Top 10 Luxury Christmas Gifts For 2015

luxurious christmas gifts

The Christmas season can be a stressful time of the year as you prepare to make lists for family, friends and co-workers. Some people are easy to shop for during the final month of the year. You know that you can put a smile on their faces by giving them holiday-themed ornaments, candles or other green-and-red items. There may be others on your Christmas list who look forward to receiving a favorite holiday treat. Such gifts can be found and purchased at a variety of stores, and they can also be bought from online suppliers. Heck, you may find that you do the majority of your shopping via Amazon!

What about Christmas gifts for the person or the couple who “has everything?” What could you possibly get them in 2015 that would leave their mouths on the floor out of shock and then delight? Before you can begin thinking about purchasing any of the luxury Christmas gifts for 2015 that are mentioned in this piece, you had better be prepared to spend and spend big. Luxury comes at a price, after all. Here are ten ideas for the man, woman and even child in your life who might need a little luxury this Christmas season; and no, none of the suggestions involve an over-sized bow and a vehicle.

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10 Dior Sunglasses 

Via thefashiondrug.com

The weather outside may be frightful when you present this gift to a special woman in your life. Just remember that it will again be delightful at your favorite beaches soon enough. These are not any old sunglasses that you could pick up by going to a local shop. These cat's-eye sunglasses that are currently being sold by Saks Fifth Avenue cost $515. You have different options when shopping for this particular product, as the sunglasses come in several colors. Bonuses to buying this luxury Christmas gift online are that Saks is, as of the posting of this piece, offering free shipping and also two-day shipping.

9 Baby Grand Piano 

Via hayneedle.com

It is a good idea to start 'em young if you want your kids to be into music as they mature. One way that you can do so is to purchase a baby grand piano that is offered by FAO Schwarz. This luxury Christmas gift is, all things considered, reasonably priced. The musical instrument will cost you around $280 for the 2015 holiday season. Depending on when you are shopping, you may find that you can get free shipping for this Christmas gift. That is a plus even if you are not all that concerned with the amount of money that you spend on Christmas presents.

8 Loro Piana Leather Jacket 

Via lyst.com

You want the man in your life to be warm and also look his best during the cold weather months. The Mr. Porter website has you covered with the release of the Loro Piana leather coat that is waiting for you this Christmas season. The price? Only $10,695. Those of you who want to go beyond just a jacket are also in luck. You could, per the website, pair that jacket purchase with a nice Loro Piana sweater or some Burberry Brit jeans. It only makes sense that you would want to gift an entire ensemble to somebody who you deem worthy of receiving a $10,000 jacket.

7 Red Emilia Cashmere Travel Set 

Via amazon.com

There are times when the lady in your life is going to be on the go. Make sure that she is comfortable when she is away from home with this Red Emilia Cashmere Travel Set. Included in this travel set that is made of 100 percent cashmere is an eye mask, a throw and also a zippered bag that makes carrying those belonging convenient. At $395, the price for this set is not all that bad for this luxurious present. This is the type of luxury gift that would be perfect for the businesswoman who often has to make lengthy journeys because of work obligations and other such events.

6 Ferrari F12 Ride on Car 

Via toy-electric-cars.co.uk

No, we weren't kidding when we said that vehicles would not be included among the luxury Christmas gifts for 2015. The Ferrari F12 Ride on Car that has been made available by Brookstone is meant for kids. There is a bit of good news during the early days of the 2015 holiday season. Brookstone has lowered the price of this gift from $299.99 to $293.99. Perhaps patience will be a virtue for those who wait and see if Brookstone will lower the asking price even more during December. You may, however, want to scoop this up if you want to make sure to have it by December 24.

5 Neiman Marcus Multi-Game Set 

Via weddbook.com

This is not any old multi-game set that you could find at, no disrespect to those stores, Target or Wal-Mart. The set that Neiman Marcus is selling during the 2015 Christmas season is currently valued at $1,500. What is it, you may wonder, that makes this set more special than one that may cost a fraction of the price? For starters, it includes a pair of dice that features Swarovski crystals. There is also the fact that the set is kept inside of a crocodile-embossed leather box. Neiman Marcus also offers this roulette set that will cost you about $2,000 this Christmas season.

4 Dolce & Gabbana x Frends Headphones 

Via pret-a-blogueur.com

You could go one of two directions when searching for the perfect set of headphones during the Christmas season. You could always, on a day such as Black Friday, spend around $250 for a set of headphones that some may consider to be luxury. Another route you could take would be to go big with the purchase and buy headphones that are currently being sold by Dolce & Gabbana. These headphones that are currently being offered for $8,895 are covered by, among other features, Swarovski crystals and also faux pearls. The recipient of this gift will be sure to not set these down next to her when in a crowded place.

3 Stretch Leather Leggings 

Via lyst.com

Here is a luxury Christmas gift for the young one in your life who wants to be both stylish and comfortable while in school or hanging out with friends. These stretch leather leggings that are currently only offered in black are made of 100 percent lamb leather. Remember that it is recommended that you have these leather leggings cleaned only by a professional who has experience treating leather. One reason that you may choose to buy this luxury Christmas gift in December 2015 is because the price for the leggings has been cut in half from $498 to $249.

2 Santa Maria Novella Face Kit 

Via mrporter.com

Don't be fooled into thinking that men do not care about skin care. We do, after all, take sharp blades to portions of our face. Some do so on a daily basis. The man in your life who likes to keep his face smooth and looking its best could use the Santa Maria Novella Face Kit. Included in the kit is an exfoliating product, a moisturizer, and also a cream that is meant to protect facial skin from bacteria. At $435, this will hopefully be the best facial kit that your man will ever use. One problem, of course, is that he could love it so much that it becomes a routine buy.

1 Big-Screen Smart Television 

Via 4k.com

The way that we watch television when in our homes has changed. We now require devices that are compatible with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. You could always save some money and buy a standard smart television that will cost you under $1000 for Christmas 2015. Why not, however, just go all-in and buy an 88-inch smart television that features a curved screen and that also 3D capabilities? Prices for these types of televisions vary, but you could get one this holiday season for under $20,000. Those looking to save a few bucks could buy a smart TV with a curved screen for around $6000-8000.

Sources: harpersbazaar.com

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