Top 10 Ridiculously Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories

We know it’s hard to imagine, but there’s a select portion of the population who can just blow random amounts of cash on really useless and extravagant things purely to entertain themselves. We’re not talking about splurging on a new iPhone or an expensive dinner with friends. No, the wealthy life means one of luxury, yachts, multiple homes, foreign travel, and, apparently, gold-plated video game consoles. Maybe we’re making an assumption, but we don’t see the average store manager or police officer shelling out the cash for these items. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to some of the most expensive video game accessories on the planet.

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10 Steel Battalion Controller Set - $200

Via en.wikipedia.org

Once upon a time when you purchased the Capcom game Steel Battalion and the bundle for the Xbox you also secured this piece of machinery. We don’t know what else to call it. The controller is reminiscent of something you might see out of a 1980s movie. As awesome as this thing is, it only works for the game Steel Battalion and the 2004 sequel to Steel Battalion. We don’t even know what the hell those games are, but if we can use this thing we’re totally in!

9 Resident Evil 6, Premium Edition - $1,338

Via newgamernation.com

When Resident Evil 6 was released Capcom produced a special edition and then followed that up with a premium edition, similar to what they did with Resident Evil Revelations. For Revelations, Capcom released a limited edition BSAA watch with the game. So what makes the Resident Evil 6 version so special? Well, it comes with a replica version of Leon’s leather jacket. The authentic recreation of the jacket wasn’t the only thing you got with your purchase. Buyers also got four replica tablet cases like the ones the character uses in game to store health items in. The game also came with some stickers and a map for the arcade mode. Unfortunately for American buyers, this premium edition was released only in Europe and Japan.

8 Optimus Maximus Gaming Keyboard - $1,700

Via 10mostthings.com

Nothing says total geek like a keyboard with keys that contain a small OLED screen on them. That’s right, every key on this thing contains its own OLED screen that moves at 10 frames per second and we’re guessing tells you what each key means. It’s a novel concept, but one can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with the old tried and true method of stickers or paint? Now this may shock you, but it turns out not a lot of people wanted to shell out $1,700 for a gaming keyboard full of LED screens, go figure. It’s believed that the manufacturer didn’t even ship these to retailers, though at least one has appeared on eBay and it sold for nearly double the retail price.

7 Gem Studded Xbox 360 - $11,000

Via mygaming.co.za

I mean, who doesn’t desire an Xbox 360 encrusted with gems which form a mural of Lara Croft? Just us? Well, should the desire to own such an item ever strike, it’s good to know this thing actually exists! For just a measly $11,000 you could own 43,000 crystals and a fully functional work of art. It might be gaudy, trashy even, but it’s money well spent!

6 Rose Gold Xbox One and PS4 - $13,600

Via ign.com

Designed by a renowned Italian jeweler and sold by a prominent retailer in Dubai called Jumbo Electronics, these Xbox One and Playstation 4 systems are literally gold plated, as in actually encased in rose gold. The systems contain more than 220 grams of 9 carat rose gold (the PS4 contains about 6 grams more than the Xbox.) They were created by Gatti Luxury Labs and unveiled at a games convention in Dubai. If you’re hoping to avoid the Christmas rush you probably need to order it now – but be warned, each system costs $13,600. There’s a dearth of information on these items and apparently they were unveiled once in public.

5 VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator - $25,000

Via news.softpedia.com

Want the ultimate driving experience without actually going out into the big bad scary world? Or perhaps you like to live dangerously and cruise the city streets in your hotrod – but the local police are always cracking down on your fun? If that’s the case then perhaps you should invest in a VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator. It’s going to cost you $25,000, in other words about the cost of an actual car. For that you get four Xbox 360s, three 37-inch televisions, an LCD screen, a Microsoft steering wheel, a Bose surround sound system, a vibration system and amplifier, LED lighting, a personal bar fridge and four copies of the game Forza 3. Sounds pretty awesome.

4 Xbox 360 Gold Faceplate - $36,000

Via joystiq.com

In 2005 this unique item showed up on eBay. Molded from 999.9 ounces of 24-karat gold and designed to replace the front plate of an existing Xbox with all the appropriate ports and openings, it sold for $36,000 and transformed a perfectly normal Xbox 360 into a console system that was worth more than most of our cars.

3 The Emperor Workstation 200 - $40,000

Via thenewstrack.com

This monstrosity features three LCD screens, a Playstation 3, an LCD touchscreen interface, a leather recliner, an independent lighting system, an integrated webcam, a Blu-ray player, and noise cancelling headphones to totally immerse you into your gaming experience. In other words, if you always wanted the ultimate gaming experience while also alienating your roommates then this is the system for you! Or course such opulence comes with a cost. This thing will run you $40,000 – but we think it’s a rather small price to pay for getting to ignore your roommates while gaming.

2 Playstation 3 Supreme - $323,000

Via fadumania.com

It took twelve weeks from start to finish to build this system. Built by the man who designed the diamond encrusted iPhones, this system is encased in a 22-karat exterior. There’s over 1,600 grams of gold wrapped around the exterior and there’s 58 half-karat diamonds which are used as decoration. Like the Nintedno Wii Supreme, there were only three of these systems ever constructed.

1 Nintendo Wii Supreme - $481,250

Via thetechherald.com

This is the single most expensive video game system ever made. Why anyone would want to spend nearly half a million dollars on a game system, especially a Nintendo Wii, is beyond us. That being said, if you have a hankering for an overpriced game system with 2.5 kilograms of 22-karat gold then this is the system for you. Designed by Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International, the Wii Supreme features front buttons decorated with 19.5 karat diamonds. All told only three of these systems have ever been built.

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