top 10 Most Expensive Travel Destinations

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Top 10 Most Expensive Travel Destinations

It is the dream of most people to travel to exquisite places and rich cultures for a getaway of a lifetime. If you are the type who have been investing long hours at work, reward your self with a memorable tour where the best sights and sounds can be seen. Here are ten of the most expensive travel destinations in the world. You may have seen these places in postcards and the high price of travelling in these places will be worth it after you’ve visited these beautiful destinations:

#1. Paris, France

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 362.28
Taxi transportation average: $ 9.94
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 26
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 35.50

Paris has remained as one of the most ideal destinations for wedding honeymoons. The capital city of France is also one of the greenest and most expensive cities to live in!

Paris receives around 28 million tourists a year. Eight million of these people come to visit the Louvre, the most prized museum of France. This is where people can see Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue.

Six million tourists flock the Eiffel Tower, the most familiar Paris landmark in the French skyline. Other popular destinations include the cathedrals of Notre Dame de Paris and the Basilique du Sacre-Couer.

#2. Zurich, Switzerland

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 307.50
Taxi transportation average: $ 41.68
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 19.41
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 11.03

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland where the influx of tourists never fluctuates. During the summer, tourists enjoy relaxing activities on Lake Zurich. Winter attracts the attention of ski enthusiasts that wish to try the Alps.

Prices jump during the summer as people pour in to savor the comfortable temperatures and enjoyable activities on Lake Zürich. During the winter, there’s not much of a price break, as snowy weather draws skiers to the nearby Alps. Rates slump briefly in spring and fall, but not by much.

Zurich is deemed as the wealthiest city in Europe. It is a leading global city with many banks and museums such as the Swiss National Museum and the Kuntshaus.

#3. London, United Kingdom

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 299.65
Taxi transportation average: $ 32.24
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 19.33
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 22.57

The 2012 London Olympics has helped inject more life to this monarchy by sparking a spree of infrastructure projects. It is the largest city in the United Kingdom and contains four World Heritage sites namely: the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, the Palace of Westminster and Greenwich where the Royal Observatory is located.

Other places of interest include Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Trafalgar Square and Wembley Stadium.

#4. Tokyo, Japan

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 272.28
Taxi transportation average: $ 37.7
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 35.43
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 26.57

Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world and it can be really expensive to travel in this city. It perfectly blends its age-old cultural wealth and advance technology. Tourists also come here to visit Mount Fuji, Disneyland, Tokyo National Museum and Ogasawara National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

#5. New York, USA

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 324.38
Taxi transportation average: $ 12.5
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 11.99
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 18

New York is fondly called the Big Apple and a Frank Sinatra song once hinted that if you can make it big in New York, you could make it anywhere. New York never runs out of tourists especially those who wish to see the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Madison Square Garden.

#6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 310.43
Taxi transportation average: $ 6.7
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 15.26
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 13.99

Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere and it is well known for its carnival celebrations, samba, Christ the Redeemer statue and the long stretch of high quality beaches along its coast line.

#7. Moscow, Russia

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 302.58
Taxi transportation average: $ 8.9
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 12.11
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 21.37

Tom Cruise’s last film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol shot here in Moscow to document the staged destruction of the Kremlin. The Kremlin is one of the most visited places in Moscow and it is also the seat of power in Russia. Moscow has also the largest community of billionaires thus making the standard of living here very high.

#8. Kiev, Ukraine

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 309.25
Taxi transportation average: $ 4.38
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 9.76
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 8.14

Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe and it is also home to technological, scientific and cultural advancements. It is also a green city with botanical gardens and avenues lined up with horse-chestnut trees. It even has a 100-year old Kiev Zoo for children.

#9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 234.36
Taxi transportation average: $ 29.82
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 30.18
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 46

3.66 million tourists annually visit Amsterdam for its picturesque canals, Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. This alpha city has many historic landmarks and it also allows a legalized red district area in the world.

10. Stockholm, Sweden

Four-star hotel accommodation: $ 253.45
Taxi transportation average: $ 13.43
Typical cost of a pizza: $ 26.24
Normal cost of an alcoholic beverage: $ 18.52

Stockholm has weathered the storms of the European debt crisis and the city remains a sight to behold with its distinct architecture, parks, and clean open waters that has earned it the title of “Venice of the North.” It is believed there are more than a hundred museums in Stockholm and millions of tourists visit them every year.

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