Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Valet Your Car

Traveling in different well-known cities in the world can be very exciting. Since most urban centers don’t have the vast free spaces needed for parking compared to other locations, you would have to b

Traveling in different well-known cities in the world can be very exciting. Since most urban centers don’t have the vast free spaces needed for parking compared to other locations, you would have to brace yourself for high parking costs when you park on a small patch of space in a vacant lot. More so, if you want to park your wheels in style like having a valet in that neat crisp attire to whisk your car upon arrival, you would have to pay a substantial amount for this kind of privilege.

Cities are highly populated areas and with the scarcity of free spaces to accommodate excess vehicles, parking operators got the idea to make the most out of this condition. When you decide to use a car to get to places (as it is more convenient compared to taking the taxi all the time), just remember that you need to bring extra cash for car park fees. And the longer you stay, the more you have to pay for your ticket.

Valet or park your car in style and price. Here is the top 10 most expensive cities in the world to valet your car - think twice if you want to rent a car in these places. You are bound to squawk in utter astonishment when you read how much the valet or parking costs in these places are.

10 Copenhagen

Taking the 10th spot is the Danish city of Copenhagen. It is considered one of the world’s most eco-friendly cities. You do not have to fret because of the great amount of fumes coming out from vehicles. You’ll notice that a number of the city’s residents travel to work by bicycle. You might as well want to get around the city by bike because the fee for parking a car costs about $17 per day. And if you are working here, your monthly parking expenses will reach around $522.

9 New York

Next on the list is New York. You know that the cost of living in this city is high. Every nook and cranny in the Big Apple is used for capitalism. If you are thinking of parking your car amid the gigantic skyscrapers, you’ll have to be aware that you’ll be shelling out $40 per day for the parking space. It is not a wonder why you see a lot of taxis in the city. A month’s worth of safe parking amounts to almost $540. The best way is to take the taxi and save your wallet from depleting.

8 Brussels

Taking the 8th spot is Brussels. The place is popular for those who shy away from eating any meat or meat-products. It is where brussel sprouts got its name and is the hub for Europe’s cucumbers and bananas that are not too crooked. As the city is the best place for vegetarians, motorists on the other hand would probably want to live in other places where the parking fee is not too high. Parking in the city’s center costs about $555 a month.

7 Perth

Next is Perth, which takes the number 7 spot as the world’s most expensive city to valet your car. Would you believe that parking in this area costs about $568 a month even though the place has a population of less than two million people? So, to anyone who is an adventurous motorist, you need to consider keeping the car away from Perth and save yourself the trouble of paying too much.

6 Sydney

Another Australian city takes the 6th spot on the list. You might want to forget parking in style, unless you have lots of money for it, because the average monthly parking fee in this area costs about $596. That is quite high, enough to make your eyes pop out.

5 Zurich

Going back to Europe, Zurich hits the next spot. While Australia is blessed with wide spaces for parking, Switzerland, on the other hand, has jagged peaks which is not an ideal landscape for parking. To securely park your car, you will have to shell out a staggering amount of $611 per month. Zurich is far from hitting zilch for this one.

4 Rome

The next spot goes to Rome. A throng of scooters swarm the city, and if you want to experience that kind of adventure whilst admiring the city’s magnificent ancient landmarks, you would have to take some time off for a rest. If you want to savor each moment, you might want to wear a good pair of walking shoes every once in awhile as the parking fee in central Rome would cost you over $620 a month.  

3 Tokyo

Tokyo gets the 3rd spot on the list. Since Japan is one of the largest automakers in the world, most people own more than one car. Just imagine the 13 million people overcrowding the ultra-modern metropolis. Having less space for parking, the daily average cost for parking is about $55 or equivalent to an average monthly rate of about $660.

2 Hong Kong

The bustling city of Hong Kong takes the 2nd spot. Just like Tokyo, the place is crammed, which is why the government took on expanding its area vertically. The city is short of big parking areas, and you’ll notice that tourists and locals would go on foot or take the taxi to visit different places. The monthly rate for parking in Hong Kong is an astounding amount of $751.

1 London

Finally, London takes the top spot. No doubt, this city has one of the highest costs of living in the world. If you want to valet your car here, make sure that you have a very high paying job. Should you want to park your car in the city, the rate per month is about $941. So, if you want to get a glimpse of Big Ben or enjoy the day in London, you might as well get a ride on the bus or take a taxi instead.

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