The Most Expensive Car Rims in the World

Car rims are important parts of the vehicle. Whether you drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti or Bentley, or a Mercedes Benz, BMW or Audi, or even if it were a Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler or Tesla, the

Car rims are important parts of the vehicle. Whether you drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti or Bentley, or a Mercedes Benz, BMW or Audi, or even if it were a Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler or Tesla, the look of your vehicle can dramatically change with the perfect wheels.

Having the perfect set allows your vehicle to have a completely unique style. Be sure that the color, material, finish and size fit the look you desire for your ride.

With the proper wheels, your vehicle will look like it is wearing automotive jewelry. Asanti once came out with a one-off 22-inch set during the SEMA auto show that featured 110,000 carats of gemstones. The wheels provided the appropriate class to complement the Bentley Continental GT that they were attached on. Those wheels cost a cool million dollars.

However, one-offs aside, what are highest-priced wheels in the world? Here now is a look at the top 10 most expensive car rims in the world.

10 Ace Executive Black - $1,383.80

The Executive Black wheels from Ace have a machined face and lip. It has a bulky style that evokes the attitude, making them the perfect complement to full-sized luxury sedans, sports utility vehicles and trucks. These car rims feature high quality workmanship and a powerful design appropriate for those big luxury vehicles.

9 Dub - $1,772

Dub is one of the market pioneers in big size show custom wheels. Its Shooz Matte Black with Chrome Accents have received raves and accolades because of the combination of affordability and quality. This set of car rims is one of the most desirable customized rims on the market. Different sizes are available, depending on whether you have a luxury sedan, luxury truck, sports utility vehicle or one of those extreme sport cars. This is a one-piece construction built by hands using grade T-6061 cast aluminum. Stainless steel fasteners are used and the rims have been tested extensively for fatigue, impact and durability.

8 Vossen - $2,596

Vossen has always been known for its passion for customized car rims with sophisticated designs and high quality. It is responsible for some of the most innovative and advanced rims in the industry. Vossen specializes in low-pressure casting of aluminum wheels with either a shiny chrome or elegant black finish. The company played a huge role in the immense popularity of concave car rims today. Excellent manufacturing complements its advanced designs.

7 Asanti - $3,594

Asanti is a car rim manufacturer known for its elegance. It was the creator of the million dollar wheels presented during the SEMA Auto Show. That set that was bedecked and encrusted with jewels and stones is probably the most expensive car rims of all time. For more regular users, you can be assured that Asanti’s exquisite designs will be executed flawlessly, with the company taking in precise custom fits. Color and finishing options are practically limitless. Asanti is known for producing the lightest, strongest and most advanced car rims in the industry. It uses advanced forging to create a stronger metal structure, thus allowing a superior quality.

6 GFG - $3,810

GFG is the manufacturer of the Malibu Two Tone Center with Chrome Lip. It is advertised as the ultimate performance car rim for the ultimate exotic super car. GFG’s products have the perfect combination of style, performance and customizable design. The stance and design can be modified to exactly fit the sports car that will be using the wheels. The barrel, lip, flange and face are all available in different colors. These are then machined and finished with carbon fiber.

5 Savini - $3.920

One of Savini’s premium offering is the SV-29. This is a three-piece forged construction with stylish angles and an aggressive look. It makes use of state of the art T6 aerospace aluminum forged using advanced precision construction techniques. The results are high strength, yet low weight car rims that will be perfect for any vehicle. Customers can then match it to their vehicle’s style by creating a unique look through a variety of custom paint applications. Alternatively, the customer can also choose the classic all-chrome finish.

4 Lexani Forged - $4,060

Lexani Forged has always been known for its sophisticated workmanship coupled with an appealing design. The company’s 702 model is a three-piece forged wheel made of lightweight alloy. Custom finishes are available. Lexani Forged has a strong metal structure that allows it to make thinner spokes, wider rims and larger diameters. The futuristic design will sometimes seem to go against the basic laws of nature. The company is one of the leaders in the industry and has served the high end market since 1996.

3 Forgiato Basamento - $4,664

Forgiato Basamento is a custom painted original series wheels. These are three-piece wheels made from aircraft grade aluminum. These are available in a variety of options, from extreme concave and step lip to convex and big lip. The wheels can be finished with carbon fiber, or it can be brushed with the paint to match. The lip size will depend on the size, but regardless, they will be re-spun in order to attain extra bending strength.

2 Forgiato Estremo - $5,760

The Forgiato Estremo is a three-piece forged wheel made based on a customer’s specification. Customers can choose the desired level of concavity or convexity. This is then combined with the inner and outer lip widths and preferred shapes. The car rims are made of aircraft grade aluminum and have customized finishes, including carbon fiber, brushed and paint to match.

1 Nutek - $6,113.60

Nutek wheels are made entirely in the United States. Each forged wheel is custom designed by the owner. These are three-piece wheels from a company that has a lot of experience in the industry, developing the technology that has set the standard for modular wheels. The designs are unique and creative and the finish combinations are unusual with two or three colors. Aside from the usual chrome and paint finishes, the wheels can also have anodized, ceramic and carbon fiber combinations.

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The Most Expensive Car Rims in the World