The Most Expensive Consumer Video Cameras

Video production has become easier and more accessible in the last 5 years due to some major improvements in technology. For only 300 dollars you can get a camera that will shoot High Definition footage that would cost you thousands of dollars 15 years ago. There are some amazing cameras out now that will shoot cinema quality footage if you are willing to pay the price. These are some of those cameras, that happen to be some of the most expensive consumer video cameras in the market.

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3 Canon eos C300 - 16,000$

Canon released this amazing cinema camera to the consumer market a few years ago and it has been very well received. Many small film companies, tv stations, and independent  directors have chosen to use this camera. The canon cinema lenses you can use on this camera are quite amazing and impress filmmakers and audiences alike.

2 Canon eos 1Dc - 12,000$

The Canon eos 1Dc is a great camera for the filmmaker that wants that high end cinema look as well as having the DSLR body convenience and feel. With the use of the canon cinema lenses as well, the footage that you are able to get with this camera is quite incredible.

1 Red Epic Dragon - 32,000$

Red is a company started by the founder of Oakley. It was the first camera in the consumer market that shot on 4k resolution. That's 4 times higher than 1080p HD. This camera looks more like a bomb when it doesn't have a lens on it. The huge price tag on this camera will get you the amazing quality, but it does come at quite a price!

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