Top 20 Most Expensive Rings Ever Made

most expensive rings ever

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what happens when said diamonds cost upwards of $1 million and beyond? Here we have some drool-worthy jewels that will make the Queen of England jealous. The 20 Most Expensive Rings Ever Made will delight and amaze you. We have a nice list here, complete with various cuts, colors, and carat weights. You will wish that you had a sneaky few million dollars in your pocket so that you could snag one of these. Yet as we move closer and closer to Number One, you will quickly see that it may be impossible for anyone to purchase some of these rings!

That being said, it sure is nice to dream. These rings have appeared in famous auction houses, adorned royal hands, and have been gazed upon by public and private eyes. When it comes to exquisite, refined, and delicate style, these rings do not disappoint. And since we can’t afford them (we probably wouldn’t even be able to pay to breathe near them,) we can use them to inspire us with our ho-hum jewelry. So sit back and gaze at the reds, yellows, blues, and pinks that await you. You may need to sit down for this.

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20 De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring $525,009

Via midtowngirl.com

Nothing says romance and luxury quite like the De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring. This baby will cost you over half a million dollars though. It features a 10.09 carat D Flawless rose-cut diamond, which sits within the main centerpiece of the ring: a round brilliant intense pink diamond. And don’t forget the four hundred and twenty-eight tiny diamonds that line the kiss of the rose. A weaving crisscross pattern creates a gorgeous eye-catching display that surrounded this intimate ring. Meant to be a “cage” for the heart, it is truly romantic. Too bad we will never be able to buy this!

19 De Beers Asscher Cut Diamond $805,000

Via brides.com

The De Beers line of jewelers has been around for over a century, and has become the go-to company for the British royals. Their 7.11-carat cut diamond in platinum goes for nearly a million dollars and would be the ultimate gift of luxury for a special someone. In fact, Ashlee Simpson wore a cushion-cut diamond from the renowned jewelry company. Tens of dozens of facets create a fun-house mirror reflection of light on the walls wherever the wearer of this ring goes. It truly is fit for a queen. Symmetrical and shiny, this is a sparkling rock that will catch the eyes of passersby for sure! 7 carats may be out of the price range for many people, though.

18 House of Taylor Oval Diamond Ring $1.3 million

Via data.whicdn.com

How would like being proposed to with this ring? The House of Taylor Oval Diamond Ring is $1.3 million worth of exquisite beauty. After all, a ring named after the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor could not be anything less than perfect, right? The 5.98-carat oval-cut diamond is the epitome of perfection. With its accompanying 3.96 carat of air Jordan 12 round brilliant diamonds, it looks like a projection of diamond dynamic coming at you! So, who can actually afford to purchase this rock of a ring? Charlie Sheen, Johnny Damon, and Eddie Murphy have proposed with this similar variations, but $1.3 million is pretty steep for any girl.

17 Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring $1.465 million

Via a.1stdibscdn.com

If you want to pay over a million dollars for your sweetheart, then you should definitely get the Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring. It is set in platinum and embedded with tons of tiny diamonds in a pleasing oval shape. The main oval diamond takes center stage and shines like a headlight. You will be looking at it in amazement and wonder; truly this is meant for a princess. The Tiffany Company does NOT play around with jewels, so if you go to them, you can expect to purchase something of the best quality and style. The elegance of this ring goes round and round!

16 De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum $1.83 million

Via bitchthings.com

Gosh, it must be nice to have a spare two million dollars lying around. It’s enough to buy the De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum ring. The main centerpiece is a 9-carat diamond stone that sparkles and shines on a platinum band. Really, this thing would be able to shine so bright that it could replace the North Star! Any girl who receives this has got to be royalty. De Beers has been around for over a hundred years, so you can bet that they know their stones and jewelry. If only we could actually purchase from them, and not just stare and salivate over the precious gems!

15 The Laurence Graff Ring $2.6 million

Via maxcdn.fooyoh.com

Time to add some color to this list! The Laurence Graff Ring is an ultra-rare red diamond that fetched nearly three million dollars at an auction held by Christie’s. The 8-sided diamond weighs in at 2.2 carats and the reddish-purple hue is an exotic wonder that we do not see very often in rings and jewelry, for that matter. The center red diamond stone is surrounded by four equally-sized white diamonds, creating a pretty flower shape. It is beyond stunning and would be a shining addition to a royal’s jewelry collection. This ring also smashed records for Christie’s and became the largest red diamond to come to the auction house.

14 The Bulgari Ring $2.9 million

Via s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

This is a custom-crafted ring that belonged to a European jewelry collector in the 1960s. It was given to the collector’s wife and features two diamonds in teardrop shapes. One if light blue and the other is white and transparent. The diamonds are positioned in such a way that they look like angel’s wings. Heavenly! The crossover style of the ring is unique yet absolutely striking. It manages to portray a smooth and fluid shape and design while also keeping our eye fixated to that gorgeous blue diamond. With a price tag reaching nearly three million dollars, it may as well be reserved for angels only.

13 Sotheby’s Green Diamond $3.08 million

Via jewelsdujour.com

Sotheby’s has seen some pretty hefty and expensive diamonds, so they know what they’re talking about when they show off the Green Diamond, which costs over a million dollars. The vibrant green diamond is 2.52 carats and is also the largest green diamond that any auction house has ever sold. The color is so vivid and not found easily in this world. The fine jewel would match the eyes of only the most pristine emerald-eyed beauty. Maybe wearing this ring would bring the luck of the Irish! After all, they like green. And this square-cut rocky is sure to bring some kind of magic.

12 Sotheby’s Golconda Diamond Ring $6.5 million

Via keehuachee.blogspot.com

The Golconda Diamond Ring was sold at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, and was quite a hit! The sparkling diamond came from the ancient mine of Golconda, which has gained fame as a hotspot for absolutely stunning jewels. These precious stones are actually some of the purest and chemically nitrogen-free in the world. Only 2% of diamonds can claim that stat! The Golconda Diamond Ring features a whopping 30.01-carat antique pear-shaped diamond, and would be a wonderful testament to the ancient beauties and elite of times past. Whoever purchased this ring is going to have to guard it with their life!

11 The Cullinan Diamond $9.69 million

Via jewellery-magazine.com

Absolutely gorgeous is The Cullinan Diamond, which costs nearly 10 million dollars.The dark-blue diamond brings to mind the lush elegance of a sapphire, but this diamond is definitely better as a girl’s best friend! We do not know who would have such a diamond ring, but boy, would that be amazing. The diamond comes from South Africa and is square-cushion-cut. There are actually a few variations of The Cullinan Diamonds, with some of them being worn by royalty! This one is perhaps highest on the price list, and would need to be worn by someone just as elite and powerful.

10 Blue Diamond Ring $10 million

Via jewelsdujour.com

Blurb 6.01 carat, blue diamond in a cushion shape, surrounded by a smaller pink diamond on either side. It sold to an anonymous bidder at auction. This ring too sold in Hong Kong and the original expected price was actually within the 2.5-million-dollar range. The fact that this ring sold for three times that amount just goes to show how truly exquisite it is. Vividly-bright light blue stands out, while the pink offsets the striking composition. A platinum band rounds out the triumphant ring, making it one heck of an engagement ring (even if it is just in our dreams.)

9 The Vivid Pink $11.8 million

Via cdn6.bigcommerce.com

A bidder at Christie’s in Hong Kong went for this brilliant beauty. The Vivid Pink diamond ring went for nearly 12 million dollars, but what a beaut it is! It is a cushion-cut (a very popular and iconic cut, might we add,) and was mined all the way in South Africa. This ring is also well-known for its rare and exotic beauty; that hard-to-find pink color would tickle any girl pink! At the Asian auction, the ring was dubbed the “glittering star,” and it is quite easy to see why! The 5-carat diamond is sure to make anyone who sees it up close and personal very happy.

8 8.The Bulgari Blue $15.7 million

Via queenofcolordiamonds.files.wordpress.com

Say hello to The Bulgari Blue Diamond, which set a record at auction when it sold for nearly 16 million dollars. This is the biggest blue diamond in a triangle cut in the world! It features a 9.87-carat white diamond alongside a 10.95-carat Vivid Blue diamond. It was first in Rome in the 1970s before making its way to North America, where Christie’s was holding on to it for safe keeping. The original price estimation for The Bulgari Blue diamond is actually three times lower than what it is worth now. It was originally given to a very lucky lady; the wife of a jewelry collector after she gave birth to their first son. Worth it!

7 Chopard Blue Diamond Ring $16.26 million

Via s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

One of the most expensive rings in the world is the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring. At almost 17 million dollars, it features a stunning oval-shaped blue diamond with a band in 18 karats of white gold. The band itself is even embedded with smaller white diamonds. Truly a luxury item! The blue diamond came from a deposit of boron, which was responsible for that striking shade of blue. It looks like a combination of light aquamarine blue and bright teal. Either way, we want it! This ring comes from Chopard jewelers, a Swiss company that is known worldwide for its elegance and being a “cut” above the rest. Sorry.

6 The Vivid Yellow $16.3 million

Via metronews.ca

Wow, this is definitely a beauty. If you love yellow, then this is the diamond for you. The Vivid Yellow is humongous, and it is actually one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, across all colors. This one is the most expensive yellow diamond of all time, and was sold at a Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels. It looks like a tiny daffodil in both color and shape. It features two diamonds on the side, totaling more than 100 carats and looks like it would seriously weigh down someone’s hand! It also goes by the name “Dream Diamond,” and it is quite easy to see why.

5 Perfect Pink Diamond $23.2 million

Via assets.bwbx.io

The Perfect Pink Diamond was a record-breaking jewel sold at auction. It is a 14.23-carat pink diamond that sold at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. Cut into a rectangle shape, the jewel is a rare shade of pink and even when that type of pink does get discovered, it is hard to find it at such a large size. So this one is working double-duty as an impressive ring! In fact, there are only about 18 diamonds in the world that weigh more than 10-carats and have been sold at auction. As the name suggests, this ring would be best suited to the finger of a princess.

4 The Winston Blue $23.8 million

Via jewelsdujour.com

The Winston Blue Diamond is named as such because Harry Winston jewelers named it. This is a flawless, vivid blue diamond; that biggest one in the whole entire world! This baby is a whopper: 13.22 carats, a world record, and apparently worth nearly 24 million dollars. The teardrop-shaped diamond looks absolutely perfect (hence the whole “flawless” part, which pertains to its perfect clarity.) Moreover, it is one of the most expensive jewels you can find on a ring. Mined in South Africa, it is joined on both sides by two pear-shaped diamonds, weighing about 1 carat each. The Winston Blue was certified by the Gemological Institute of America on March 25, 2014.

3 The Graff Pink $46.2 million

Via fratip.com

The Graff Pink diamond ring was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong. At Number Three on our list, you can bet that the price tag on this baby is going to pack a serious punch. It fetched almost double the expected auction price! It was sold by Harry Winston, a famous jeweler who let it go sixty years ago. During all those years, the ring has been kept hidden, but it recently was sent home with a bidder in Asia. The diamond is 24.78 carats of luxury and elegance, and its hardly ever found pink color is to die for!

2 Pink Star Diamond Ring $72 million

most expensive rings ever
Via today.com

This is a 72-million-dollar diamond. Therefore, we can totally believe the news that the buyer with the highest bid at auction had to rescind his bid because he couldn’t afford it. Oh well. The record-setting diamond was originally sold to Isaac Wolf. Mined in Africa, the diamond looks like a huge scarab beetle, but it is indeed a pink diamond. Put this on your finger, and we doubt you would be able to lift your hand. Also called The Pink Dream, it is a national treasure and comes in at 59.60 carats with perfect clarity. It is an oval-shape stone and underwent polishing and cutting for two years to achieve the perfect look. Originally, it was 132.5 carats in its natural state.

1 Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond $80 million

Via nyoobserver.files.wordpress.com

And finally, Number One: The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. $80 million. Yes, you read that right. It is 31.06 carats, a deep-blue color, and boasts perfect clarity. Three different experts worked on cutting the diamond to get it just right. Discovered at the end of the 17th century in the Kollur Mine Guntur District of India, it originally belonged to King Philip IV of Spain. The oval-cut diamond was looked at by thousands upon thousands of people at the National Museum of Natural History, and it also belonged at one point to the Austrian and Bavarian Crown Jewels. It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

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