Top 10 Most Expensive Boarding Schools

Nothing is more important than a sound, well-rounded education that takes the whole student into account. The molding of young minds, of directing futures, and nourishing lifelong goals is an extremel

Nothing is more important than a sound, well-rounded education that takes the whole student into account. The molding of young minds, of directing futures, and nourishing lifelong goals is an extremely significant undertaking and not one to be taken lightly. For those with the monetary resources to ensure their young ones have the best of everything, sending a child to a private institution is the only option they would ever consider. Boarding schools abound throughout the world but the best of the best are located in Europe and their tuition symbolizes the exclusivity of the social circle the children are expected to keep when they leave the doors. Following is a list of the best boarding schools in the world and what sets them apart from the rest.

10 Eton College – Windsor, England: $54,900

Eton College was founded in 1440 and it is one of the most revered names when discussing boarding schools. It is a male-only campus and has seen more politicians, royals, and celebrities graduate from its esteemed corridors than any other school in the world. Prince William and Harry along with author George Orwell attended Eton. Yearly tuition to be part of the history is $54,900.

9 St. George’s School – Clarens, Switzerland: $56,000

St. George’s School is the first British boarding school to call Switzerland home. They are located on a 45,000 square meter estate with amazing views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. As with all of the boarding schools in Switzerland, they have a keen interest in outdoor activities and sports in general. They offer everything from skiing to Pilates classes as part of their educational program. The yearly tuition for a sound, well-rounded education that includes an emphasis on physical activity is $56,000.

8 Institut auf dem Rosenberg (Anglo-American Section) – St. Gallen, Switzerland: $56,000

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg sits between to spectacular lakes on 10,000 square meters of beautifully tended gardens in the majestic Alps region. With views of Lake Constance and Saints from every vantage point, they offer unlimited amounts of opportunities for outdoor activities and an educational program that will challenge young minds. The yearly tuition for this picturesque setting is $56,000.

7 Leysin American School – Leysin, Switzerland: $57,350

Leysin American School offers both an American educational curriculum and an International Baccalaureate program to its students. The school is located in a popular ski resort and their educational programs require extensive cultural trips throughout Europe. With an eye towards green energy, the school provides hot water to all its dormitories via solar energy. The yearly tuition to attend this ski-crazed institution is $57,350.

6 Gstaad International School – Gstaad, Switzerland: $58,500

Gstaad International School is a tiny jewel of an institution. Nestled among the mountains, the school has a deep focus on outdoor sporting such as tennis, skiing, rock climbing, and swimming. They also offer specialized courses for students with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. The yearly tuition to be part of this exclusive school is $58,500.

5 Brillantmont International School – Lausanne, Switzerland: $58,500

Brillantmont International School is one of the few boarding schools in the world that is actually located in an urban area. It calls the city of Lausanne, Switzerland home. The estate overlooks Lake Geneva and has a stunning view of the Alps mountain range. Average class sizes are nine students per teacher and they follow either the British A Level program or the American High School curriculum. Yearly tuition to attend this unique institution is $58,500.

4 Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz – Zuoz, Switzerland: $62,900

Lyceum Alpinum is located near the renowned ski resort of San Moritz, Switzerland. The school is exclusive and at any one time only 200 boarders are in attendance at. The prestigious institution offers the International Baccalaureate program and the Swiss Educational curriculum. The yearly tuition for an excellent education combined with outdoor fun is $62,900.

3 Aiglon College – Chesiers, Switzerland: 63,000

For those who value outdoor activities, Aiglon College is the perfect educational institution. The British boarding school is located in the Alps range with plenty of skiing available for those who are interested. The average class size is usually no more than five students per teacher, giving the students a lot of opportunity for one on one interaction with their instructors. Their location is ideal for lovers of hiking and other outdoor activities. The yearly tuition to attend this outdoor paradise is $63,000.

2 College Alpin Beau Soleil – Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland: $72,220

College Alpin Beau Soleil is located near Geneva, the second most populated city in Switzerland. It sits, nestled among white cap mountains and with a spectacular view of the Rhone Valley from every angle. The classes are small, with an average of eight students per teacher. It offers restaurants to the students on their private ski slopes, a sleek, modern performing arts center for aspiring actors and actresses, and a cutting edge digital recording studio for future mega stars. The yearly tuition to send your child here and offer them every opportunity to excel in the performing arts is $72,220.

1 Le Rosey, Chateau de Rosey – Rolle, Switzerland: $73,150

If you’ve ever wondered where the ultra rich and royals send their young offspring for an education, wonder no more. Le Rosey is the school for the social elite. With a tuition rate of $73,150, it is the most expensive international school in the world. The school sits on a 28 hectares site, which sports 10 tennis courts for the students to use and learn a true gentleman’s sport. Various Jacuzzis may be found on the campus, to soothe sore and achy muscles after a long day of swimming, skiing or hiking. Secluded, private saunas and steam rooms dot the campus, a perfect location for young people to learn how to network or just relax amidst some chatting. They also have an excellent sailing center, teaching the young aristocrats how to handle their own private yachts. If you are seeking the best of the best when it comes to boarding schools, Le Rosey is your final destination.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Boarding Schools