The Most Expensive Shoe Deals In The NBA

Have you ever seen those amazing shoes that NBA players wear? They're fancy, flashy and you could probably pour two or three soda cans into one of them. But did you know that people are being paid lar

Have you ever seen those amazing shoes that NBA players wear? They're fancy, flashy and you could probably pour two or three soda cans into one of them. But did you know that people are being paid large amounts of money in order to be shoe salesmen in the NBA?

Many players are getting shoe deals to have them exclusively wear shoes from certain companies. Some of these players will even be paid money to create new shoes that can be sold on the market.

Some of these deals will be for players with little to no experience. Andrew Wiggins is expected to get a deal of $200 million or more when he arrives in the NBA as soon as 2014.

It seems like every team has at least one player who has some kind of shoe deal. What's more is that these people will endorse just about every type of shoe brand out there. While it's true that nearly 200 players in the NBA endorse Nike and have deals with the company, There's also 66 players with Adidas deals, seven with Reebok and thirteen with Under Armour. Some players even had deals with smaller companies at the 2012 Olympics like AND1, Protégé, Qiaodan and Li Ning.

How about that, people are not only choosing shoes to wear but are also being paid to wear them. Some even choose very specific shoes like Carlos Boozer and the Nike Lunar Hyperdunk.

Just how much money are players being paid for shoe deals in the NBA? As you can see from this listing, some of these players are making more money wearing specific kinds of shoes in the NBA than some players who are just sitting on the bench doing nothing for their teams in particular outside of just warming the bench.

This listing entails the amount of money that certain people are being paid for wearing specific kinds of shoes in the NBA. The listing is arranged based on approximately how much money each player earns in one year by wearing shoes from certain companies.

10 Dwayne Wade - Li-Ning: $1 million

Why did Dwayne Wade leave a $10 million-per-year deal with Nike for a $1 million-per-year deal with Li-Ning? Simply put, he is looking to bring Li-Ning to the American market. While Li-Ning only has $1.4 billion in sales per year versus the $24 billion that Nike gets, Li-Ning is trying to enter into the American market with a relevant player. In the past, the company has signed cheap deals with players like Baron Davis as they get to the tail-end parts of their careers. Dwayne Wade's interest could change the shoe game.

9 Russell Westbrook - Jordan: $1.5 million

The $1.5 million that Russell Westbrook gets each year from Jordan, a shoe imprint run by legend Michael Jordan, is not only a good deal of money for this star but also a vote of confidence in sorts. The Jordan line is chosen by Jordan himself as he chooses the players that he wants to see wear shoes in his line. He wants only the finest players in the world of basketball to wear the stuff that he has to offer.

8 Amar'e Stoudemire - Nike: $3 million

Amar'e Stoudemire is hardly worth the $20 million that he's being paid with the New York Knicks as he's been injured for quite a period of time. However, Amar'e Stoudemire is getting $3 million each year from Nike. His Air Max Hyperposite is especially popular among fans for its fancy orange and black design.

7 Chris Paul - Jordan: $4 million

Chris Paul was being paid $600,000 per year for his first shoe deal when he got into the NBA.  He's getting around $4 million a year with Jordan to this day. While this is a good deal, he's also expected to get around $20 million a year in his next contract to make him a little more interesting for the general public to spot. Still, the contract is not all that impressive when compared to his shoe museum. He has more than a hundred pairs of shoes in his at home collection.

6 Carmelo Anthony - Jordan: $4 million

Carmelo Anthony signed a six-year contact with Nike worth $3 million per year when he got into the NBA nearly a decade ago. However, his contract total is not as strong with the Jordan imprint as it is often expected to be. This is in spite of playing in New York today. His shoe still sells around $40 million a year so it's possibly that he might try to get a new deal in the near future.

5 John Wall - Adidas - $5 million

John Wall signed a five-year deal with Reebok for $25 million when he was a stud with the University of Kentucky. However, the total sales for his shoes in one year totaled around $5 million, the same value that he is getting paid each year. While Wall's star is growing, he has since moved on to work with Adidas, the parent company of Reebok, and is marketing shoes from that company today.

4 Kevin Durant - Nike: $10 million

Kevin Durant signed a seven-year, $60 million contract when joining the Seattle SuperSonics in 2007. Things have changed since then; the Sonics are the Oklahoma City Thunder and Durant is one of the hottest names in the NBA. Today Durant's payments from Nike total around $10 million per year. However, his shoe with Nike isn't selling as well as people hoped. His shoe sold $7 million in the United States last year but he has been sent out to China to promote it as well.

3 Derrick Rose - Adidas - $14 million

Derrick Rose is being paid around $14 million each year from Adidas as part of a deal that will go on for much of his career. This is interesting since he's on the same team that Michael Jordan spent much of his career with, the Chicago Bulls. Rose's deal with Adidas will guarantee him at least $185 million during the total life of the contract even though he has struggled with serious injury issues in recent years and has stayed off the field.

2 Kobe Bryant - Nike: $15 million

Kobe Bryant used to wear Adidas shoes but has since gone on to endorse Nike. He makes $15 million a year from his endorsement deal with the company and has his own shoe, the Kobe 8, that gets around $50 million in sales each year in the United States. Nike hasn't listed details on how much money has come from outside the country but his shoe is most likely selling rapidly in China where the NBA has grown in size.

1 LeBron James - Nike: $20 million

LeBron James has been wearing Nike shoes since high school and even had a seven-year $90 million deal with them before graduating. He even has his own shoe, the LeBron X, that can be found for around $180 or $260 if you got them with the fancy Nike+ sensor system. It's estimated that LeBron makes about $20 million from Nike each year for wearing their shoes. In fact, he generates around $300 million in sales each year for selling shoes for Nike.

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