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The Most Expensive Horror Movies Ever Made

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The Most Expensive Horror Movies Ever Made

Nowadays, every person has their own interest and preferences based on the material they would like to watch on TV, but it’s quite evident that movies have become ta big part of the entertainment industry. Actually, hundreds of movies including horror movies are produced and released by different production houses annually, but only a few get the much needed public attention. Basically, the main factor that determines the success or failure of a movie is its budget; for instance, a movie with a larger budget will have famous superstars hence adding full perks to its profile. Here are the 10 horror movies that cost the most to produce.

10. The Exorcist: The Beginning (2004): $78 Million


Unlike most horror movies in entertainment industry, The Exorcist was planned for years, but it was plagued by a couple of problems including the death of its director, J. Frankenheimer, before production had even begun. However, the project’s estimated budget was about $80 million ($50 million for Harlin’s and $30 million for Schrader’s version). Even though this budget had beaten Harlin’s, it failed to beat the total project’s budget.

9. The Invasion (2007): $80 Million


This is one of the most expensive horror movies which was scheduled to be released in 2006 but was postponed to 2007. Upon its released, the Invasion grossed about $6 million within the first one week, but failed to recoup its reported production budget of approximately $80 million after hitting a worldwide gross of $40 million.

8. Shutter Island (2010): $80 Million


This is definitely one of the most expensive horror movies ever made, and it was based on D. Lehane’s 2003 novel of the same name. The movie grossed a total of about $294 million ($128 million in its initial domestic release and $166 million internationally), thus beating its budget estimate of about $80 million.

7. The Haunting (1999): $90 Million


As a remake of the of the 1963 horror film of the same name, The Haunting (1999) had a budget estimate of about $90 million ($80 million for production and $10 million domestic TV advertising campaign). Fortunately, it covered its $80 million budget, but not the cost of it advertising. Basically, it was not as financially successful as anticipated.

6. Hannibal (2001): $87 Million


According to a report published in the Los Angeles Times in 1999, it was speculated that the adaptation of Hannibal could cost about $100 million since actors like Jodie and Hopkins, and director Demme could receive $15 million, $5 million and $19 million respectively. This horror film spent 3 weeks at the number one in the U.S. box office chart grossing a total of about $520 million.

5. Hollow Man (2000): $95 Million


In spite of its poor response from critics, the Hollow Man horror film debuted at the top position in its opening weekend with a whopping $26 million. However, it went on to a gross of about $190 million worldwide, surpassing its $95 million production budget.

4. What Lies Beneath (2000): $100 Million


Although the production of this horror movie was initially budgeted at $50 million, upon its release on in July 2000, the budget had risen up to $100 million. It grossed just under $30 million within the first one week and continued throughout the summer to over $155 million in the United States and $300 million globally.

3. Prometheus (2012): $130 Million


Prometheus entered its production stage in 2010 with extensive design phases that involved the use of the technology that the horror film required. It was shot using 3D cameras in several locations like England, Iceland, Scotland and Spain, and thus inflating its budget to about $130 million. Fortunately, it grossed more than $403 million worldwide, though with mixed response from critics.

2. I Am Legend (2007): $150 Million


I Am Legend is one of the most expensive post-apocalyptic science fiction horror movies based on R. Matheson’s 1954 novel of the same name. It is quite fascinating to note that shooting of the scene in which New York’s citizens evacuate the city consumed about $5 million of the budgeted $150 million. The film grossed $256 million in North America and $585 million worldwide.

1. The Wolfman (2010): $170 Million


Based on the 1941 classic werewolf horror film of the same title, The Wolfman grossed $19 million on its opening day and $31 million in its opening weekend, coming in third at the box office in 2010. Unfortunately, it grossed approximately $140 million, barely surpassing its $150 to $170 million budget.

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