The Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Chocolates have been around since 1100 B.C. when the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican people started making chocolate beverages. But ever since John Cadbury of Great Britain created an emulsification process to make solid chocolates in the 19th century, it has become one of the most favorite food items in the world. It is probably the only food item that kids can eat and finish without much prodding from the parents. Chocolates are delicious and healthy as well. It is known to release chemicals in the body that make a person feel better. It’s a legal and non-sexual way of getting high.

Price should not be an object when it comes to this amazing delicacy. Here are the top 10 most expensive chocolates in the world.


10 Vosges Haut Chocolat - $69

Vosges Haut Chocolat is a luxury chocolate maker based in Chicago. Katrina Markoff owns the company and it is known for its exotic offering using ingredients like bacon, Mexican chilis, cinnamon, ginger, wasabi and black sesame seeds. Its more famous items include the Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar, Red Fire Chocolat and Black Pearl  Chocolat. The owner personally chooses all the spices, chocolates and flowers used by the company before they are brought into its kitchen.


9 Amedei Porcelana by Amedei - $90

The Amedei Porcelana is constantly marketed as the most expensive chocolate in the world. It is called Porcelana because of the porcelain color of the translucent cocoa beans that it uses. It is actually a genetically pure strain of criollo, a bean that is native to the South American country of Venezuela. The chocolate has been awarded as the best dark chocolate bar, the golden bean and the best bean to bar honors by chocolate award-giving bodies.


8 Grand Cru from Pierre Marcolini - $102.50

Pierre Marcolini is a gourmet chocolatier from Belgium. His chocolates are sourced from only the best cocoa beans from countries such as Ecuador, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico and Venezuela. He then flavors it with fresh vanilla. His innovative chocolates have received acclaim because of its careful and meticulous preparation similar to the dishes designed and prepared by master chefs.


7 Richart - $120

Richart is known for the smoothness of its dark chocolates, as well as the unique taste of its products. Its chocolate products range from citrusy and herbal to fruity, floral and even spiced. It manufactures the chocolates straight from the beans that it sources from Haiti, Madagascar and Venezuela.


6 The Aficionado’s Collection by The House of Grauer - $210

The House of Grauer is a company based in Switzerland that markets itself as the cigar smoker’s chocolate companion. It aims to combine the best of both bean and leaf that promises to leave a lasting impression on the senses of the smoker. The company offers up to 14 different flavors in its chocolates. It uses only the best ingredients and some of its unique offerings include the Hawaiian Kona Coffee Bean, Japanese Matcha Tea, French Organic Bee Pollen and Turkish Star Anise.


5 Amedei Toscano Black Truffles in Swarovski Chocolate Box by - $294

When you talk about luxury products, this chocolate probably has it all. Amedei is known as a company that creates some of the most expensive chocolates in the world. Truffles are considered to be the most expensive food in the planet. Armand de Brignac is the number one champagne on earth. Gold is one of the most expensive minerals. And Swarovski is known for its expensive and luxury crystals. Put them all together and what have you got? A product fit enough to be sold at Harrods, the luxury London department store in Knightsbridge. Just imagine 15 of Amedei’s Toscano black truffles filled with champagne and topped with edible gold flakes and placed in a handmade box uniquely designed and studded with 450 Swarovski crystals. The product is also available online through


4 Chocolates with Edible Gold by DeLafee - $508

Delafee is a company based in Switzerland. It prides itself for its products that it calls the art of gold. One of its products is a chocolate collection made from the finest cocoas from Ecuador and decorated with edible gold. As a matter of fact you can even buy a gram of edible gold from the company.


3 Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve & Gallais - $900

Debauve & Gallais is a chocolate manufacturer from France. Sulpice Debauve established the company in 1800 before Antoine Gallais, his nephew, joined him 23 years later. It has the distinction of holding a royal warrant as purveyors of the court. It is also the official supplier of Napoleon and various French kings. Its Le Grand Louis XVI can cost as much as $900. It is just one of the company’s offering of dark chocolates that has cocoa percentages of as much as 99 percent.


2 Wispa Gold Chocolate by Cadbury - $1,628

The Wispa Gold Chocolate is a one-off from Cadbury. The company gold used to have a product called Wispa Gold. After six years, it decided to re-launch the product through a glitzy marketing campaign. It tapped Selfridges, a high-end department store chain in the United Kingdom to sell special Wispa Gold Chocolates that was covered in a specially designed and created leaf wrapper made of gold. The chocolate was also wrapped in a leaf made of edible gold.


1 Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle by Fritz Knipschildt - $2,600

Chocopologie comes from Fritz Knipschildt, a chef from Denmark who founded his own chocolate company called Knipschildt Chocolatier in 1999. It is also called the La Madeline au Truffe. It is made of 70 percent Valrhona dark chocolate with vanilla at its base. Heavy cream, sugar and truffle oil are added to create the perfect chocolate. You cannot just come in and buy this item off the rack, however. The chocolate is made to order. Once bought, it should be consumed within seven days, though once you have tasted it, it would probably be gone within the hour.

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The Most Expensive Chocolates in the World