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The Most Expensive Countries for Foreign Students

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The Most Expensive Countries for Foreign Students

More and more students go abroad to study. According to a report some 3 million students pursue higher education in foreign countries every year and this figure has been increasing. Many students and their families decide on this option for many reasons including getting top quality education, experience, travel and expand worldview, internship options, employment opportunities and personal growth. Many students reported going back home a different, better person after studying abroad. According to them its an amazing experience like no other.

There are many factors to consider if you are thinking of studying abroad. One major factor is of course the cost as it doesn’t come cheap at all. One may spend as much as $38,000 per year to study in a foreign country. Here are the top 10 costliest countries for foreign students to pursue higher education.

10. Taiwan

Annual fees $3,270

Annual cost of living $4,987

Annual total $8,257


The number of foreign students in Taiwan has steadily increased and are now are at around 10,000. Mostly from neighboring Asian countries before, now the foreign student population has students from the United States and Europe. These students go all the way to Taiwan to study the Chinese language, genetic engineering, tropical  agriculture, semi-conductors, business and forestry. Though lately a growing number of them study Mandarin, communication design and finance. The cost of a degree in a Taiwan school is the same cost of one semester education in a U.S. university.

9. China

Annual fees $3,983

Annual cost of living $4,783

Annual total $8,766


According to a report, in 2012 there were already more than 320,000 foreign students from over 180 countries who came to China to study. China is after all home to many world-class universities and it has been investing well in higher education. Most of these universities teach in English so knowing how to speak and write in the Chinese language is not a prerequisite to study highly popular degrees in engineering, economics and trade, MBA, science and medicine. The degree earned in China is highly recognized by most developed countries like the U.S, Britain, Japan, and France among others.

8. Russia

Annual fees $3,131

Annual cost of living $6,310

Annual total $9,441


There are so many choices of where to study in Russia. The country has more than 600 state universities and quite a number of private universities as well. Funding your study in Russia may not pose as a big problem because as an emerging new study destination, it is not very expensive. Popular areas of study include arts, languages, law, mathematics and science.

7. Japan

Annual fees $6,522

Annual cost of living $12,642

Annual total $19,164


There are more than 100,000 foreign students studying in Japan’s universities, professional schools and junior colleges. Japan has always been a place to go to for studies especially with students from China. To get into Japanese universities, foreign students need to pass their standard exam called the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU). What makes it most appealing to study in Japan is its academic environment and state-of-the-art technology for studies in electronics, medicine and other research programs.

6. Hong Kong

Annual fees $13,182

Annual cost of living $9,261

Annual total $22,443


Hong Kong is considered a regional hub for academic studies. Students from all over the world flock to Hong Kong to get higher and better quality of education as well as better value too. Institutions of learning in Hong Kong are considered the best in the world and the degree you earned is internationally revered and recognized.

5. Canada

Annual fees $18,474

Annual cost of living $7,537

Annual total $26,011


If you want to earn a globally recognized degree in a diverse and multicultural classroom, the top option is to go to Canada and it’s not a very expensive option. Learning institutions in Canada have close ties with business and industry to make learning relevant to the ever changing workplace and fit the real needs of employers. There are so many options and areas of study that Canadian institutions specialize in including;  business, agriculture, health, social services, broadcasting and journalism, languages and arts, health, design, sciences, IT and engineering.

4. United Arab Emirates

Annual fees $21,371

Annual cost of living $6,004

Annual total $27,375


Home of the best universities in the Gulf region is the United Arab Emirates. Tuition costs may be a little bit high but it is a good option for students who want to enjoy what UAE has to offer; sun, sea, sand, fun and tax-free earnings once they finish their studies.

3. United Kingdom

Annual fees $19,291

Annual cost of living $11,034

Annual total $30,325


If you want to gain world-class education, a good and popular option is to go to the United Kingdom. As a student in the UK, one will benefit from its strict high quality standards of education (four UK universities are included in the top six universities in the world), strong reputation for research (UK is one of the world-leading research nations) and high qualifications that are respected by employers worldwide. With most UK courses taking much shorter time to complete (postgraduate courses take one year or more), this helps keep the living and education costs down.

2. United States

Annual fees $25,226

Annual cost of living $10,479

Annual total $35,705


Even with the condition of the economy and the high cost of education, foreign students coming to the U.S. are still increasing. According to data, there has been an increase of 8% enrollment coming from foreign graduate students. United States remains the go-to for foreign students because of its thousands of universities and colleges that are known for quality and offering the most number of programs of study. There is also a lot of choices and flexibility when it comes to tuition and living costs.

1. Australia

Annual fees $25,375

Annual cost of living $13,140

Annual total $38,516


Australia is now the most expensive country for foreign students. This fact may be one of the reasons why there has been a decline of almost 20 percent in enrollment. Although this may turn around with the weakening currency and visa processing made easier now. Australia offers unique advantages over other countries offering foreign students education which is giving students the ability to work while studying and also giving them post-study work rights.

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