The Most Expensive Cheeses in the World

Cheese is undeniably one of the best dairy products there is. It's milky, salty, tasty and its goodness is something dairy lovers cannot resist. There are several types of cheeses. As you know, cheese is made out of animal's milk. It may be from a cow, goat, sheep, buffalo and even from a donkey. Cheeses have a variety of flavors and textures too. There are kinds that have molds or rind on them while some liquefy when exposed to cooking temperature.

Varieties of cheese may reach up to hundreds, for most countries have their own take and version of it. How the cheese is made depends on a number of factors like where the milk is from, if the milk went through pasteurization, as well as the processing used. Other cheeses have a few additions, like herbs and spices. Cheese lasts longer than milk, although how long a specific type of cheese will last depends on its type. In general, hard cheeses such as cheddar, jack, edam, and gouda last longer than the soft ones such as the brie, feta, and camembert.

Cheese-making is a laborious task. It requires a great amount of patience and strength as it involves a lot of processes such as curdling, curd processing and ripening, which take place not just for several days but even for months, or maybe even years. All the wait is worth it when it suddenly sits on your plate. At cold temperatures, the fat in cheese hardens like unsoftened butter and when placed in room temperatures, hard cheeses melt.

Meanwhile, there are both raves and rants when it comes to cheese's health benefits. It is said that some cheeses may help lessen a person's chances of acquiring any heart-related disease. Cheeses such as cheddar and mozzarella and a few others have been known to help prevent decay of teeth. With tryptophan present in cheese, it is said to be a good stress reliever and sleep inducer. However, some types have been studied to have hypertensive effects as well.

Now that we have gotten all those “cheesy” facts out of the way, let us now satisfy our curiosity. With all the different types of cheese available, there are some that will definitely stand out, some with how they taste and how they look like, but in this case, how much they are worth. It is said that high price comes with high quality. So if you could afford it, why not try these on your bagels or add them in your casseroles just to see what the fuss is about. Usual comments basically revolve around how much it is priced and how it tastes like. We'll never really know unless we take a gulp, close our eyes and take it in, the hefty price included. So without further ado, here is a list of the world's most expensive cheeses.

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7 Gorau Glas

Also known as the cow's milk blue cheese, Gorau Glas is made especially at the Caws Gorau Glas farm in Dwyran, Anglessy in the United Kingdom. You would have to purchase the most expensive cheese in the UK from Margaret Davies for $40 per pound. It is said to be priced as such because production involves the use of the family's dairy herd and extensive labor. Popularity-wise, the Gorau Glas is up in the ladder as it has bagged numerous awards all over the European continent.

6 Beaufort D'ete

The most expensive cheese in New York's Murray's, a cheese haven, is the French mountain cheese called Beaufort D'ete, which sells for $44.99 per pound.

5 Bitto

A mash up of orbic goat and Swedish brown cow's milk make up the Bitto, or more commonly known as the formaggio italiano. Production of this kind of cheese has been traditional, enabling farmers to be a part of this tradition. You better not wish that all Bittos be gone in the morning, for it is not easy to make. It is said that this is the only cheese in the world which requires ten long years to ripen. A pound of the Bitto costs $55.

4 Moose Cheese

The Moose House in Bjurholm, Sweden is known for its 59-acre moose dairy, where you will have the pleasure to meet Gullan, Haelga, and Juna. The three are responsible for the $500 per pound cheese, one of the most expensive in the world. The price probably has to do with the production of the cheese as the three moose can only be milked between May and September.

3 Caciocavallo Podolico

This is the most popular type of cheese in Italy. When translated, Caciocavallo Podolico means “horse cheese.” The cheese is not derived from horse milk though, but because of a story that dates back to the old days, the cheese was hung off the back of a horse to allow curing while being transported. The cheese is very enticing to eat as it has a nice pear shape, a shiny rind, and has a creamy filling inside. A pound of this cheese is worth $650.

2 Ass or Donkey  Cheese

One of the most expensive cheeses in the world is the $700 per pound donkey cheese. This cheese is made from 100% Balkan donkeys' milk of the Nature Reserve Zasavica along the Zasavica River. Twenty-five liters of milk is used to make a kilogram of cheese, thus the hefty price. The cheese is, as some described, stinky but white and crumbly.

1 Gold Cheese or Stilton Cheese

For some time, gold has only been used to adorn ourselves with dazzling jewelry. This time, some company made it possible for gold to be edible. Dubbed as the world's most expensive cheese, Foodie's Cheese managed to whip up an intriguing cheese variety especially made for the holiday season. It is called Stilton Cheese with real gold flakes. The gold is completely edible, so patrons who are curious need not worry about grubbing the gold down. The cheese is priced at $2064 per pound.

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