The Most Expensive Things Ever Bought Online

Thanks to the creation of the world-wide-web, consumers are now able to make purchases online; oftentimes, at discounted prices, with free shipping and no tax. On certain sites, such as eBay, consumers have the ability to bid on items as if it were an auction as well as post their items up for sale. Upon searching for 10 of the most expensive things ever bought online, we have come up with the following items.

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9 “Shoeless Joe’s” Baseball Bat: Sold for $577,610

Sold for $577,610, “Shoeless Joe’s” baseball bat was auctioned on eBay back in 2001. The sale of this bat made it the most expensive bat in the world. The bat was used by Major League Baseball’s “Shoeless Joe” Jackson during the years of 1908-1920. Born in 1887 in South Carolina, “Shoeless Joe” Jackson played for three major league baseball teams; the Philadelphia Athletics from 1908-1909, the New Orleans Pelicans in 1910 and the Chicago White Sox from 1915-1920.

8 Enzo Ferrari Sports Car: Sold for $1 Million

Sold for just under $1 million, and one of only 399 ever made, the Enzo Ferrari sports car was also sold on eBay back in 2002. Then, the price tag of this sports car set a record for the most expensive item ever auctioned online in Europe. The Enzo Ferrari is named after Italian motor racing driver Enzo Anselmo Ferrari who is the founder of Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix Motor Racing Team. Born in 1898, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari was often referred to as “il Commendartore and “il Drate.”

7 T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card: Sold for $1.1 Million

Sold for $1.1 million, and the most costly baseball card ever sold, the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card was endorsed by the American Tabaco Company in 1909. Also sold on eBay, the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card is one of the rarest baseball cards. The card was bought by Brian Seigel back in 2000 when he paid $1.1 million plus a 15% buyer’s fee. Honus Wagner was born in Chartiers, Pennsylvania in 1874 and was best-known for his superior speed and was dubbed “The Flying Dutchman.”

6 Bridgeville, California: Sold for $1.77 Million

Sold for $1.77 million, Bridgeville, California has been on eBay’s auctioning block three different times. Bought back in 2002 for $1.77 million, Bridgeville, California is located in Northern California and consist of around 30 residents. The town sits on 83-acres and has eight houses, a café and a post office. In 2006, Bridgeville’s most recent owner, a 25 year old college student, killed himself just a few months after making the purchase.

5 Atlas F Missile Base: Sold for $2.1 Million

Sold for $2.1 million in an auction on eBay in 2002. Located in Adirondack Park in upstate New York, the Atlas F Missile Base is a former United States missile base. The complex was built by the American Federal Government during the times of the Cold War and was designed to endure a direct nuclear hit. The Atlas F Missile Base was auctioned on eBay in 2002 and sold to the highest bidder.

4 Power Lunch with Warren Buffett: Sold for $2.6 Million

Selling for an impressive $2.6 million, and with proceeds going to charity, the annual Power Lunch with Warren Buffett has raised a total of over $9 million; these earnings have been donated to the Glide Memorial Church, a San Francisco organization that has fed the hungry for over 45 years. Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the world, is CEO of Berkshire Hathaway; owners of Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Geico and Helzberg Diamonds. Also, Berkshire Hathaway are part owners of Heinz and Mars Inc.

3 Shang Dynasty Vase: Sold for $3.3 Million

Sold for $3.3 million in an online auction hosted by Christie’s in 2010, this Shang Dynasty vase is a rare bronze wine vessel dating back to the 11th-16th century. In the second millennium B.C., the Shang Dynasty ruled in the rule river valley and artifacts date back as far as 1046 B.C.

3. Gulfstream II: Sold for $4.9 Million

Selling for $4.9 million on eBay, a Gulfstream II private jet is the third most expensive item bought online. Sold to a charter flight company headquartered in Africa, this private jet seats 12 people and was sold by vendor Tyler Jet. When sold back in 2001, this private jet was eBay’s highest priced item sold at auction.

2 Edward Hopper Art: Sold for $9.6 Million

Selling for $9.6 million in an online auction in late 2012 and hosted by Christie’s, Edward Hopper’s “October on Cape Cod” oil on paint canvas was painted in 1946. The masterpiece portrays a small home nestled on the shores of Cape Cod and is a well-known piece of American art.

1 A Giga Yacht: Sold for $140 Million

Sold on eBay for a small $140 million, and the most expensive item to be bought online, this 405-foot Giga yacht was bought by an anonymous buyer back in 2005. The yacht was designed and built by Frank Mulder of Mulder Design and features a built-in helicopter pad. While $140 million is a lot of money, who doesn’t need a yacht furnished with 10 multi-level suites offering panoramic windows, eight guest cabins, a salon, a cinema room, a fitness room, an office and a personal helicopter pad?

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