The Most Expensive Dog Houses In The World

Everyone likes to pamper their pup, but some people take it to the extreme. Just years ago in the united Kingdom, there were two doggies who had a $20,000 dollar wedding! Here are some amazingly luxurious houses that you can buy for your pooch if you are up for fronting the bill!

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3 Swiss Chalet Dog Home - $5300

In this Swiss home replica our doggies can feel  like they are hanging out in the swiss alps. With replica shutters, planter boxes, siding, balcony, and shingles, your dog will have that authentic Swiss home look.

2 Modern Dog Home - $3000

If you are more into a modern look, this is the dog house for you. The company "Out Of The Crate" designed this modern home design to dazzle and impress. The glass windows and edge design make this one of the most classy and futuristic dog houses on this list.

1 Home Replica - $25000

For $25000 you can give your pup a scaled down replica of the home that you live in. The dog house designers will even go as far as taking your blueprints and using them to make an exact replica on a smaller scale.

California Hills Dog Mansion - $30000

If you have a big budget to spend, you are going to get top dollar for your dog. This California Hills dog mansion compliments any celebrities Hollywood Hills home. This would be the perfect home for a famous pup.

These dog houses are the top of the top. If you have lots of money to spend, these are the digs to put your dog in!

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