The Price Behind The Bear: 10 Teddy Bears Of Luxury

When you talk about toys for young kids, the most adorable and common toy that comes to mind is the teddy bear. Teddy bears have always been popular among kids of all ages. Whether you talk about parents gifting teddies to their kids or guys trying to impress their girlfriends, teddy bears have always symbolized affection. Most people consider teddy bears to be the most affordable and convenient toys. However, there’s much more to it.

It is true that most of the time teddy bears are quite inexpensive and affordable. However, some special children always seek the best in the world. They require something a lot classier and elegant than a basic teddy bear. If you know such a kid, you might consider saving some good money to spend on the options mentioned below. We have compiled a list of teddy bears for kids with an insatiable need for taste, elegance and class. Here are 10 most expensive teddy bears in the world.


10 Steiff-Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear - $2,080

A few years ago, Karl Lagerfeld merged with one of the most popular toy making companies in the world. On Karl Lagerfeld’s 125th anniversary, Steiff was expected to manufacture an exceptional limited edition teddy bear. The company only produced 2,500 pieces because of this collaboration.

The teddy bear can be seen wearing the iconic black suit and sunglasses worn by Karl Lagerfeld. In fact, the teddy was also accessorized with Karl’s famous ear studs and belt. Initials (KL) could be clearly seen on the belt. This teddy bear was released at Colette.

9 Gund Snuffles Teddy Bear - $10,000


Gund is one of the most popular manufacturers of stuffed toys. This expensive bear from the company was able to gather instant attention. The company kept this limited edition teddy bear in the ‘Most Sought After’ section at the American International Toy Fair. It was organized in New York on Valentine’s Day.

This teddy bear looks very cute. You can clearly see it wearing a 10 Carat Diamond necklace with a shiny white Gold chain. The eyes of this teddy bear have been manufactured from Tahitian Pearls. Such precious stones and metals make this teddy bear very expensive.

8 Daniel Swarovski Teddy Bear - $10,566

Daniel Swarovski was a very popular jeweler and glass cutter from Austria. He was born in Bohemia. Daniel’s father owned a small glass factory which started producing crystal glass jewelry. This led to the creation of the famous ‘Swarovski’ brand.

Daniel Swarovski sponsored the creation of this teddy bear. The teddy bear was designed to look completely adorned with jewels and crystals. Many precious gemstones and crystals were used during the manufacturing process. Interestingly, this bear can be bought by anyone. It is still available in some Swarovski outlets.

7 Steiff Alfonzo - $12,100


This teddy bear is classified as a vintage bear. It was manufactured in 1908 and bought by Princess Xenia in 1989 for $12,100. Princess Xenia is the daughter of George Mikhailovich. He is the Grand Duke of Russia. The teddy bear was bought by the Grand Duke at a Christie’s auction which was organized in London, England.

6 Steiff Hot Water Bottle Teddy Bear - $30,000

This teddy bear is considered to be a special part of the Paul Greenwood collection. In fact, when this teddy bear was being auctioned at Christie’s in London, it was expected to go for about $50,000. However, it could manage only $30,000. This teddy bear was manufactured in 1910. It can be seen wearing a vintage style brown fur jacket. The jacket has a lace which can tie both ends.

5 Steiff Happy Teddy Bear - $55,000


This teddy bear was manufactured in 1926. It is a tipped mohair teddy bear from the famous toy making company. The Steiff Happy Teddy Bear was bought by Paul Volpp at an auction for his wife. It was the perfect 42nd Wedding Anniversary gift he could think of for his wife, Rosemary. Paul Volpp bought this teddy bear at Sotheby’s, London in 1989.

4 Harlequin Teddy Bear - $75,826

This expensive teddy bear has also been manufactured by Steiff. It was manufactured in 1925. It was the same year when this German company manufactured 1,300 other toys. This teddy bear was the most expensive of other toys created at that time. Even today, Harlequin teddy bear is one of the most expensive toys.

Earlier, this teddy bear was owned by world-renowned financier, Paul Greenwood. However, he lost its possession when he was convicted of fraud. Grey and red stripes are clearly visible on this teddy bear. It also has yellow paws. During the auction, Harlequin teddy bear was expected to fetch over $80,000, however, it could only gather $75,826.


3 Steiff Diamond Eyes Teddy Bear - $84,000


This is another expensive bear from the German toy manufacturing company. The mouth of this teddy bear has been manufactured with pure gold. Similarly, the fur on its body has been manufactured with golden threads. The Golden-colored bear was manufactured by the company to commemorate its 125th anniversary.

According to most people, this teddy bear’s eyes are bright and shiny. Sapphires and diamonds have been used to create them. Only 125 collectible versions of this teddy bear were manufactured by the company. Each one is priced at $84,000.

2 Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear - $182,000

In the brand’s 150 year long fashion history, this is the only teddy bear which has been completely designed, developed and manufactured by Louis Vuitton. Only 500 pieces of this limited edition teddy bear were manufactured. This Monogram bear was given the name, DouDou. Its about a foot and a half tall and comes with the company’s logo. It was sold at a Christie’s auction in Monaco.

1 Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear - $2.1 Million


This one remains to be the most popular and expensive teddy bear in the world. There has never been a better ‘sale’ for a teddy bear at any auction in the world. As the name suggests, Steiff and Louis Vuitton collaborated to create this wonder toy. The famous fashion house and toy manufacturer came together to come up with a teddy that looked classy, elegant, cute and ‘rich’.

Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear was sold at an auction in Monaco in 2000. It was bought by Jessie Kim from Korea for a hefty price of $2,100,000. Currently, this teddy bear is on display in the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea.


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