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The Most Expensive Celebrity Concert Tours

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The Most Expensive Celebrity Concert Tours

Celebrities live the luxurious life, and we all want to be the closest we can to it and maybe that’s a reason why attending your favorite musician’s tour gives you that ultimate experience and natural high, that leaves you wanting more. Musical tours can cost a pretty penny, and some celebrities go to all costs to put the most exotic show out there for their fans. However, how much would you pay, to get the amazing experience from your favorite band?

Some of the hottest tours happening currently are Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz Tour, as well as Beyonce’s. Their most devoted fans will go at all lengths to purchase tickets, and get the most out of their experience. Not only is a fan willing to pay the price, but the musician is too; from lights, to dancers, to set changes, a tour can add up, and add up quickly. So what are some of the most expensive concert tours in America? This list will break it down for you, and maybe can give you some insight as to what your favorite musicians really offer you during their performances.

10. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, Brothers of the Sun Tour: $200


Back in June of 2012, two of the strongest country musicians teamed together to create the ultimate fan experience by combining two concerts into one. Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney‘s Brothers of the Sun tour kicked off with a minimum asking price of $200—if you wanted more of the sweat and action, tickets were quickly raising to $800. With a magical duo like these two, the concert was set off with a bang. With 22 shows across the U.S., it was a pretty select picking, but if you paid the reward, you would also have gotten to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, as well as Jake Owen.

9. Taylor Swift, RED Tour: $210


Taylor Swift has been quickly growing in the musical world, and has much to show for it during her RED tour, which began in March of 2013, in Omaha, Nebraska. Taylor Swift’s performance in Sydney had a jaw dropping 50,000 fans in the Allianz Stadium, which helped Taylor become the first female artist in history to sell out the stadium since its 1988 opening. If you’re a true Swift fan, paying on average around $210 a pop isn’t asking much.

8. One Direction, Up All Night Tour: $216

1D Birmingham

The newest boy band to take the scene really started off with a bang in the UK, performing to over 500,000 people alone. With their tour mainly being created for Europe in May of 2012, they pushed back their tour dates to travel to the U.S., creating lots of show dates. One Direction’s tour played 26 shows in Europe, 26 in the U.S., and seven more shows in Oceania, resulting in a whopping 62 total shows. If you or a teeny bopper who loves One Direction, forking over $220 shouldn’t be a problem.

7. Paul McCartney, Out There! Tour: $241


This concert started in May of 2013, kicking off in Europe. On average, Sir McCartney played for two and a half hours for his devoted fans, and even extended his tour to reach the other countries of South America. His tour gig created new stages and platforms for him to perform on, that raised him 20 feet into the air; as well as laser lights electrifying the venue. If you wanted to attend this concert, the lowest asking price began at around $240.

6. The Eagles, History of the Eagles Tour: $354


The Eagles is kind of like that amazing first date that you can never forget about. The legendary band put together a tour in July of 2013, and toured between the U.S. and Europe. The tour is a little more intimate than most; the first opening songs begin on a really small stage, soon to be brought out with a larger stage as the show moves forward. They also talk about their history and the meanings of their songs every couple or so, which makes for a truly unique experience. If you wanted to jump in on the experience of a lifetime, $400 was an average asking price.

5. U2, 360 Degrees Tour: $400


This U2 concert was mainly due to their 2009 album, No Line on the Horizon, with the concert starting from 2009, and ending in July of 2011. The name was due to their concert configuration, of the audience being able to see a full 360 of the stage and their performance. With seven legs, and a total of 110 shows, U2 made quite the revenue with $736 million in ticket sales. If you’re the avid U2 fan, then attending their uniquely structured stages across the U.S. was probably on your bucket list.

4. Justin Timberlake, 20/20 Experience Tour: $512


Make no mistake, Justin Timberlake‘s once “boy band” image, has helped him out in the long run. Timberlake’s 20/20 Tour had its grand opening on November of 2013, and has had huge critical acclaim for his shows; it is the great Mr. Timberlake, right? Justin worked closely with fashion Designer, Tom Ford, to create over 600 costumes for Timberlake and his team. With shows in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and North America, Justin Timberlake had a 113 show set during his tour. If you’re willing to drop $520 to see your favorite man, then you’re all set.

3. Jay Z and Kanye West, Watch the Throne Tour: $603


This power rapper duo Kanye West and Jay Z made for an incredible show; that is, if you could have afforded it. The Watch the Throne tour kicked off in October 2011, and ended in June 2012. Rihanna was the only musical guest to support the show, as well as wife Beyonce and girlfriend, Kim Kardashian in the mosh pit during their Paris show. The tour was a major success, resulting in 63 shows across America and Canada, and creating revenue of $48.3 million, making this tour the highest grossing hip hop tour of 2011.

2. Beyonce, Mrs. Carter Show Tour: $764


With Beyonce as your name, be prepared to run the world, and have everyone adore you. Beyonce kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show (a tip of the hat to her husband, Jay Z’s album) in April of 2013, and reached record standings. Her world tour helped make Beyonce the highest grossing female tour lead, with an overall revenue of $188.6 million. The concert began with a video projection of black and white images of architecture, along with Beyonce dressed as Marie Antoinette, and being handed a crown. If you were a devoted Beyonce fan during the time, paying around $770 a ticket was just chump change to you.

1. The Rolling Stones, 50 and Counting Tour: $1,044


The Rolling Stones are legendary, hence why their concert prices would be the most expensive. Their concert kicked off in May of 2013 in L.A., reaching its way across the states, eventually into Canada, and even held some secret performances in Paris. The 50 and Counting tour was set to kick off their 50 years together; so you can imagine this tour being pretty lavish. They had many musical guests take the stage, including Lady Gaga, John Mayer, and Mary J. Blige. If you wanted to see the infamous Stones, you’d have to be ready to pay around $1,000 a ticket. Prices of your favorite musical band or performer may not matter, if they’re your absolute favorite. The problem with tours is the fact that you’ll never know if they’ll come back again—resulting in high ticketing prices. However, if you’ve got the cash, then why not splurge on your favorite song?

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