Top 10 Most Luxurious Cell Phones Ever Made

How much money do you think a cell phone should go for? The answer to that question will vary from one individual to another, but one thing we can all agree is that a cell phone has got to be worth what it is going for in stores or online. Today, a basic phone ought to be able to make a call, send out a text, take a clear picture, and access the Internet, functions that almost all the phones in the market today can execute.

One common trait among most of the extremely rich people is that they usually spend a lot of money on items that they could spend less on, just because they can. An extremely rich person will likely buy a product in the most luxurious shops in town, or even fly halfway across the world to purchase a particular product just because it is a designer. The extremely rich like to be in a class of their own and the size of their wallets or bank accounts allow them to live comfortably in that class.

With the above in mind, some people have developed ridiculously expensive cell phones that the average person could never afford; simply because they know that a rich person somewhere will want to be one among very few people in the world to own such a phone. Most of these phones do not have the amazing features that some other affordable phones in the market have, but just because they are designed for the rich, you will hardly ever find any of these on a shelf.

Here are the world's most luxurious cell phones ever made. Would you buy any one of these?

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10 Vertu Signature Cobra - $310,000 

Via theestle.net

Ever heard of the Vertu signature Cobra phone? Well, if you haven't, then you should be happy because this could very well be your next phone upgrade, or not. If you are one of those people who hate peer pressure and think that the touchscreen phones are overrated, and a small screen is all you need, then you will love this phone. In addition to its ability to do what your average phone can do, the Vertu signature Cobra has precious stones all over it; the reason for its outrageous $310,000 price tag. Furthermore, the phone has a round white diamond that looks like a cobra, two emeralds made to look like the cobra's eyes, one pearl-cut diamond, and 439 rubies. The phone is not so much about beauty as it is about luxury, which is why only eight of these were produced.

9 Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot - $1 million 

Via mdnewsmedia.com

Instead of buying that house that you have been saving up for, how about a Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot phone? Yes, a phone, and you will only need a million dollars to own it. This phone might sound ridiculously expensive, but when you consider that it has 45.5 K black diamonds on its front, 200-year-old African Blackwood on its back, and a 12mm frame made of 180 grammes of pure gold, you can see where all the money is going. Furthermore, the Gresso's keypad has 17 laser-etched 32 K sapphires that are a delight to touch, all of which are manually polished. However, since you cannot find these phones in the market because only three of these exist, you might be better off buying that house instead.

8 Diamond Crypto Smartphone - $1.3 million 

Via bachelor-mag.com

Do you love diamonds? Would you love a phone that uses "powerful encryption technology" that protects your information against kidnapping, one that can protect you from technological blackmail, financial racketeers, and corrupt state officials? Then you have to get a Diamond Crypto Smartphone, all you have to part with is $1.3 million. This phone is not like the other Smartphones in the market because it comes with 50 diamonds, of which 10 are blue diamonds, carefully placed on its body to make it look like a jewel. If something ever happens to the phone and you are unable to communicate, you could always remove the diamonds and sell them for a fortune.

7 GoldVish Le Million - $1.45 million 

Via youtube.com

When the Swiss manufacturer GoldVish makes a phone, the name itself will tell you that the phone belongs to a class of its own. Specialised in manufacturing high-class luxury phones by combining Swiss artistry and high-end technology, it is no surprise to find the GoldVish le Million making it in this list of the most expensive phones in the world. This phone has one of the most outstanding shapes out there, but what makes it different from all the rest is its body covered with 18 carats of gold, 120 carats of diamonds, and some platinum as well. Although only three pieces of this phone are available in the market, getting your hands on one of these has got to be an exciting experience.

6 Diamond Studded iPhone 6 - $2.5 Million 

Via newsmobile.asia

The diamond studded iPhone 6 is best known as the "Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6," and it is a breathtaking piece of communication technology that very few human beings would even consider purchasing. This phone's body is covered with 18 carat gold, 6,127 VVS1 diamonds studded all over its body, and a 51.29 carat diamond cut to fit the size and shape of the Apple logo at the back. The great thing about this phone is that it actually looks like a phone that anyone would be happy to show off, make calls, and even take a few selfies with because it looks so much like the sleek and beautiful iPhones already in the market. However, its jaw dropping price tag of $2.5 million is enough to ensure that very few of its kind are in the market.

5 iPhone 3G Kings Button - $2.5 million 

Via mport.ua

Would you like to own a phone made of 18 carat yellow, white, and rose gold, with 138 superbly cut diamonds along the white gold line? Of course, you would, but can you even raise even a fraction of its cost? This iPhone 3G Kings Button is all the above and more since it also has all the amazing features of the iPhone, not to mention a 6.6 carat diamond replacing the traditional plastic home button. This would be a wonderful gift to receive, although with such a phone you can be sure to attract all the wrong people, people who want to snatch the precious jewels from you and sell them to make a fortune.

4 Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G - $3.2 million 

Via ehotbuzz.com

What would you do with $3.2 million? You would probably pay off all your credit card debts, buy a new car, move to a better home, buy a new phone, and still have some change left over to last you a few months without having to work. However, when you get the opportunity to hold the Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G, you might just entertain the thought of buying it instead. This phone unlike many others on this list is one of the most beautiful phones out there, not to mention that it is coated with 22 K solid gold, 136 diamonds, and it has a navigation button made up of a 7.1 carat diamond. You will not find this phone on any shelf because the limited edition piece is already sold.

3 Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB - $8 million 

Via stuarthughes.com

When you come across a price tag of $8 million on one item, then your expectation of what that item can do has to be extremely high, right? Well, the Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB might disappoint you if you are looking for amazing features, applications, or hardware capabilities, but if you are looking for luxury, it will blow you away. This phone will perform your average tasks, but the number of diamonds and precious metals on it is what makes it such an amazing gadget. Can you imagine a phone with 500 diamonds of 100 carats each on its front, and 53 diamonds at its rear making up the Apple logo? Well, stop imagining and check out the above phone. Furthermore, you can have the navigation button on this phone to be the 7.4-carat pink diamond beautifully set in platinum, or an 8 carat single cut diamond, whichever you fancy.

2 iPhone 5 Black Diamond - $15 Million 

Via computerweekly.com

You would really have to have great connections to even come close to this phone since it is likely that there is only one iPhone 5 Black Diamond out there. This phone gets its name and its price tag of $15 million from a rare black diamond that is embedded on the handset, together with other very precious metals embedded on it. You will conveniently find the 26 carat black diamond acting as the smartphone's home button and 53 flawlessly placed diamonds acting as the Apple logo. The phone's chassis has close to 600 white diamonds embedded on it, the back is made of pure gold of about 135 grams of 24 carat gold, and the touchscreen is made up of sapphire glass. Due to the phone's complexity, it took nine weeks to create its chassis and finish assembling the phone by hand.

1 Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 - $45.5 Million 

Via phonearena.com

Believe it or not, the Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 is more expensive than all other phones on this list combined. This $45.5 million phone has all the features and capabilities of the iPhone 6, making it a very useful phone and also one of the most beautiful phones out there. The very rare pink diamond at the back of the phone is part of the reason why this phone is so expensive. Furthermore, this phone is undoubtedly the most beautiful phone that the average individual can never afford because precious metals are not fighting for space on every available surface on the phone. This phone will attract attention everywhere you go, and if you think about it, it is a great investment for the future, because even when it is not working it can fetch a very handsome price on the market.

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