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The Most Expensive Houses for Sale in Each Canadian Province

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The Most Expensive Houses for Sale in Each Canadian Province

Canada is a beautiful country free of the hustle and bustle usually associated with its neighbor down south. So while places like Michigan have rundown houses that are being sold for as low as a dollar, just across the border is the Canadian province of Ontario that boasts of gorgeous homes in the millions of dollars.

Here now are the most expensive houses for sale in each Canadian province.

Alberta – $12 million


Alberta is located in western Canada and is considered to be the most populous among the three prairie provinces of the country. It is one of only two provinces that have no direct access to the ocean. Edmonton is the capital and it is located at the province’s geographic center. It also serves as the primary supply and service hub for the country’s oil sands industry. The most expensive house in the province is in Cochrane, with a house that has a two-story library, a wing for the nanny, six-car garage, a movie theater, pool and a hot tub.

British Columbia – $29 million


British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada. It is part of the Pacific Northwest along with the American states of Oregon and Washington. Victoria is the capital while Vancouver is the largest city. It boasts of mild weather and climate that promotes outdoor recreation and tourism. It has a strong housing market because of the province’s high standard of living, nice environment and high per capita income. Just north of Vancouver are two islands covering 85 acres of land. It has two buildings and the islands include a main house, the guesthouse, living quarters for your help and staff, a boathouse and several gardens. The thick forest also naturally covers the structures.

Manitoba – $4.7 million

Canoeing at Sunrise on Child's Lake in Canada

Manitoba is a prairie province that has a flat topography and continental climate. The biggest city in the province is Winnipeg, which also serves as the capital. As the largest city between Calgary and Toronto, Winnipeg is a beehive of activity, serving as host of the province’s executive, legislative and judicial offices; four of the province’s five universities; and all four of its professional sports teams. East of the city is a house that looks like a hotel, with 24-foot ceilings and nine bathrooms. The place covers 13,000 square feet and has its own wine cellar, gym, spa and office space.

New Brunswick – $2.9 million


New Brunswick is one of the three Maritime Provinces and the only one that is constitutionally bilingual, with both English and French used officially. Its capital is in Fredericton and its most populous city is Saint John. The most expensive place in the province is actually a hunting cabin that boasts of four bedrooms, four toilets and baths, a huge kitchen with quarters for the chef. It also has a trail network for hunters.

Newfoundland and Labrador – $3.9 million


Newfoundland and Labrador is a province on the east coast. Its capital and largest city is St. John’s. The most expensive house is in Long Pond and has a protected access to the ocean. It has three bedrooms in a house that has 3,000 square feet of living space. The rear of the house has a deck that falls straight off into the sea underneath it.

Nova Scotia – $6.7 million


Nova Scotia is a Maritime Province and is the most populous among the four provinces in the Atlantic. It is the second smallest and second most densely populated province. It is located at the halfway point between the equator and the North Pole. Its capital is Halifax. The most expensive house sits on an isolated land that measures 41 acres. The house itself is located by the ocean and has a very modern glass and concrete design. The floors are heated and the lighting fixtures are customized. The walls are made of glass that offers a sweeping view of the sea.

Ontario – $12 million


Ontario is in east central Canada and is the country’s most populous, with 40 percent of all Canadians living in this province. It is the second largest in terms of area. The provincial capital and largest city is Toronto, while the nation’s capital of Ottawa is also located here. The most expensive house is in Oakville, which boasts of 159 feet of protected lake frontage, winterized spa, four-car garage and three fireplaces. It has 7,000 square feet of living space.

Quebec – $30 million


Quebec is a province in east central Canada that has the distinction of being the only one that uses French as its sole official language. It is the largest province in terms of area and the second largest in terms of population. It also ranks second to Ontario in terms of economic output. Quebec City is the capital, while Montreal is the largest city. The most expensive home is located in a private island. Getting there requires passing through a private gated bridge with a security post. The place has an elevator, several fireplaces, gym and a pool house with its own kitchen.

Prince Edward Island – $7 million


Prince Edward Island is a Maritime Province that consists of the island itself, as well as some other islands. It is the smallest province in terms of area and population. The capital and largest city is Charlottetown. The most expensive house is a mansion by the sea that is made of stone and hardwood. It even has a separate room specially designated for in-laws.

Saskatchewan – $3.3 million


Saskatchewan is a prairie province that got its name from the river. Regina is the provincial capital while Saskatoon is the largest city. It is also home of the Saskatchewan First Nations, which owns 761,000 acres of reserve land bought using the money received from its land claim agreement with the national and provincial governments. The most expensive house is near Saskatoon. It is completely framed by wood and has four bedrooms. There is also a family and entertainment room in the basement.

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