The Most Expensive Things You Can Buy For Your Pet

They say that dogs are man’s best friends, but for those who love pets, any cute and cuddly animal would do. Pets are loyal, uncomplaining, always by your side, and will never ask for anything in retu

They say that dogs are man’s best friends, but for those who love pets, any cute and cuddly animal would do. Pets are loyal, uncomplaining, always by your side, and will never ask for anything in return.

That is why for all their loyalty, pet lovers give these animals something in return. They spoil them rotten and provide them with the best things in life that money can possibly buy. While a pet will be perfectly happy so long as you give them food to eat, a place to sleep, and enough space to roam, they definitely will feel better if the food is provided by a gourmet chef, if the bed has soft sheets and pillows, and if the space for them has all the toys they could possibly want. Not that they would know the difference between a diamond stone and an ordinary rock, or complain if they ate out of an old tin can instead of an expensive jewelry-studded designer plate. Still, these animals are virtually parts of your family and they do deserve the finest things that life can offer.

So for those who have money to spare, here is a list of the top 10 most expensive things you can buy for your pet.

10 Versace Barocco Pet Bowl – $754

Versace is normally associated with high fashion. Some of its celebrity endorsers include the likes of Madonna, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and January Jones. Supermodels like Gisele Bundchen, Carolyn Murphy and Kate Moss have walked the fashion runway of the brand. The brand also has a line for male fashion, and Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Ian Somerhalder and Jonathan Rhys Meyers wear it. However, you certainly would not have thought that the likes of Lassie could be associated with the brand. The bowl has 22 karat gold leafing and carved with some fine black and gold detail.

9 Roberto Cavalli Pet Clothes – $1,200

If you really want the best for your pet, forget about passing down to them old clothes that you do not use anymore. Ignore those cheap pet clothes that tear while it is being worn for the first time. Instead, buy them the best. If there is haute couture, there is also a thing called pooch couture. You can actually buy your pets a pair of shorts made of silk, a bathrobe made of satin, and even Velcro tracksuits for their daily exercises. All these come from noted fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.

8 Pet Cabin – $1,396

Now where do your pets take their naps? While they can probably sleep anywhere without any complaints, making them a special bed would ensure that they are comfortable even during cold nights. A simple cardboard box or plush pillow on the floor would usually do. However, to make them really comfortable, a pet cabin made of wood and generously lined with pillows that can actually prevent the formation of dust is the way to go.

7 Swarovski Pet Flap – $1,644

To make sure that your pets can easily move in and out of the house, there should be flaps on the door made especially for them. After all, what is the use of potty training your animals if they cannot get out of the house on their own? So make sure they have a way to run out of the house whenever they feel like it, which also serves as a way for them to get back once they get tired. Reward them for this behavior by installing a flap made by Swarovski. This one has more than a thousand crystals encrusted all around it.

6 22k Gold-Thread Mattress – $3,000

Buying a mattress for your bed is not a regular task. You usually just look for the most comfortable, regardless of make or brand, put it on your bed, and that will be good for quite a few years to come. However, if you really want to pamper yourself, then go for those mattresses that are sewn with 22k gold threads. To ensure that they will not snuggle up to you early in the morning for the comfort of the mattress, then you might as well buy one for your pet too.

5 Louis XV Pet Pavilion – $23,990

Animal lovers tend to treat their pets like royalty. To ensure that they will feel like a monarch even during their down time, you can actually buy them small furniture, or a pet pavilion if you will, that is inspired by commode from 18th century France during the time of King Louis XV. It can also serve as great décor for your house, though decorating your house based on what your pets own is a completely different story.

4 Crystal Pet House – $31,660

The crystal pet house is actually designed by Hello Kitty, though it is definitely for use not only by kittens but also by puppies. Your pet can use it even when they mature, as long as your pet is of the small breed variety, adult animals can still use this pet house. The pet house has been encrusted generously with more than 75,000 crystal beads, which your pet would probably attempt to scratch off once you turn your back. So think of it as not just a pet house, but also a toy for your animal to play with and destroy.

3 Furnished Super Dog House – $410,825

There is a doghouse, and then there is the super doghouse. This doghouse is a perfect fit for a pet as well as a human. It is extremely secure, as a retina scan of the dog is required before access is allowed. Thus, unless your pet invites other animals in from the neighborhood, no one else can get inside. It also has a direct access to the house in case your pet wants to interact with you. There are automated food and water dispensers and self-cleaning bowls. It has its own bedroom with sheepskin beds, plus a lounge and play area. There is even a 52-inch television set that continuously plays The Dog Whisperer. To top it all off, there is a temperature-controlled spa with purification system. CCTV cameras are also installed to help you make sure your pet is not up to any shenanigans.

2 Diamond Dog Collar – $1.8 million

If your dog is always licking your hands and fingers, perhaps it is not just out of affection but also out of envy of your ring or bracelet. Then maybe, you should provide him with his own jewelry. A diamond dog collar is available, and nothing was spared to ensure its luxury. It is made of crocodile leather and encrusted with 1,600 diamonds set by hand on 18K white gold.

1 Pet Tiara – $4.2 million

Once your pet has all the amenities listed above, then he will surely feel like a king. What better way to show it than with his very own crown. This tiara has jewels that weigh 250 carats, so expect your pet to complain from time to time. Since he’s now the king, he does have the right to order you to remove this heavy crown.

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The Most Expensive Things You Can Buy For Your Pet