The 10 Most Expensive Sex Toys In The World

It's a fact that sex brings a lot of excitement to life and it has evolved over the years, imposing itself against a civilization that continues to shy away from explicitly using the word 'sex'. The era of high technology has brought a lot of innovation that offers comfort and luxury to life, but it has also brought a whole lot of new techniques and tools that enhance human sexuality.

With the taboos that have been associated with sex diminishing, and humanity finding new ways of experiencing the joys and the delights of sex, new toys are seeing the light of day. Sex toys are becoming more and more common today, and they are not just the old school toys that bring pleasure and push the user towards climax. There is more than that to modern sex toys that are designed by innovative minds. They come in all styles, shapes, and makes, designed for different sexual experiences and keep you sex life alive and full of adventure.

For the ordinary person, it would be unthinkable to imagine a sex toy with a million dollar plus price tag on it. However, there are sex toys that cost a fortune; they could cost more than what a person can earn in a lifetime. Below is a selection of some of the 10 most expensive sex toys on the market. From the Beckham’s gift, to the diamond covered Vibrator, these sex toys are designed for different sexual uses, and behind the genius of their designers could be the underlying idea that sex becomes most enjoyable and fascinating when spiced with exquisite and expensive toys.

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10 Platinum Vibrator Encrusted with Diamonds - $3,250 

This sex toy is one of the expensive creations in the industry. It is a vibrator, designed with platinum and adorned with 28 carat encrusted diamonds at the base. The vibrator also comes in 24k gold. Although designed to be an object of pleasure, it is one of the ingenious designs in the sex toy industry, and can be acquired as a piece of art.

9 Silver Butt Plug with Horse Tail - $3,475

Designed by Betony Vernon, the Silver Butt Plug is an anal sex toy designed with silver and and a real horse's mane. It is commonly referred to as the "unicorn" butt plug, and has been inspired by science and the human desire for the finest things in life. The silver is made to resemble the unicorn. The butt plug is carefully designed with a bulbous head that resembles a horn, a flared end, and a tapered shaft to offer maximum sexual pleasure. The horse mane is soft and ideal for gentle swishing.

8 Paradise String of Pearls - $4,254

Also known as the massage gold ring, this is another design of Betony Vernon. It is a stellar massage ring that combines pleasure and art. It is designed with a ring that allows the owner to slip the middle finger through. It is a very discreet sex toy that can even be worn to a party. Only those who are knowledgeable can rightfully guess what it is when worn by its owner. The round gold balls are artfully placed on a string on the ring to bring maximum pleasure when used in sexual massage.

7 Gold Tickler - $4,506

The Gold Tickler is another expensive pearl in the sex toy market that will cost the buyer $4,506. The toy is made of 18k gold and adorned with feathers of marabou. It is an exotic Italian sex toy, designed to combine pleasure with luxury.

6 The Dream Love Chair – $6,200

The Dream Love Chair is a Korean design that combines the common pastimes of sex and laziness. This innovation was first made for people with physical disabilities that hinder them from enjoying the best positions in sex. Today, it is one of the most common sex toys you'll find in luxury hotels in places like Japan. Its design is unique and promises different sexual delights.

5 Lelo's Inez Gold - $15,000

Lelo’s Inez is a gold plated vibrator crafted from 18 carat gold, and designed to combine pleasure and elegance. It is well designed to be compatible with the female sex organ and has a specially designed egg bend. It has a lock mechanism that prevents it from getting turned on except as desired by the owner. This sex toy comes in a fashionable wooden box, accompanied by a charger, a satin pouch, and a manual. It can find a privileged place in a lady's safe or jewelry box. According to Inez, the gold vibrator has a one year warranty.

4 The Sex Doll - $23,080

Some designers have successfully created sex dolls that are the size of the human person and that perfectly resembles the person after whom they are designed. You can order the sex doll to your specifications. The great thing about these dolls is that they can be customized, modified, and reshaped to have the features the buyer wants. You can also select special add-ons like facial expressions, she-male genitalia, elf ears, and others.

3 Victor Phantasm - $ 59,154

Designed by a Parisian Jeweler, the 18-carat diamond ring mounted dildo is for the rich people and could be the best thing to hold for marriage proposal. The toy comes in different sizes and you can select the size that is most convenient for you. However, the beauty of this sex toy isn't just in the pleasure it brings. It is certainly an object of pleasure, but it can also be one of the pricey pieces of jewelry to keep. If you pull this piece apart, 177 diamonds will grace palm in the form of a ring that you can also wear on your finger.

2 The Royal Pearl - $1 Million

This vibrator is designed as a product of absolute luxury for art enthusiasts and erotica aficionados. It is one of the designs of Colin Burn and his business partner, Nicole Gallus. It’s an eye-catching vibrator that is embellished with 1000 white and pink sapphires, pearls, and diamonds. The piece that controls the device can be detached and fitted on a necklace.

1 Beckham’s Gift – $1.8 Million

Beckham's Gift is another million dollar vibrator designed by Peter Stringfellow, an owner of a strip-club in London. The vibrator was originally designed for Victoria Beckham and bought by her husband David Beckham while she was pregnant. It is made of platinum, with a 10k diamond encrusted base that is linked to a 16k diamond necklace. It is considered to be one of the insanely expensive sex toys and pieces of art on the sex market.

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