The Most Expensive Parking Spots in the World

Sometimes, taking a car to your point of destination, be it work, school or any other social function, can be such a hassle. You have to endure potential gut-wrenching traffic, tolerate crazy drivers

Sometimes, taking a car to your point of destination, be it work, school or any other social function, can be such a hassle. You have to endure potential gut-wrenching traffic, tolerate crazy drivers and handle several other unfortunate conditions or events on the road. When you finally get there, you find that parking is another problem. You might end up having to park your car at a considerable distance from your actual destination. When you finally get a parking spot, you will then end up having to pay a ridiculous amount of money just for that space.

However, wait until you see some of the most excessive prices paid for by people for their car spaces. The list will be stretched a bit to include items that do not charge solely for the space itself. So instead of just the spot, you will also find in this list the amount required for the right to own a parking space. Here now is a list of the top 10 most expensive parking spots in the world, and even out of this world.

10 Near Trafalgar Square, London, England - $22,700

London is the capital city of England. It is a global city with an estimated population of more than 8.3 million people. It is the most populous region, urban zone and metropolitan area in the entire country. Plus, it is also a main destination for both local and foreign tourists. It is no wonder that traffic will be a main problem in the city. With traffic problems come the parking hassles. A report by CNN states that the average monthly parking in the city is over a thousand dollars per month, or $1,084 to be exact. A parking garage near Trafalgar Square charges $62.25 per day. On an annual basis, that amounts to $22,700.

9 Chicago Airport - $105,761

This is not really the regular or average cost of parking in the Windy City. Rather, this was the amount incurred by a vehicle that parked in Chicago’s O’ Hare Airport. The owner, Jennifer Fitzgerald, incurred 678 parking tickets in a span of just under three years from 2009 to 2012. The problem was, while the car was under her name, it was actually used by a former boyfriend who worked at the airport for United Airlines. In 2009, the guy decided to just abandon the vehicle. Eventually, it got ticketed for all kinds of violations, from cracked windows and expired plates to lack of city sticker and broken headlights. She couldn’t convince her ex-boyfriend to move the car. Eventually, all the fees came up to over a hundred thousand dollars.

8 GM Building, New York - $316,800

New Yorkers are extremely proud of their city. They consider it as the capital of the world. The city is also home to one of the most expensive real estates in the world. One of the most expensive properties in the city is the GM Building. Parking there can amount to as much as $316,800 per year.

7 Hong Kong - $640,000

Hong Kong is a global business hub with some of the priciest properties in the world. This dense urban jungle actually has an average annual parking rate of just under $9,000. If you want some real prime parking spots however just like Jacinto Tong, you will need to fork out much more than that. An amount of $640,000 should do the trick, and that will allow you to have space less than 20 steps from the elevator.

6 Barclays Center, Brooklyn - $1 million

The owner of this parking spot is Jay-Z, however, the amount is not really for a parking spot alone. The million dollars is the rap mogul’s investment with the Nets basketball team that he put in during the 2005 season while it was still based in New Jersey. The team has since moved to Brooklyn, and Jay-Z has retained the rights to his own spot in the building.

5 66 E. 11th Street, New York - $1 million

As mentioned above, New York has one of the most expensive properties in the world. Included in those properties are parking spots. One particular spot in a condominium building in the posh section of the city called Greenwich Village will cost you a million dollars. Just to put it in perspective, the spot measures 12 by 23 feet. It is the most expensive pure parking spot in the world.

4 Moon - $3 million

If there were parking attendants on the moon, they would be millionaires, if not livid, by now. Since the United States ended the Apollo mission that brought man to the moon, three lunar rovers have been left on its surface. Given that the program cost $132 billion, if we were to convert that to parking fees, that would be around $3 million per vehicle.

3 Hotel Ritz, Paris - $7.9 million

Paris is the city of lights and you can enjoy its glamour by staying at one of the city’s ritzy hotels. Better yet, stay at the Hotel Ritz, where a room can cost up to nearly $22,000 a night. If you stay there for an entire year, that will be about $7.9 million. At least, you will get parking along with your room.

2 Hamilton Scotts, Singapore - $24 million

Hamilton Scotts is a 30-story apartment in Singapore. The penthouse unit goes for as much as $24 million. Part of the attraction however is that you can take your vehicle right at the doorstep of your apartment. In a city where parking can be a problem, that is a great selling point.

1 USS Ronald Reagan - $4.5 billion

How do naval personnel get to work? Like all of us, they use cars. The only problem is where can they park, considering that their offices are those big naval ships? No worries, as the vehicles can be parked on the deck of the ship. A ship like the USS Ronald Reagan costs $4.5 billion, so it really is a privilege to be able to park there.

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The Most Expensive Parking Spots in the World