The Most Expensive Rims in the World

Asanti is a name that everyone in the high end automotive industry should know about. Celebrity hip hop moguls have been some of their biggest customers for years. When you hear rappers talking about putting dubs on their ride, they are probably talking about Asanti Rims.

Asanti has offered some of the most high class rims for the last 20 years, and catered to some of the biggest names in hip hop. Their innovative designs draw the high end customers to their company. With most Asanti rims costing at least $6,000 a rim, you are looking at on average spending over $20,000 dollars just to put rims on your car. You better have a $100,000 car to make that purchase worth it!

It was no surprise when Asanti decided to create the worlds most expensive rims of all time. They took an already amazing rim and incrusted it with pure diamonds. Each rim by itself costs $250,000 dollars, and the set is a crisp cool $1,000,000 dollars. It is easy to see why these rims are so rare, for there is a very small market for rims of this magnitude.

Rapper and hip hop entrepreneur, Master P , owns a set of these luxurious rims. With a networth of over 350 million dollars it is easy to see why he purchased such expensive rims. He has enough money to pretty much do whatever he wants.

It is interesting to see Asanti produce such extravagant rims, but it is not surprising. Asanti relishes in the highest end luxuries.

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The Most Expensive Rims in the World