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The Most Expensive Designer Brands

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The Most Expensive Designer Brands

Wearing designer brand clothing is easily a way to show other your class and style. If someone is walking down the street sporting Gucci, then they are going to be looked at as a wealthy individual. For many decades there have been a few designers that have topped the market when it comes to designer fashion. Here are some of the most expensive designer brands on the market now for consumers to wear.



Dior was started back in the day by famous fashion designer Christian Dior. The fashion that comes out of Dior is always something to be reckoned with. From the most elegant hats, to form fitting business trousers, this company is going to give you the edge.



Prada prides themselves on having some of the most elegant, yet simple designs. Unlike some other designer brands, which focus on being a once wear company, Prada makes long lasting durable clothing. These clothes will turn heads and make you an item at any social event you attend.

Dolce and Gabanna


Dolce and Gabanna has been one of the premier designer brands for some time now. Their men’s clothing is especially high end, and makes any man wearing it look like the CEO of a fortune 500 company.



Gucci is easily the most expensive clothing brand in the US right now. Return customers allow for the pricing to stay at its extreme level. When high end celebrities like Lil Wayne and Birdman are your repeat customers, you can pretty much do whatever you want with your prices!

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